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At Pension Silverstone

2004 Spe 25,26

Tono & Hime

Reg will go to England nest week, and then move to Australia.
So let us go to  pension Silverstone of Ken Suzuki once again !

Thanks for KROG
Meeting at that time.

Today, with Reg and
Brenda and two friends
of  our team members.

Ken and Noriko, please
Yoroshiku Onegai shimasu !
(Japanese greeting word)

Pension Silverston
Ken Suzuki and his wife Noriko own this pension, and he was an ex-director of
world Kawasaki racing team at the time of Kork Ballington won the GPs.
So many memorial items of Kawasaki team are displayed.  Have a look !

many pictures around guest room

To Ken and Noriko
from Kork
<- KR500 displayed at entrance

At guest room,
enjoy a lot of episode with Ken

fun to look memories around

at stairway too

Today I  arived with Reg and Brenda around tree o'clock and go to sightseeing of
Oni-oshidashi of Mt. Asama. Hime came later using bullet train and joined us.

And later our team member Take and O-syatyo joined us.
We could have very happy time with laughing and talking noisy.

Boy's team, bike bike bike talking with a curious mixture of Japanese and English.
So busy as if waiting ones turn, no start to talking.

Girl's team try to
fit Japanese Kimono
as a idea of Noriko.

And finally,
Reg tried too  due to
someone's  saying.

After that the talking has not lost the energy, so Ken stay with us until almost
one o'clock just to be nice.
Nice one !

At that time, Tono was ...
looking around guest room, while all were deeply talking.

Shall I get for preservation
of rare creature.

So I gave up capture it,
and applied watching method.

<- Look !  I have found an engine
    such a place.

Oh my Gril !
Why, it's a Tandem Twin.

No? No? For preservation, but No?

  v  This was exact Tandem Twin engine.



I want to ask some UNESCO to save it as the World Heritage of technology and rare.

Today's member

v   Reg     GO  ! ! ! ! ! ! !

v Happy forever to Bren
<- Rider : Tono
     Campaign Girl : Noriko

  v  Hime and Ken

What's your seeing, Take

Good. Do it just like that, O-syatyo

Ken, please help us for next KR Meeting.
And if you have time, please join us !

Pension Silverstone
  2484-35. Nagakura-cho, Kitasaku, Nagano-Pref.  389-0111  Japan
  Tel (0267)46-2832
  No home page of himself but some Japanese introduce here and here .

Rossi of this season
  On someday from Somebody said to Ken, "In next season (i.e. this year) we think we have
  so many homework, so we shall not win. But the year after next, we will do our best."
  And Ken said that Rossi will win at least 3 races, probably 5 times.
                                                                                         Rossi got the championship !
  Ken said Rossi is ranked with M. Hailwood and probably win the race as if he ride Kawasaki.

A difficulty of

  GP began March, but racing bike delivery from Japan was in February.
Because of little time to prepare and went to actural  race, so it was very hard, he said.
  It is ideal that previous October's
delivery and ride it in end half season.

X09  Is that wrong bike?  ( It was thought so bad by many people in Japan)
  Even no good result was obtained riding some racing bike,
  all fatal mistakes may not due to by bike
only .
  Probably lack of preparation and give up before get good
same as KR500, said Ken.

Professional job
  GP team is a professional group aimed to win the race.  Ken feels it was not win for Kawasaki
  but to get win for the team by Kawasaki.

  For example, my favorite baseball team Hanshin Tigers ( actually I know little about baseball )
  for my sense last years team director Hoshino was a ex-director of Dragons team in my
  boyhood memory ( I mean he was boss of enemy team ). But I  begin to think that Mr.Hoshino
  was a director of Dragons in that times and after move to Tigers, he was director of Tigers.
  I may say that it it not true that a director devote his whole life to some team due to his very
  personal likes and dislikes. and perhaps he does think his best for win of his team that directed
  by himself, may be.  And that is same for riders, I think.

  I think I know too.  A rival of yesterday comes to my favorite team, I feel happy to see his
  good riding.   Viva Nakano
!    Viva  Rossi !

The reason why Kork's so fast was
  Fully grip riding on corners.  KR500 was less power and heavier than competitors but grip riding
throttle open at final corner made very high speed on straight too, Ken said.

Number of KR was about 200 ?
  KR500 was rare because it wa for Kork only.
  But KR250, xx for England team, xx for German, and so on. For some seasons, totally almost
  above mount of KR250 might be produced, Ken think.

  So !   I had thought about 20, I had shocked the difference of the order. But now I can
  understand it because such a mount of KR s were required for many racing team in the world.

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