Additional dictionaries for Mozc

(last updated: 20160815)

mozc-neologd-ut was moved.

Mozc UT Dictionary

This will add over 580,000 words.

I modified these dictionaries.
My big thanks go to the authors/maintainers.

■ Default dictionaries
・Japanese names (I wrote it)
・hatena keywords
station names

・katakana-English dictionary generated from EDICT
 Type "いんたーねっと" and press space ⇨ Internet
 If you don't want to use it, run
 $ /usr/lib/mozc/mozc_tool --mode=config_dialog
 and uncheck "Katakana to English conversion" in "Dictionary" tab.

・zip code dictionary and place names generated from Japan Post's zip code
 Type "920-2368" and press space ⇨ 石川県白山市出合町
 Type "はくさんしで" ⇨ 白山市出合町 will be suggested.
 If you need the latest zip code and place names,
 apply the mozcdic-ut patch to the official Mozc.
 ⇨ See "Advanced".
 It will download the latest Japan Post's zip code file.

■ Optional dictionaries (See "Advanced")
・English-Japanese dictionary generated from Japanese WordNet
 Press Caps Lock, type "dolphin" and press Tab.

 If you need a text dictionary file, check this page.

・niconico daihyakka IME dictionary

■ License
altcanna, jinmei, skk: GPL
hatena: unknown
EDICT: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike Licence (V3.0)
ekimei: redistributable
zip code: public domain
Japanese WordNet:
niconico: unknown
ruby/shell scripts: GPL

I think we can redistribute hatena's yomigana-hyouki pairs,
but I can't believe we can redistribute niconico's pairs.
If you want to make redistributable mozc-ut,
don't uncomment #NICODIC="true" in

■ Download
Patched source code (EJDIC="false", NICODIC="false"):


■ Install
See mozc's official "LinuxBuildInstructions".

If you are using Arch Linux (tested on Antergos Linux),
you can make and install packages as follows:
$ mkdir mozc-tmp
$ mv mozc-ut-2.18.2556.102.20160815.tar.xz mozc-tmp/
$ cd mozc-tmp/
$ tar xf mozc-ut-2.18.2556.102.20160815.tar.xz
$ cp mozc-ut-2.18.2556.102.20160815/PKGBUILD .
$ makepkg -f
$ makepkg -i

■ Advanced: Generate your mozc-ut
1. Get official mozc source files.
$ mkdir mozc-tmp
$ mv mozcdic-ut-20160815.tar.bz2 mozc-tmp/
$ cd mozc-tmp/
$ tar xf mozcdic-ut-20160815.tar.bz2
$ cd mozcdic-ut-20160815
$ ./
$ mv mozc-2.18.2556.102.tar.bz2 ..

2. Select optional dictionaries.
Open "".

If you want to use an English-Japanese dictionary,
uncomment the following line.

If you want to use a niconico dictionary,
uncomment the following line.

3. Generate a mozc-ut dictionary.
You need ruby > 1.9.
$ ./
Wait for a few minutes.

4. Install mozc-ut.
$ cd ../mozc-ut-2.18.2556.102.20160815/
Build mozc-ut.

■ 収録基準


■ 辞書の形式
読み 品詞 ヒット数 表記