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2005 KR Meeting

2005 Mar.5th
am of 6th
Welcome Japan
Singapore airline flight SQ996. Arrival time was 6:20 at Narita airport.
It was early morning that little bit
hard to reach the airport  for us  living in Japan.
The important role of our first ->
contact was by TETSUA, one of  KROG (KR owners group) member
with his voluntary wish.

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasu !
(Japanese greeting word)

After the contact, the other member
Kiya (KR meeting bureau staff of KROG)
came and join. We three person
Kork, Tono and Kiya moved to Karuizawa
by bullet train Shinkansen.

Hime took me to Narita airport by transporter with KR, turn back to

TETSUA went back to business office.

2005 KR Meeting (Karuizawa) at Pension Silverstone

KR friends came.

Reg and Brenda arrived ->

<- About noon, arrived at Karuizawa station.

Ken came to the station to pick us up.

Kiyo and Kawasaki bike magazine (KBM) also came.

Akihiko Kiyohara was a test rider and race star for Kawasaki with a 2nd place
at the 1977 German GP on a KR250.  He is known as "Mr. Kawasaki" in Japan.
His nick name is Kiyo, and we call him "Kiyo-san".
.                                                                          "-san" is a Japanese proper title for person.

KBM is a Japanese magazine with Kawasaki motorcycle only. I love it.

Yoroshiku onegai shimasu to Kiyo and KBM !

In front of us,
KBM stated a special
interview of discussion by
Ken of ex-GP manager,
Kork and Kiyo.

 Son of Ken helped
for translation
coming from Tokyo.

Great talk

I forgot my breathing
due to such a
atmosphere what can I say.

The contents of discussion
was hard to explain for my
amateur knowledge, so get
Kawasaki bike magazine !

You are the very member.
Perfect ! no need to explain.

And when I join in the scene ...
no more value to preserve
this picture ...

After dinner, we had time to introduce
ourselves for all member.

Simple regulation
Japanese friends speak English
Friend from abroad in Japanese
All did it very well !
Good job for all
But sorry that we had no photo,
cause everyone were so busy for talking

     v Kork
Noriko v               v Ken      
      Kiyo ^                Son of Ken ^
                              Thanks for translation

Such a way,
there are friends asking autograph,
others talking,
with lots of fun and laughter
at the night of Karuizawa.

 v   With all member in the morning Mar 6th

on the snow
with legendary

                      together with KBM reporters ^

By the way,

Scene of riding on KR
were pictures
of TAKE 2.

(I mean retry pictures)

After TAKE 1 shot,
I ask legends for three kind of pictures.

Scene 1 : The plot was detected, serious face !

Scene 2 : Super strange and funny face !
( Can not publish here )

<- TAKE 1 was this scene.
 Took it before Breakfast,
I noticed something strange
when I went back my room.
Yes !

I forgot an arrangement
for layout of KR !

 And then, retry to take picture
again after breakfast. That one is
shown in above.

<- Only one person could not
     understand well my order.

For the next stage of meeting,
we needed to transport the KR's to Tokyo.
Some members went ahead by truck transporter.

Those members
going to Tokyo by train
were lucky to spend
extra time talking with
Kork, Ken and Kiyo !


Scene 3 : Tono do explain KR      something to Ken and Kiyo ->

For this meeting, coming from most far
friend is Tim from England.
KR250.ORG is his website

<- Look !
    Kork and Tim are talking about KR.

It's about time we started for train.

We departed Silverstone nearly 11:30.

Thanks Ken and Noriko

Well, let's go to Tokyo

2005 KR Meeting (Tokyo) Sumida Riverside Hall
Mar. 6th pm

Preparation of meeting room
While the train team moving from Karuizawa ... Tokyo team conducted by
RED (chairman of KROG) and TETSUA (
chairman of AROC, adviser of KROG)
prepare for meeting.
                                      Thanks all, I borrowed pictures !

KROG and AROC (AR owners club)    
joint meeting, so KR and AR comes ->

<- Tokyo meeting room setting

And members from Karuizawa
truck transport joined together !

