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Mitsuru@KAMIJO ---- Mitsuru is a puppeteer of Edo Marionette.

Edo Marionette is a Japanese traditional one handed down from the Edo period when samurai had lived.

Mitsuru was born in Hokkaido in 1955 and graduated in Touhoku_University Technical Engineering in 1975. But Mitsuru wished to know Japanese culture and spirit,because he had felt that Japanese had been losing own identity gradually.

1979 Mitsuru retired from the university and joined in puppet theatre Youkiza. Youkiza had created modern plays based on the traditional technique. Mitsuru had studied under 11th Magosaburou Youki and experienced Youkiza's Europe tour " Macbeth" at twice. Mitsuru played the role of old Seward, Nobleman, Second Murderer, e.t.c.

1990 Mitsuru retired from Youkiza with 11th Magosaburou Youki and other members, and organized a new group together.
1992 Mitsuru was independent from it, because he had hoped to try a new performance style that nobody has tried.
1993 Mitsuru organized Edo Marionette Group and started to play street performance.
1994 Mitsuru played street performance in Vienna.
1996 Mitsuru had guested in theatre Rin-Ko-Gun Europe tour "The Capital of the Kingdom of Gods" ( written by Youji Sakate ).
Rin-Ko-Gun is a Japanese theatre with actors and actresses.His marionette was an illusion of the leading role.
2000 Edo Marionette Group's South America tour with some performances, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Iguazu, Buenos Aires.
2001 Edo Marionette Group's Palestine and Israel with some performances.
2002 Mitsuru participated 8th Honolulu Festival (March).
Edo Marionette Group's South America tour 2 (September).

Mitsuru had found an important thing about Japanese culture through the street performance on rugged ground.
Mitsuru felt that his playing pose had changed lower and his toes had caught the ground. Mitsuru thought that Japanese culture might have been created on the earth,because Japanese is an agricultural race. It's a most important thing,but most of Japanese have forgotten it.
Mitsuru is thinking that all of the world people can understand each other through the culture on the ground.


Mitsuru KAMIJO --Puppeteer of Edo Marionette
Yoshio WADA ----------------Producer
Susumu Yoshikawa ---------------Actor
Kumiko Fukud----Puppeteer of Edo Marionette

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