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本文へジャンプFlower Calender in English Insert: 2007/01/12
Update: 2007/04/07
Name of flower Nikko-Kisuge
Hemerocallis dumortieri var. esculenta
Flowering period July Mid. - July. Late
Place (Photo) Nozoriko Lake (July 17, 2005)

No.01 Full brooming of Nikko-Kisuge at Nozoriko Lake





No.06 Nikko-Kisuge
Charm of the flower
Nikko-Kisuge is a kind of Lily, it blooms yellow flower in the morning, withers at evening of the day, and it never bloom the same flower. Therfore, flowering time of Nikko-Kisuge is verry short, people can enjoy full brooming of Nikko-Kisuge in only one week. It is white world here in winter because of snow, and there are only two collors in this area other season which are blue lake, sky and green leaves at mountains. Houever, only the one week in the year, it adds yellow collor around Nozoriko lake by Nikko-KIsuge. During the week, so meny people who like Nikko-Kisuge visit this area.
Information regarding the place
Place Nozoriko Lake
Address Kuni vill. Agatsuma county. Gunma pref. JAPAN
Access By car Get Kanetsu highway from Tokyo, leave it at Shibukawa-Ikaho IC., then drive on Route 17, Route 145 for Naganohara, then change to Route 292, Route 405 for Nozoriko lake.
By public Take the train of JR Agatsuma line at Ueno, Tokyo, and leave it at Naganohara-Kusatsuguchi station, then take a JR bus for Nozoriko lake, & take off the bus at Fujimi-Touge (or Nozori Touge).
Inquiry Kuni vill. hall Add. = Kosame 577-1, Kuni vill., Gunma pref., 377-1795 JAPAN
Tel. = 0279-95-3111

HPE = No English homepage
Kuni vill. Visitor Center Add. = Kuni vill. hall, Kosame 577-1, Kuni vill., Gunma pref., 377-1795 JAPAN
Tel. = 0279-95-3111
HPE = No English homepage
Kusatsu Visitor Center Add. = Kusatsu 3-9, Kusatsu town, Agatsuma county, Gunma pref., 377-1711 JAPAN
Tel. = 0279-88-0800

Gunma pref. Visitor Center Add. = 3F, Gunma Kaikan, Oote machi 2-1-1, Maebashi city, Gunma pref., 371-0026 JAPAN
Tel. = 027-243-7273
Lodge Nozoriko camp place TEL. 0279-82-2934
Accomodation Kusatsu Onsen TEL; 0279-88-0800 (JapaneseHP/EnglishHP)
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