Japanese fonts


"Japanese fonts for fun" are here.

Free Japanese fonts are few. Why?

  1. We need 2965 (standard) + 3390 (advanced) characters for Japanese (= 6355).
    It will take two or three years to complete them.

  2. Fonts are kind of art.
    Font authors don't want to make it free (GPL etc), because free software licence permits font modifications.

  3. Font authors don't want to see their fonts on the adult sites.
    Free software licence permits free use.

Font authors often change the links to avoid the direct links.
They want to show their messages (license, thought) first.

(Linux) How to show Japanese characters clearly.

You need to disable hinting. Hinting is not good for square characters (Japanese, Chinese etc).

Japanese fonts for work

These fonts include 2965 (standard) + 3390 (advanced) characters.
The images are generated by ImageMagick on linux.
I wrote a ruby script. Put your fonts into ~/.fonts and run the script.

Click the font name to see the details.

Noto fonts GenEi fonts IPA fonts IPAex fonts Takao Gothic MigMix fonts IPA Mona fonts Motoya L Cedar Motoya L Maruberi UmePlus Gothic

Noto fonts

Noto fonts aim to support all languages. The goal is "NO more TOfu".
Tofu is a garbled text like "�".

GenEi fonts

GenEi fonts are modified Gen-no-Kaku Gothic.
"Gen-no-Kaku Gothic" and "Noto Sans" are the same font.
Adobe call it "Gen-no-Kaku Gothic (Source Han Sans)", and Google call it "Noto Sans".

Go to the Download page and click the banners.

IPA fonts

IPA stands for Information-technology Promotion Agency.
It is a related organization of the Japanese Government.
(IPA fonts are not for phonetic characters.)

IPAex fonts

IPAex fonts are combined fonts.
Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji = fixed IPA fonts.
alphabets, numbers = proportional IPA fonts.

Takao Gothic

Modified IPA fonts.
Ubuntu might use them for the default Japanese fonts.

Check "Downloads" in the right.

MigMix fonts

MigMix fonts are combined fonts that use "M+ font" and "IPA Gothic".

MigMix 1P, MigMix 2P = proportional fonts.
MigMix 1M, MigMix 2M = fixed fonts.

IPA Mona fonts

IPA Mona fonts are modified IPA fonts.
It is good for Japanese ASCII art.
Most Japanese ASCII art is designed for MS P Gothic, and IPA Mona fonts have the same width as MS P Gothic.

Click "opfc-ModuleHP-1.1.1_withIPAMonaFonts-1.0.8.tar.gz" in the page.
IPA Mona fonts are included in opfc-ModuleHP-/fonts/ .

Motoya L Cedar

"Motoya L Cedar" is a Gothic font made by the Motoya Corporation.
Google Android used it for the Japanese font.
This font is designed for mobile machines.

Go to the Download page and click "download it".

Motoya L Maruberi

This font is designed for mobile machines.

Go to the Download page and click "download it".

UmePlus Gothic

UmePlus fonts are combined fonts.
Hiragana, Katakana, alphabets, numbers = M+ fonts.
Kanji = Ume fonts.