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Osaka Catholic Archdiocese
Archidiócesis Católica de Osaka

Cathedral of St. Mary of
Tamatsukuri of Osaka

Archdiocese of Osaka

CatholicTamatsukuri Church

2-24-22, Tamatsukuri, Chuo-ku, OSAKA,
Postal area code : 540-0004


2-24-22, Tamatsukuri, Chuo-ku, OSAKA, 540-0004
Tel.06-6941-2332    Fax.06-6941-2605

Gran Catedral de Santa María de Osaka
( Iglesia Católica de Tamatsukuri )

Statue of Lady Gracia
"Garashia "( or Grace)
by a Catholic
Abe Masayoshi

Lady Gracia( Garashia )
Hosokawa by the eminent
painter Dômoto
- a painting in the
inside of
the cathedral.

Doña Gracia ( Garashia )
por el eminente pintor
Dômoto Inshô

Catholic Tamatsukuri
Postal area 540-0004
22-24- 2 chome
Chuo-ku, Osaka

In memory of Lady
Lady Gracia ( Garashia )

Statue of the Christian
warlord Takayama Ukon
with the sword of the
cross in his hand
by the Catholic sculptor
by Abe Masayoshi

This statue is not
found now. It must
be removed for
giving an aggressive

On the 27th year of the Meiji era ( 1894 ), the cathedral of Saint Agnes was built
in Tamatsukuri, Osaka. It was burned down by air-bombing in 1945. The
provisional cathedral was built in its place. In 1949, it was replaced by the
Cathedral of Saint Francis Xavier erected to commemorate the 400th arrival of
Saint Francis Xavier.

In March 1963, it was replaced again by the Grand Cathedral of St. Mary of
Tamatsukuri of Osaka.

On the northwest of the cathedral, there is the well " Ecchu-i " which is
supposed to have been in the Palace of warlord Hosokawa Ecchu-no-kami
Tadaoki and the wooden post with the farewell poem of his Christian wife
Lady Gracia ( Garashia ) Hosokawa. The Cathedral is 2,450 square meter
in area.

In the cathedral, the picture in the center and two pictures on both right and left
sides depicting Christian warlord Takayama Ukon and lady Gracia ( Garashia )
were painted by the eminent painter Dômoto Inshô.  After the Great
Earthquake in Kobe, the Archdiocese of Kansai Area was moved here from

The cathedral has 1,300 Japanese parishioners and 300 foreign parishioners.

                  Takayama Ukon i@1552- 1615 )

Justo Ukon Nagafusa Takayama, you were born in our lovely land, Osaka,
and became warlord of the Takatsuki Castle when you were 21 years old,
proficient in arms and letters, and was an eminent warlord under Nobunaga
and Hideyoshi. You were an able arquitect of the castles, loved your subjects
and tea ceremony.

You were expelled to Manila by Ieyasu because you did not cast off your
Christian faith. You are sleeping now under the tombstone in the foreign land
and under the Septemprions.

Blessed Christian warlord, you prayed for peace with a sword in your right
hand. Your life was dedicated to the eternal love and you abandoned your
status and honor for the Christian faith.

In March 1872, archbishop Hamazaki.

 The Miracle of Virgin Mary and the shepherds at Fatima, Portugal

There lived three shepherds named Lucia ten years old, Francisco nine
years old, and Jacinta seven years old in Fatima, Portugal. At noon of
every thirteenth day of month, from May to October in 1917, Virgin Mary
appeared to three shepherds and told them to pray and lead a life of

All Portuguese people and all catholic peoples in the world have been
encouraged to lead a true religious life by the message given to all of
us through 3 little children by St. Mary.

The scene presented there with the statues represents Virgin Mary on
the holly tree telling messages to three little shepherds. The statues
were made by Italian sculptor Algheni of Italian marble stones.

Grand Cathedral of Virgin Mary of Tamatsukuri - Osaka.

                      Masses performed in Foreign languages :

Sunday ( Domingo ) 12.00 AM   In Spanish ( en español ) in a chapel.

Sunday : 14.00 PM in the cathedral : In English

The second and the fourth sundays : 15.30 PM in the cathedral. In Vietnamese

The time of the masses is subject to change. You are requested to
make sure of the time by calling to the priest's house tel : 06-6941-2332

For a larger map of the location of Tamatsukuri Cathedral in Japanese and

Lady Gracia ( Garashia ) Hosokawa and the
Ages in which she lived.

In English
Inshô Dômoto, sculptor

   In English
Doña Gracia y la época en que ella vivió.
En Español

Takayama Ukon. Goto Juan,                          
 Amakusa Shiro, Isla de los
 cristianos escondidos - " Kakure Kirishitan "
 Convivencia entre varias creencias distintas
          i@En construcción )
En Español
El gran poeta Matsuo Bashoh fue ninja.      
 El origen del apellido " Japón "
 El Daimyo cristiano Takayama Ukon

      En Español
La Iglesia Católica de Sumiyoshi, Kobe

En Español
La Iglesia Católica de Sumiyoshi, Kobe

En Español
Catholic Church of Sumiyoshi ( Saint Paul Miki )

In English
Tamatsukuri Inari Shrine  -  Naniwa Gem
Tamatsukuri   Museum

  Magatama  Prince Regent Shotoku   Cult of Fox -   Inari

  Toyokawa Inari Temple   Fushimi Inari Shrine

   Children Taiko Parade Toyotomi Hideyori

In English

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