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This home page was installed to send the message to all over the world from Koreans living in Japan who have still controlled through the Alien Registration Law since they got the liberation from colonization by Japan in 1945.
My name is Kim Seong-Il, born to Korean parents living in Japan in 1951. In 1985, I refused to be fingerprinted though this is stipulated by the Alien Re gistration Law. Next year I was arrested by Amgasaki North Police,Hyogo pref.
When examining me, the Police used physical force to take my fingerprints under the excuse of examining my identity and criminal record. (The device, they said, having been made to protect me from harm, was used.)
The police asked the court for a warrant of my arrest on suspicion of suppr ession of evidence and escaping, because of my 5 times refusals to report to t he police. Then the court responded to it and gave the warrant.
I have charged that the Alien Registration Law is really oppressive and unjust, and insisted that the law should be revised drastically. I decided not to obey the law and to refuse to be fingerprinted as a matter of my own conscie nce. There was no reason for me to suppress the evidence and escape.
This arrest and compulsory execution of taking my fingerprints was nothing less than a revenge and warning against my refusal to be fingerprinted. In 1986, I filed a suit against the police (Hyogo pref.) and the court ( national government), claiming the compensation. But I lost a suit in both firs t trial (Kobe District Court) and the second trial (Osaka High Court), then I appealed to the Supreme Court in 1996. *For further details, please read my "Final Statement by Kim Seong-Il, a Korean Conscientious Objector".

About the Exhibition
In November, 1995, the Ministry of Justice announced that original government documents pertaining to alien registration would be accessible to foreign residents only to the person himself, though it was not allowed before. On Dec. 1, it was put into effect.
I intended to appeal to people for recognizing the alien registration law as Japanese apartheid by means of showing copies of or iginal alien registration documents gathered from my families and friends.
I decided to hold a long-term exhibition which started in Human Right Week early in December, 1995.
This exhibition has continued in such a way as to display exhibits while to gather them. The alien registration documents are each person's private affairs, so I exhibit basically a part of photos.
(I have collected 31 people's exhibits up to now) There are our faces , our portraits, which have been required to submit each time when we apply for renewal every 3 years (now every 5 years) since 14 years old.
The range of faces, all looking hard, dry, and vacant, shows most eloquently how we Koreans living in Japan have been controlled and oppressed for ages.
Though half a century has passed since the end of the war, Japanese government has not cleared its colonization completely, and Koreans and Chinese living in Japan are still controlled under the Alien Registration Law.
"Zainichi\Hanran Suru Shozo" (Portraits of Foreign Residents Rising in Revolt) I titled the exhibition with such anger against "Japan" and strong will for change.
On this display are copies of registration documents including photos and fingerprints, and works created with the motif of the photos on the alien regis tration documents. I have continued the exhibition basically at my coffee shop "Dolmen" in Amagasaki with appealing other people to offer their alien registr ation documents and artists to create such works to add to the exhibits at any time. It is, so to speak, "an increasing exhibition."

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