Yas who present us nice
illustration of KR500, also came
with his KR-1R.


Finally meeting room had set up ^ ->

<- It's almost time to ...

Show time !

Opening KR meeting

Start your engine
on Tokyo meeting.

looks like  
TV report ->

An important task of M. C. was done by
RED who is chairman of KROG    v ->   

First of all, memorial picture !

began to move KR for taking pictures

short break ->

Alongside the Sumida river

 v   at Sumida riv.

Just a moment taking picture of all ... ?   It sounds like a KR ->
How lucky your KR-1R is !   

Oops !
Completely forgot to take
a picture with all member
by my camera.

OK, we expect to see it
on a magazine names



After getting a sign sheet with KR500 illustration
( designed by net7, and presented by Yas ),


<-   " Thank you Kiyo ! "

        v   " Thank you Kork ! "

I can't count how many autographs
do Kork and Kiyo write ?

v   On the welcome board
                  v    On a jacket                 v    Oh my ! on a tank !

How lucky we are !  Many precious mementos of the meeting for everyone.

Watching VTR

TETSUA introduced ->
You can see riding scene of Kork
in this Japanese VTR.


<- Well, we can see Kork.

It was good, especially
beginning part of the story.

Hand out of souvenir from KR250.ORG

Mmm ...
for a bike meeting from England
... Unbelievable !

<- Tim from England send souvenir
    to chairman of KROG and
    chairman of AROC.

        v   Thanks Tim

^ Tim's T-shirt For this coming,
he made it original design ! It it good
that KR has such a great enthusiast.


"Ah, Who is faster Kork or Kiyo ?" ->
Oh, my ! it just slipped out again, but always ... ...

<- We have had many

All right, ask them !  

Yes ! I have question.
This is Tono.

This cheeky question
is rescued by Kiyo-san.
I'm sorry to trouble Kiyo,
and thanks always.

Except this one,
member ask good questions, I think.

And we could have courteous
answers by Kork-san and Kiyo-san.

We hope good pictures
by Riders Club

We could have good discussion with good interpreter arranged by Mr.RED.


Great time really flies.
We finished meeting with hope to see again someday ! !

And then, we should go out ...

Some guy ask me, "Is there a Tono here ?"
"I am Tono."
"My name is Narikote."
"Oh my ! You are the Narikote."

He is KR meeting bureau staff and my buddy
since I just start to plan this meeting.
But we have never met before ( every
contact by e-mail ), we could not identify
each other.
Hurry up, and introduced him to Kiyo and Kork. Fortunately we can do that.


Wait for a moment, Hime will pick it up ...


request of autograph as encores 
  I fogot some baggages of
  Kork on my truck.

After the storm of request was converged, let's go home !

We said good-by to Kiyo, just after this time.
Thank you Kiyo ! !

Members went to Asakusa temple for a bit sightseeing.
Got a souvenir from KROG to Kork, and after dinner, we moved to Narita.

Thanks to everyone

^ Mr.RED and TETSUA thanks for meeting place
  arrangement and masters of ceremonies !

                     Hime drived truck with KR
                v    for join member of Narita.

v   Miss. Interpreter !

Good job, KR ! !


Oops, How's my KR-1R ?
some kind of an awkward feeling due to take care
too much for KR250 ...  R may have the sulks ...
No need such a consideration,
he was also sharpy enough !

Mar. 7th

Farewell at Narita Airport

v    A little before noon at Narita Airport

Thank you very much ! !

<- A souvenir from KROG
  Fan of Japanese traditional dance.

What a beautiful time
we could have !

Mission Complete

Otsukare sama ! (Japanese words of appreciation)
See you some day !

That reminds me-
we named here "Kork Table"

Because we had
a cup of coffee with Kork
on the first day just here.

KRs are home !

From KR meeting bureau

Special thanks Ken, Kork, Kiyo for coming KR meeting.
Thanks Tim, Reg, Brenda from England and Australia.
Thanks KR friends both coming and suport member can not come meeting.
Special thanks for a sponsor of Shinjyo Kyoeki Unso.
Thanks Kawasaki Bike Magazine and Riders Club.
Otsukare sama deshita to RED and TETSUA for Tokyo meeting.

