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Since Apr. 2001. / Last updated on July 4th, 2005.

Welcome to Gasoline / Kerosene Pressure Lamps & Lanterns.

I'm Shinzo Kono, living in Chiba Japan and have been collecting Gas/Kero pressure lamps & lanterns.
In this site which is currently organized with 29 pages, I'd like to show you my humble collection & friends' great ones with brief notes.

One of the purpose of my site is to show your favorite lamps & lanterns to the collectors around the world. So, please send me the images as email attachments with your comments. I'd love to display them in this site with appropriate acknowledgments.

What's new ?

Coleman IL323[new] Coleman L227[new] Coleman L427[new] Coleman 237[new]
Coleman 234[new] Coleman 249[new] Coleman 200A, 201[new] Primus 1023[new]
Primus 1015[new] Coleman 103K with #321 shades[new] Coleman CQ with #335, Akron shade[new] Nulite 10 with #324 shade & Coleman CQ329[new]
Coleman 150I with #139SD shade[new] Turner 800[new] Astley Parlor lamp[new] Akron 134G[new]
AGM USFS version[new] APEX OLYMPIC & MARATHON[new] Schatz 551L[new] Aschwanden 551LD[new]

Click on the images below and find out variety of models and brief notes displayed.

Table lamp, Glass shade - 1 Table lamp, Glass shade - 2 Table lamp, Parchment shade US Companies'model excluding AGM & Coleman - 1 US Companies'model excluding AGM & Coleman - 2 AGM & related companies'model - 1 AGM & related companies'model - 2

Tilley Tilley-2 UK Companies'model excluding Tilley Swedish Companies'model - 1 Swedish Companies'model - 2 German Companies'model Other European,Oceanian,Asian Companies'model

Coleman Arc, Air-O, Quick Lite model Coleman 220-228-235 Coleman 242-Related Models Coleman 200-200A Coleman 236-237-635-639 Coleman 202 & Others Coleman Easi-Lite

Sears models made by Coleman Japanese Pressure Lantern Japanese Pressure Lantern-2 Japanese Pressure Lantern-3 Restoring process

Special thanks to

Adi Brook, Wiltshire UK : Alan Moore, Northampton UK : Anders & Per-Henrik Willman, Jakobstad Finland
Anna Andersson, Sweden : Atsuhito Watanabe, Tokyo Japan : Bernard Rousseau, Quebec Canada
Bob Willard, Illinois USA : Charles Kennedy, Texas USA : Colin Mills, NSW Australia
Craig Seabrook, Ohio USA : David Jahn, Ohio USA : Dave Sokolow, Ohio USA
Dave Reinhartsen, Texas USA : Don Colston, Minnesota USA : Don Bursill, Adelaide South Australia
Doron Papo, Haifa Israel : Fil Graff, Pennsylvania USA : Flemming Johansen, Lyndelse Denmark
Frank Bebb, California USA : Fred Kuntz, Ohio USA : Frederik Tivemark, Orebro Sweden
Fujio Tokumasu, Sizuoka Japan : George Rocen, Sask. Canada : Herman Mulder, Heerhugowaard Netherlands
Jan van Smeerdijk, Netherlands : Kazuo Sakano, Hyogo Japan : Katsushi Takamatsu, Nara Japan
Kohei Kato, Hokkaido Japan : Mamoru Kobayashi, Hyogo Japan : Manfred Link, Munich Germany
Mark Molina, FL USA : Mark Peterson, Indiana USA : Mike Baker, Telford UK
Mike the Stove, West Sussex UK : Monte Dodge, Washington USA : Neil McRae, Hertfordshire UK
Paul & Janet Hardman, Kent UK : Paul Hindley, Manchester UK : Peet van der walt, South Africa
Pete Wilson, Worcestershire UK : Peter Suess, Berlin Germany : Rick Houle, Nevada USA
Rodney Meyer, NY USA : Roland Loos, Dortmund Germany : Roman Auf Der Maur, Einsiedeln Switzerland
Ron & Charleen Becker, Kansas USA : Ron Bradfield, WA Australia : Ross Mellows, Tyne & Wear UK
Sinji Sekine, Saitama Japan : Susumu Tsuyama, Tokyo Japan : Terje Johansen, Trondheim Norway
Terry Marsh, Illinois USA : Tetsuya Toda, Tokyo Japan : Thospol Tnasopolchaikul, Bangkok Thailand
Tomohide Ishikawa, Tochigi Japan : Toshio Izumi, Mie Japan : Vic Tipman, Queensland Australia
Will Nelle, TX USA : Yoshihide Kimura, Ibaragi Japan

for their great help, providing images, notes, and useful additions to this site.

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