Various lovely yawns of turtles
(A cute chorus of turtles)

I'll show you a lot of lovely yawn's of turtles. They came here by the invitation" Let's full of lovely yawns
of turtles in this page !". It's a cute chorus of turtles .They make us softhearted.
* This site invite the photos of sleeping faces of your lovely turtles. Look here for details, please !

New Members
Yawns of 4 brothers of reeves turtle

Brothers of Reeves turtle joined together to our cute chorus of turtles.
This 4 turtles are real brothers in a friendship. They are all boys.

The first photo
The name and age
(from the top of the photo)
Asu A year old
Rune A year old
Dona Two years old
Poru A year old

The turtles that are yawning are Asu and Poru.

A message from their owner:

They were real brother that were born from the same mother turtle.
They are good friend so yawning was catching each other.

The second photo
The name and age
(from the top of the photo)
Rune A year old
Dona Two years old

A message from their owner:
They are the youngest brother, Rune and
kind-hearted Dona. They two are close.

Rune are yawning. It looks if he are singing while playing the piano with her hands on Dona's back.

The third photo
Two-year- old Dona is yawning.

A message from their owner:
This is Don's cute yawn.
He is a gentle and calm turtle.

The oldest turtle, Dona looks to sing powerfully.

I hope this 4 brothers have been good friends for ever without fights.

Their owner: Emi (Saitama, Japan)

You can see also their lovely special page, here.
(January 3, 2018)
A yawn of Miemie
1. Marginated tortoise
2. Miemie
3. 3 years old
4. Female

5. Animal supporter 20
(Fukushima pref. Japan)

<A message from her owner>
She is more leisurely than another tortoise, which she lives together. But she rushes at her favorite strawberries, as soon as she finds them. I keep also red -eared sliders, a dog, ricebirds, fishes and lakeballs (a kind of moss).

(February 20, 2004)

A yawn of Kamenosuke
1. Red-eared slider
2. Kamenosuke
3. About 6 years old
4. Male

5. Mama of Kamenosuke

<A message from his owner>
He is a spilt boy.

(March 13, 2004)

A yawn of Sayuri
1. Red-eared slider
2. Sayuri
3. 4 years old

4. I believe that she is a girl.
but... she is very boyish.

5. Nonchan (kyoto)

<A message from her owner>
She is a kind-hearted turtle though she is wayward and selfish. She always encourages me when I am sad.
(July 12, 2004)

A yawn of Po
1. Red-eared slider
2. Po
3. 1 or 2 years old

4. Female maybe

5. Nono.
I live in Tokyo. My
mother also owns the
turtle whose name is
"Gucci". They make
both of us, mother and
daughter happy.

<A message from her owner>
She is not calm. She has a
little big face.

(August 8, 2004).

A yawn of Aro
1. Reeves turtle
2. Aro
3. 1 years old
4. Male maybe
5. Turtles loving mama
(Aichi pref.Japan)

Turtles have taken me a prisoner since I met them at a pet shop at the first time.

<A message from her owner>
His yawn is so dynamic as it seems to have a dislocated jaw. But he is still a baby.

I love playing outside.So I ask mama to put me out whenever I want to go out. She takes a strong fancy to my behavior.
(May 8, 2006).

A yawn of Kamekichi
1. Red-eared slider
2. Kamekichi
3. 8 months old
4. Male
5. Mother of Kamekichi
(Ibaraki pref.,Japan)

<A message from his owner>
He is a good turtle which isn't shy with strangers at all.
He might be a homosexual turtle because he has been doing gesture of courting for another male turtle since he was 4 months old. He always approaches me whenever I leave him in the room. He sits on my legs or my hands. He's very cute.
(February 3, 2007)

A yawn of Kouta
1. Reeves turtle
2. Kouta
3. Maybe 1 years old
4. Male maybe
5. Freak

I'm a beginner of turtle keeping and I' have been crazy about the turtle
since I brought the turtle from the pet shop last year
I have a dream of the life with turtle and dog.

<A message from his owner>
He likes to take a nap with covering towel.He has a good appetite though he is always sleeping. He may take after his owner.
(January 27, 2007).

A yawn of Yumeo

1. Red-eared slider

2. Yumeo
3. 6 years old
4. Female
5. Norino

Yumeo which always makes us happy with fashionable appearance.She shows us her yawning face this time.It's so natural face and it's different from her look as fashion model.

(October 2, 2007)

A yawn of Red

1. Red-eared slider

2. Red
3. Maybe 5 years old
4. Maybe male
5. Kenta(Yamaguchi pref.)

<A message from his owner>
I picked him up from the pond.
He was very aggressive and often bit my finger when I picked him up. But he approaches me intimately now.
(November 12, 2007)

A yawn of Sakae

1. Red-eared slider

2. Sakae
3. Maybe 11 years old
4. Maybe female
5. Mayu (Chiba pref.)

<A message from her owner>
She came to our home on January 1st, 2007. So I think she must bring good luck to us. She is a greedy and well- protected girl.
(May 29, 2008)

A yawn of Kameko

1. Reeves turtle

2. Kameko
3. 3
4. Female
5. Kameco (Chiba pref.)

<A message from her owner>
She likes to take a nap very much. She's always sleeping comfortably after she played much
(August 15, 2008)

A yawn of Hayato

1. Reeves turtle

2. Hayato
3. 1 years old
4. Female
5. Ku (Ibaraki pref.)

<A message from her owner>
She came to our house in May 6, 2009 when she was about 3 cm in length. She ate much and grew without any troubles after then.She is 15 cm in length and 588g in weight as of April 22, 2009.She hangs her legs loosely when I pat her. I love her which fawns me
very much.

(April 25, 2010)

A yawn of baby mud turtle

A kind of turtle:
Eastern Mud turtle

Age: Maybe 5 months old.

It was picked up in the middle of a trail as soon as it hatched luckily. The name has not been decided yet.
You can find lovely barbels grown under its mouth when you look it carefully.

It is singing energetically
and makes us happy though its body is still tiny.
(February 15, 2011)

A yawn of Omame

1. Razor-backed Musk Turtle
2. Omame
3. 7 months old
4. Unknown
The length of its shell: 4 cm

5. Koi (Osaka. Japan)

<A message from her owner>
It has come to us
on Christmas. It eats very much though it is still tiny. I wonder if it recognizes my face.
Its gesture always makes me peaceful and happy.
(February 15, 2011)

A yawn of Kamesuke

.A kind of turtle:
Reeves turtle


Age: 19 years old.

Her owner: Kameco

(April 17, 2012)

A yawn of Been

A kind of turtle: Russian tortoise


Age: 3 years old.

His owner: Reina (Tokyo)

A message from his owner:
His face smells just before making
excrement. We keep some red-eared sliders ,too.
(March 16, 2016)

A yawn of Bibi

A kind of turtle: Reeves turtle


Age: 3 years old..(Male)
His birthday (from estimation) :
August 27, 2015
His owner: The owner of bibi

A message from his owner:

I could take the picture of yawn of my turtle, bibi by chance. I think turtles are very cute surely.

(January 22, 2017)
1. A kind of the turtle 2. Name 3. Age 4. Distinction of sex 5. About their owner.
Their age means ones at the time when they joined (date of lower left of their photos).

A pianist, Kamemi has came
to assist them

This is her photo coming in
the room from the garden of
" The album of two turtles Vol.(1)".