Rinnai : Japanese Pressure Lantern-2

Rinnai Corporation is another existing manufacturer which had made pressure lanterns in Japan . Its brief history is as follows;

In 1920, it was established as "Rinnai & Co." in Aichi pref. Japan.
In 1950, the company was incorporated and changed its name to "Rinnai Mfg. Co., Ltd.".
In 1971, its name was again changed to the present name, "Rinnai Corporation".
The head office of the company is located Fukuzumi, Nakagawa, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan.

According to an employer of those days, who joined the company in 1963 and worked at assembly lines of the lanterns in its Aichi factory, Rinnai's gasoline pressure lanterns were made only in 1963 & 1964 as giveaways for car sales in US. Unfortunately, no further information was available from his memories.

Although no reference materials, such as catalogues, are remained at its head office, lanterns of those days are remained. Followings are pictures of them.

According to my observation, its brand name seemed to be Westernfield in US, and Hawthorne might be a sales agent of the lanterns. Unfortunately, however, I have not confirmed the stories behind these yet.

( I've got new information. "Hawthorne" and "WesternField" are brand names belonging to the US mail order company Montgomery Ward. The lantern was therefore sold through their catalogue to the general public in the USA. They used the same brand names on other lanterns and stoves made by different manufacturers. Thanks Neil.
Furthermore, I found there was another Rinnai lantern which had a different decal, written as Rinnai, on the fount. So, I suppose there is a possibility that Rinnai made this twin mantle lantern not only for the Montgomery Ward but also for their direct sale. )

Please look at the next picture. According to my friend who had a Rinnai's lantern and disassembled it, most of its parts are quite similar to AGM lantern, say model 2572, except ventilator and frame stay. So, I suppose the company might have imported a lantern from AGM ( Queen Stove Works ) for reference, again, this story has not been confirmed yet.

In addition, Rinnal manufactured some Kerosene/Gasoline stove and radiator too. Although I do not have any detailed information of these, some products are remained and the pictures of them are below.

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