Otsukare ! to KR meeting bureau staff
the staff member were Tono, Hime, Narikote and Kiya.

From KR friends

KR meeting
To all of KROG : Thanks for opportunity to see old friends
Ken Suzuki (Tono wrote a message for a person)
.KROG Meeting
March 5. Pension Silverstone, Karuizawa.
KROG Meeting. It can only be described
as fantastic. About 20 very enthusiastic
KR lovers (including myself!) shared an evening of fun and laughter. Thanks to
Tono and his members for inviting me
and to Ken and Noriko Suzuki for their hospitality. Thanks to Kiyo for coming.
It was good to see my old friend.
Kork Ballington
Pictures from Kork on Mar 21st 


Look !   ->
  A precious photo from   
Kork with KR-1.  
April 18th   

KROG Meeting
I had a pleasant with my dear old friend. It was great !
I am surprised at so much fan with KR250 which was not sold many.
I was deeply moved to see Kork of my old buddy friend and Ken of
KMUK great ex-manager. Thanks KROG for opportunity of great fun.
Let's go Tokyo now !
Dear Tono, Thank you so much for today's meeting with Kork
Ballington & Kiyohara san at Ken Suzuki's Pension Silverstone.
We all had such a great time - even 'KR Tim' was there on his
first trip to Japan. I know that Kork was also glad that he could
find the time to come to Japan for your meeting. It was all
thanks to your determination - you never gave up & to the
generosity of the members of KROG. Thank you all!
Reg Bolton. (KRx2)
Domo arigato gozaimasu to all my new friends ! Kork-san, Kiyo-san, Ken-san,
Tono-san and everyone else gave me a very happy first visit to Japan. I am
very pleased to be a member of KROG at last ! Please keep in touch and I
hope to see you all again in the future. O-genki de !
<- Tim's meeting report

KR250.ORG ->
   Thanks lots of messages on website BBS !
   Some of them are followings
Otsukare sama deshita.
Otsukare sama to meeting staff and coming members.
Is was the greatest time in my motorcycle life.
It is hard to explain in the word for my feeling of impression and
a sense of fulfillment and happiness to be at the place
Thank you.
Otsukare sama deshita for KR meeting.
Thanks for great meeting. It's like a dream to be able to talk and
shake hands with the very Kork and Kiyo. It's my unforgettable memory.
I should do more support if I could. I have kept my KR with out riding for
some years, and apart from my place, so I will go to see my KR.
Otsukare sama deshita.
Thanks to meeting staff and supporters who can not attend the meeting,
and coming members. I could have very fun.
I feel a little bit more effort ... for English.
Next time, hoping to attend with riding.
   Thanks to KR meeting bureau staff
KROG Meeting
Dear Kork
Thank you for your coming with your best
arrangement of your very busy business.
Thank you for the wonderful time!
I wish I could speak English more for talking with you.
                                                     Kiya << KR meeting bureau staff No.4 >>
Thank you very much.
It was very great meeting, and I am please to attend it.
I can stay there a little time but it's good to attend.
I have had idea to send souvenir or talk to Kork, but I forgot everything
when I saw Kork due to feel so high.
Also I am please to talk many friends. Thank you for all.
                                                 Narikote << KR meeting bureau staff No.3 >>
Thanks all !
It seems a bit difficult meeting plan,
but we desided to try. Because we are taught for a spirit of challenge by the
racing history of Ken and Kork, Kiyo.

Thanks all for your support !
Thanks Ken and Kork, Kiyo for your response to
my dream !

To Kork : came all the way from Australia.
Hi Kork
You were legend of mine but just on magazines.
You are legend of mine and we can talk with you.
One of my dream came true, I mean KR meeting with you.
Next turn I will do my best of my job just I promise to you.
And I also keep my KRs with Genki !
So please promise to me that keep your health.
See you someday once again !
                                    Tono << KR meeting bureau staff No.1, bureau chief >>

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