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  We deliver all kinds of maniac music from NYC, and from Tokyo.

  Sep 11 To prepare the life to meet, the life that you meet. Shall I continue to ride the madness train over the sea ground? The red hot flow town aside the line, the edge of those horizontal line are slightly whitening. There is defenetly a hope.. Sports media are all sucks. those are busy crazy big mouth information microphone. Broadening everyday, every single day, tuning up my broken antena TV, but what I see is all the same. Thanks Ichiro reprezenging Japanese. Thanks Matsui keep gentle. However the life of real is not a baseball. What is to create the sub domain. Some sub culture, that construct and build up the mind of people. What it mean is not to force some to do, but to some to be acceptable and repeatable.. Working on this society, managing client server data plus indivisual info data realizing me up to imagine my own world. And I will keep writing this what I come up with one before forgetting it.. Sep 21 One day I see alarms everywhere on the map. say sup, motivating myself up. In the afternoon, I came back to office after one smoking cigar. I sat on the chair indifferently to others, each one knows everyone. (I have a different sence of humor, which is not acceptable to co-workers) Consider filmly the parallel function. Thinking of ladys in the office chatting, making me more steady pretty nasty casper. If so long such a IF occurs in the acient period, common questions are what you wanna be?