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このページのMIDIデータは原則として私、えみ があくまで非商用目的で公開しているものです。
Mr. Robert Finley さんと Mr. Gary Goldberg さんの作品をご利用になりたいときは、直接彼らに連絡をとってください。

If you would like to obtain permission to use any of the files on this site ,please contact the authors directly.Only they have the right to authorize the use of their works.


Mr. Robert FinleyMr. Gary Goldbergです。
Y.Sasaki さんも提供くださいました。

Great Contributors of Rachmaninoff's MIDI

The following sequences were created by Mr. Robert Finley and Mr. Gary Goldberg.
Mr. Finley and Mr. Gary Goldberg is one of the foremost creators of Classical MIDI Sequences on the internet. These sequences may be downloaded for personal listening enjoyment, but may not be posted to other sites or used in any venture of financial gain without the express written consent of Mr. Finley and Mr. Goldberg . Thanks again to Mr. Finley and Mr. Goldberg , who sequenced these brilliant pieces and kindly gave me permission to use it.