Mainichi Newspapers  1990/08/14

“The trip of the Alien Registration Certificates around the world” by mailing arrives at the goal, the Prime Minister Kaifu.

Japanese-born Koreans return the alien registration cards for protesting.


Japanese-born Koreans who have been rejecting fingerprinting and protesting against the anti-human-rights nature of the alien registration law have mailed their alien registration certificates to the Prime Minister Kaifu.  It is for demanding clear atonement of the colonial rule, and the alien registration certificates are going to arrive at the official residence of the Prime Minister on 15th.  A second generation Japanese-born Korean, Kim SeongIl (39 years old, from Higashi-Sonoda, Amagasaki, Hyogo), a second generation Japanese-born Chinese,Xu Cui Zhen (43, from Nishinari, Osaka) and other three persons returned their alien registration cards.

Mr. Kim and others projected “The trip of the Alien Registration Certificates around the world” to give publicity to the discriminatory and anti-human-rights nature of the Alien Registration Law over the world.  In March of 1990, they mailed the alien registration cards of 42 persons to non-governmental supporting groups in South Korea, South Africa, the United States, and five other countries.  After the cards came back to Japan, they were exhibited through “the trip around Japan ” in 9 cities from May to August 5th.  Returning the cards to the Japanese government is the last part of the “trip” which appeals for “No alien registration cards anymore and forever.”  Mr. Kim and Ms. Xu sent their alien registration cards in transparent envelopes by express mail from the Osaka central post office at around 1pm on August 14th.  Mr. Kim says  “An apology cannot get rid of the facts of Japanese colonial rule on Korean peninsula and the aggressive policies against Asian countries.  Post-war era has not ended yet.”