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Tandem twin engine

                                                                          add 04/01/09

Conversion Spec.
Meter Cover and Head Lamp ZRX parts
Signal Lamp
ZXR parts
Single Seat Cowling
KR250 accessory genuine parts colored metallic gray
Looks like traditional bike styling
Hard to restart during after engine warmed
( usually start lever kick kick ! kick !! again.   ha ha !
kick ! kick !!  At a rest/service area on a highway )

  For spare parts cannibalistic, I got this KR exchange
for a bottle of whiskey.
 Hime said she want to ride it, and restored with a
little bit conversion (because no good condition cowling
parts) and registered it.
 It's my idea that the round head lamp is good for  KR.
 Most hard time conversion item was installing KR
meters into ZRX meter cover. Finaly water temp. meter
was layouted upsidedown.

'07 Jan 07th
KR250  naked
Naked KR additional Pictures

  Cowling bracket was cut off due to harness layout into lamp case .

   Head pipe left view
   Head pipe right view

  Cowling bracket was cut
off to prevent sharp edge injury.
Left hand side
Right hand side

  Head lamp support handmade aluminum plate
Upper plate

sandwiched between
upper bracket and key cylinder.
Lower plate

small rectangular with four holes
'04 Jan 17th
KR250  naked

After a long time, a naked KR appears
from garage.

Incidentally, I took pictures.

At the time for convesion, I remember
so many trivial handiworks took time.
Most hard time was inside meter cover.

A Round Light
 ZRX2 genuine head Lamp

  All meter clocks are KR parts ( I do want to use them )

Head Lamp are also ZRX2 parts

Meter covers are ZRX2 parts

  Meter cover conversion work was some kind
of a making plastic hobby model but ordinary
motorcycle service. It's not good at for me.
   Especially reset knob of trip gauge was very
difficult due to difference of movement. I used
wire link and once OK but soon inoperative.

ZRX layout
KR clock install
Fuel indicator 
Water temp.
High beam
2st oil lamp

Signal Lamp ZXR400 genuine parts
Support lamp stay by
a handmade aluminum plate
which sandwiched between
upper bracket and key cylinder.

Left Hand Side
@Right Hand Side
Still need good idea for harness
and connector appearance.

CDI(left) Regulator

 put air cleaner box lower side.

A hole of rear suspension adjustment
 was buried ( no reason but seems
 noisy for this style ).


To prevent signal lamp came off easy, steel belting clamp was useful.

In case riding this KR again, I have to check and repair many.