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IF what Koreans are claiming were true, Japan would never have been defeated in World War II.

Some of their claims are:
  1. The Japanese army invaded Asia to enjoy savagely massacring civilians in Asia.

  2. The Japanese army had enough stamina and food to rape the sex slaves, outnumbers Japanese, dozens of times per one a day.

  3. The Japanese army had so much time on their hands that allows them to dispose every Korean properties not only buildings but also cooking books or dictionaries such as very personal things. Also they had enough money and resources to destroy every Korean high-grade infrastructure and replace poor Japanese's.

  4. The Japanese army knew everything about feng shui so they installed spikes on a mountain top to confuse Korean's current of luck.

  5. The Japanese army had enough ships and fuel to shuttle between Japan and Korea to carry almost half of Korean people.

  6. The Japanese army still had the military muscle to cart off Korean people to Japan even after the end of WWII.

  7. The Japanese army was a magician because they did mass-killing but to double Korean's population.

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