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auction vol.25
start 2007.9.
end 2007.10.

artist title comment ps sound
JEEP wild rover/lark in the dark UK'79 airport records
great uk power pop.(シ゛ャケットはカラーコヒ゜ーです。)
LAST STAND just a number/caviare UK'81 silly symbol records.(再発盤です。オリシ゛ナル盤ではありません。)
one of the best UK power pop.
MAKIN' TIME here is my number/nothing else UK'85 countdown records
great UK power pop.
MIKE READ are you ready/london town UK'78 satril records
great UK power popk.
NEON HEARTS answers/armchair thriller UK'78 satril records
great UK punk/power pop 2nd single.
ROLL-UPS black mail/geteway UK'81 CBS records
great UK power pop,rare west germany press.
SWEAT no more running LP UK'80 ariola records.(オリシ゛ナル盤です。)
one of the best UK power pop LP.west germany press. 再発がリリースされていますが、本当に好きな人はオリシ゛ナル盤をどうぞ。
listen1 listen2
yancey standing waiting/woman UK'79 octane records
great UK power pop .