Goodwill Guides &
(Systematized Goodwill Guide)


Goodwill Guides ( Volunteer Guides )

Goodwill Guides are volunteer guides in Japan. They are all registered with Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO). Goodwill Guide campaign was launched at Tokyo Olympic in 1964 by JNTO. Since then, 56,000 Goodwill Guides have been registered with JNTO. These Goodwill Guides are assisting overseas visitors. .

SGG (Systematized Goodwill Guide)

Many Goodwill Guides have founded Systematized Goodwill Guide (SGG) groups in their local areas. SGG groups, comprising mostly retirees, housewives and students, are engaged in a variety of volunteer activities using their foreign language skills. In Japan, there are 85 SGG groups and most of them offer foreign tourists from overseas free local tours guided in English and other languages.

Fukuoka SGG Club

 (Volunteer Guides and Interpreters group in Fukuoka)

Fukuoka SGG Club, as one of SGG in Japan, was founded in March, 1983, and currently 58 members are active, covering English, Chinese, Korean, French, German and Spanish.
Whenever you visit or plan to visit Fukuoka, why not get in touch with us? We are ready for serving you.

     → A volunteer guide service of Fukuoka area is available
         by Fukuoka SGG

     → Tourist information and consultation
         at Fukuoka Tourist Information Center(ACROS)

SGG Clubs around us
according to the website of JNTO (April 3.2014)

Name: Chikuho SGG Club
Guide Area: Chikuho area
Apply to Mrs. Matsuno by e-mail (

Name: Kitakyushu Goodwill Guides & Interpreters (Kitakyushu SGG Club)
Guide Area: Kitakyushu City and surrounding area
Apply by phone((093) 603-5846) to Mr. Hiro Kimura or
e-mail ( to Hiromi Maekawa

Name: Kagoshima iBS International Speaking Society
Guide Area: Kagoshima
Apply by e-mail ( ) or
phone (099-225-1311).

Guide Area: Kagoshima
Apply to Gaigo office by e-mail ( or phone((099)254-9290).

Guide Area: Nagasaki Pref.
Apply to Nagasaki International Association by phone((095)823-3931) or e-mail ( at least 10 days in advance.

Name: Beppu SGG Club
Guide Area: Beppu City
Apply by a week in advance to the office by fax ((0977) 23-1119)
You will meet us at the Tourist Information Office at Beppu Station.

Imari SGG
Guide Area: Imari City
Apply to Mr. Hirotoshi Kajiyama by phone((0955) 23-8088) or by fax((0955)22-9458)

KVG Karatsu Volunteer Guide
Guide Area: Karatsu, Saga Pref.
Apply to KVG office at Karatsu Chamber of Commerce and Industry Office by phone((0955)72-5141) or fax((0955)72-5146) at least two weeks in advance.

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