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KR250 20th Anniversary

2004 Aug 22

Tono & Hime

Japanese KR owners group(KROG) had KR250 20th Anniversary meeting.
Mr.Kiyohara and Mr.Shintani cheered KR owners,
so we can ride KR more 20 years, I think.

date Aug 22th (Sun)
Kawasaki PLAZA Akashi
touring(around plant park)
Mt. Rokkou for lunch
to Pro Shop KIYO

At PLAZA Akashi
Cause it was rain go up the morning, went to PLAZA by transporter
(but only my starting place was rain).
KROG's chairman and members had been PLAZA, 30min before scheduled time.

I got off my KR from transporter, and run around Akashi works(KR's birth place).
Almost returned to bike parking area, I found a car coming, that was Mr.Kiyohara's one.

Oops, I should be late, "Good morning ! Mr. Kiyohara ! "

     Akihiko Kiyohara : ex-GP rider. 1997 Germany GP 2nd prize with KR250

Mr.Kiyohara talked to us ->
episode of KR.

Kiyo : "Best one is NSR"
Ups, that is unmentionable
here today !
Kiyo : "OK, OK, yeah I see."
Such a funny jokes made us feel good.

<- Chairman of KROG shows
today's schedule.

Kawasaki Motors Japan(KMJ)
kindly offered to use PLAZA Akashi
and Kawasaki Riding School's parking

area for us. Thanks !

Mr.Shintani who was a Kawasaki test rider and developed chassis of KR was
joined to us by a phone of Mr.Kiyohara.

We took pictures. We got so many, cause it may hard to get them in tomorrow.

v Dear Factory, I'm home ! We are so fine.

v Let ride KR more 20 years ! Have a next meeting after 10 years !

v Mr.Kiyohara & Shintani : No ! KR's related persons may had gone into tomb, do it next year !

^ Mr. Shintani         ^ Mr. Kiyohara

v "K sign"
This is cheer Kawasaki campaign gesture
and GP rider Nakano advertise it in Japan.
So we try but
feel a little hesitation

Hime, it's not for your sheet
Kiyohara & Shintani
only ! ->

What a valuable pictures,
it may not available after 10 years.

I forgot to ask her phone number. ->

We should pay attention to
KR250's kick back characteristic

<- Mr. Shintani tell us
episode of KR road testing

Thanks so much, Mr. Kiyohara and Mr. Shintani !

Thanks PLAZA Akashi and KMJ for your best support and service.

Let's start to Mt. Rokkou touring

At Mt. Rokkou
I crashed my KR-1S at Mt. Rokko, so our schedule was confused.
Next time, I will stay slowly untill 3 raps for warm up.
To Jun : Thank you for your help to get back my KR-1S into my transpoter !

At Pro Shop KIYO
Due to my trouble, it was hard to keep
schedule, so rides going back to far
place lost the time to go Pro Shop KIYO. I'm so sorry.

Tono and Hime went to
the shop.

<- Oh my, so beautiful
racer KR250 was displayed.

What is this KR? We could hear from Mr. Kiyohara about many things.
(beyonds the limit of shop openning time)

Mr. K.Ballington ^  ^ Mr. Shintani
<- A photo of
Pro Shop KIYO

<- Mr. Kiyohara

<- Mr. Kita
I'm sorry his unfortunate

What a beautiful day, today is !

but my KR-1S's repairing seems hard ...

Mr. Kiyohara at PLAZA Akashi
 KR250 test rides
   Chassis by Mr. Shintani. Engine by Mr. Kita.

Mr. Kita had unfortunate and never hear from him, I am sorry.
   "I will call and take Shintani here", Mr. Kiyohara take a phone. I 'm afraid impoliteness ---
"He did field work, but come while 40 min." I'm afraid sudden calling ---
 KR250 road testing
"I am not testing member, but Shintani did it. Shintani has excellent technic,
so starting an engine, and paaan, paaan, only power band they used.
Finaly they did not check low rpm, can't see power in low range.
All customers stalled an engine at first time on KR.
   Should have to check such a regions more, by myself", he said.
 Kich back
"I felt kick back(speed wobble or shimmy). Kick back has two types, one is a convergence
and the other a divergence one, and KR was divergence. Oh, my ---
 Best bike
N --- staff only ---
 Why 16inch front ?
"That was a fashion. At a curve, first a little direct to opposite side,
and leaning motion makes handle to desired direction." he said.
 How's X09 ?
That was --- staff only --- wounded --- staff only ---
 Next meeting ?
"Test riders of KR-1 were Mr. xxx and Mr. xxx. Next time I will take them here.
Let you plan and schedule it. Not far future."
   What can I say, too wonderful order to imagine it for us.

Mr. Shintani at PLAZA Akashi
 Kick back
   Though KR had kich back, but do you feel it ? he asked to us.
It could be seen it on KR-1 too, but its later model(KR-1S and -1R) improved, he said.
  One of the KROG member Kiya said yes he feels it on KR250.
   I feel kick back on my KR-1s but may forget about it on my KR250.
 At a bottoming test of suspension
  At a testing course coming from high and going through bottom and to the top again
  (like U character), he had tested for tandem riding suspension performance.
  And then he had crashed in a focus of a number of observers, that was shame, he said.
  Even a testing rider has crash, I can do it !
 Many person
  Mr. Shintani arranged Kawasaki 250cc motard bike.
  Anyway, for Kawasaki Zepher's case, it should be might be sold a little. And the later,
  adjusted it less than before. Ordere parts to sub-contracting factory as the less
  number. So they were surprised at a biggest hit. And then,
  many persons started to say "I did it".

Mr. Kiyohara
 That racing KR ?
  That is a racing KR250, he rode it Assen circuit historic class race
in 1998.
  Why it keeps so good condition ?  He show us an album which  contain
  many pictures of restore work in someones home.
  He said he have also KR500, come again to see it.
  Result of the race, Mr.Kiyohara with KR250 win the race.  *1
  And he present the victory trophy to president of Kawasaki.       Great!

 Seize up
  There's some materials which gives low engine power but mild after seize up.
  And the other materials with high power but
seize up = lock up.  Racing KR
  was oriented to get power, so Kiyohara was fractured twice by seize up.
  He hopes that engineering efforts will supply rides safety.
 Grand father
  We could have hear many episode, and finaly he showed us with smiling,
  that was a picture of grand child on display of his mobile phone.
  Oh my !  Alive God of mine had been a grand father.
  I  need to take place next KR meeting soon cause all alive.

 I want to visit again, tell me more !

I'm so happy signature of
Mr.Kiyohara on my KR.
  Sorry members attend the meeting,
  for visiting Pro Shop KIYO
@only Tono & Hime could go.

@KR 20th anniversary meeting was introduced Tim's web site as 20th Birthday Party ! of K250.ORG .

  *1  1998 Assen's race are reported in Japanese
text here of 1998 of Pro Shop KIYO .
        Some report are shown here
and here but can't read it because not Japanese.

For my poor English, it may have many miss translation.
If you find it and advice to me or interested in this, mail me with easy English.

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