In the direction of the rainbow

The half autobiography of the artist
Silvio Moreno@
           My self-invited attendance to a college of music
              In being poor, I aimed at the guitarist.

  In 1965, I boarded sailboat " Fragata  Liberta " in Argentina with the sadness which it isn't possible to finish having.After stopping at the Yokohama port, concerning 5 continents for 8 months, it was introduced, saying " Ryukyu " in the explanation on the ship.The government color of America still forced and put in the island in the subtropical zone.When two pieces of land of this Asia would be related with the life of me after that deeply, in that case, the thought, too, didn't depend.
   The dream at the time of my child was to become Pilot or a musician.hdreamed flying and singing like a bird.When telling parents of the thing, my mother was making the sound of the singer sewing machine , " It is surely possible that you would be able to take an airplane much, if you become a musician " by in the work.
  I @who liked music already, decided to become a guitarist.However, the money to buy a guitar, and so on, was nowhere.For the dream of the son, my poor father and mother increased their work and even reduced their meal.They bought a guitar for me in 2 years, overcoming.
  The time of 9 years I obtained a seen guitar,but this time, I didn't have the money which were needed for tuition fee.
  Moreover 2 years, by seeing the person who was playing the guitar, h studied by the self-education.In such a case, I just hit upon the thought to have show a class in the local college of music.
  Then, 11 years-old I alone called on National College of Music which is inthe state of Santa Fe. When knocking at the president room while I was tense, the gentleman who had elevation appeared. He was the president Franso.
  " You are searching someone ?"I said." I want to do the studying of music here "
He said "Son,It isn't later even if you come here again after studying " to reflect.
I was desperate and " I want to learn now above only in the corner most behind.And I never bother anybody." he shook a neck at the side but called it " it isn't possible. ".
I heard this word and tears appeared.
 " I don't move here until you say that it is good for ".I intended that truly.
   Beaten by me, the president after long silence and he said that it was permitted to think of the attendance of the class if getting a permit of the teacher of the guitar class.
   Then, the professor came.She said to me "Señor,try and play, " with the ironical mixture.She was the classic guitar list, Glaciera Pompono, the top class in the world.
"I know I am a bad player.but if you tearch me,I would be able to play the guitar good."
Her countenance changed.
  " Try and play without saying anythinf." I played the music which I don't know even a title which I learned by the performance of the person.
On the way of the music, the life of " It is enough. you are permitted to go to the classroom now because you are so bad. Close your mouth and learn a lot."My life changed.
  A clipping of the newspaper of RYUKYU SINPO in Okinawa,May in2003