Alex's Style Contest Garden 2004

My garden was awardedGrand Prix in the gardening contest of the Pacific Flora 2004

My garden was awarded Grand Prix in the gardening contest of the Pacific Flora 2004.
I won a New Zealand Gardening Tour prize for a pair.
I expressed my garden based on the theme "Harmony of Japan and Australia" at the competition.
I think the reason why I won the competition is because I succeeded in utilizing unique Australian plants in an effective way. Judges highly esteemed my original Japanese- Australian garden design and my cultivation skill to be able to grow Australian plants from seeds and spores. The theme of this contest was "the garden of summer to early autumn.

The primary stage was examined by "four garden photographs taken within one month or the early autumn last year, which express the whole garden", "sketch of the garden" and "the short explanatory note". The column in the application documents to writes a comment was very small.
I wrote something like "The garden reflects the owners life and philosophy. I tried to recreate the rich life that I had in Australia."
Seven candidates remained in the last examination stage.
Then, the staff of the Japan Broadcasting Corporation came for video recorging of my garden, and this video, edited to about 3 minutes, was shown at the final examination.
Four photographs with which I subscribed are shown here below.
Judges highly esteemed my garden, which utilized the small space effectively, and the color coordination of my design and my cultivation skill. Judges said "His eagerness towards the study for growing plants is wonderful."

I spent five years in Australia and during that time developed deep love for plants that regularly grow in Australian gardens.

Four photos for the primary selection stage

The photograph taken from the veranda of the second floor.
I challenged for a pictorial expression.
The terrace designed with the Australia brick and the branch of a eucalyptus.
I expressed "autumn-likeness" with grasses such as Hakonechola macra,carex and pair grass,
and put a giant dahlia and red flower grevillea "Robyn gordon".

Plants that are my treasure. My individual expression that nobody can imitate. From the lower left.
The cactus,which is almost 40 years old, was purchased when I was a junior high school student.
Aeonium arboreum is planted in the jar, A gold leaves tree is a Melaleuca revolution, Strobilanthes、grevillea.
And a Jacaranda is hanging over them.

Photo taken from the east side of the garden.
"A rich crop" and "harmony of Japan and Australia" were expressed.
On a grape vine trellis, a tomato obelisk and lemons on it.
In the center of garden, Ophiopogon japonicus is planted in a garden stone,
which is put between a granite crevice and Aussie brick.
It expressed "harmonization of Japan and Australia."
There is one meter of leaves of tree fern Dicksonia Antarctica, which was cultivated from the spore.
A White birch (Betulaplatyphylla var.japonica) on the right side was put to keep the balance with
the left side of "Acer negundo" white leaves and the trunk of the crape-myrtle (Lagerstroemiaindica).

The flower of Strelitzia and Eucalyptus greet with cheers at the door entrance.
The left side is pink garden verbena, which becomes four years old.

Sketch of the garden

It is since I was in elementary school to draw such a picture with a colored pencil.
I cannot draw it easily.

The photographs of the video recording day for the final selection meetings (September 23)

Photo taken on September 23, when the video recording was carried out. Same parts of the application photograph scene.

Photo taken a bit front of the upper photograph position.
Banksia aemula and back silver leaves are Grevillea on the right. On the left side,
the shape of a sword leaf is Phormium tenax, and a smooth surface bowl was put
to express the contrast against sharp leafs.

Moving further up front to a nearer position.
A left black grass and a left black ear are Pennisetum glaucum' 
Purple Majesty' which is the American selection gold medal last year.
Purple leaves under it and the blue flower are Plectranthus' cape angels'.
White flower in the back is Mandevilla. Gold leaves on the right are Melaleuca gold revolution. There are dahlias in the back of the right side.

Photo taken from the west side of the garden.
The pink flower on the left is eight-fold begonia.

Photo taken from the west side of the garden.
The bud of a eucalyptus is in the upper right.
Thin silver leaves are Grevillea "moonlight."

Grevillea 'Robyn Gordon' in my garden blooms almost all the year round,
In a background, my most favorite combination, Grevillea 'Robyn Gordon'
and Albizia julibrissin 'Summer Chocolate'.
The red Grevillea flower against the background of the deep purple
leaves of Albizia julibrissin is really artistically beautiful.

Jacaranda, which becomes 8 years old, was grown from seedling.
Although the leaves fall in winter, it is frost resistance.

"Wallum banksia"

Eucalyptus Yellow Gum flowers(Eucalyptus leucoxylon rosea) She started to bloom after four years.

Strelitzia started to bloom. It continues to bloom from the end of September to next year May.
It is 10 years old and its a very large stock. In winter, we put it under the eaves.
It seems to be more frost resistance than it is generally said.

Container Garden of my wife Michiko's work

The container garden, which my wife made.
The work of my wife, on the stage of the final selection.
Tree fern, Pteris nipponica. Cats whiskers, Black Mondo grass (Ophiopogon planiscapus),
Sedum alboroseum, Adenophora takedae and etc.

The next day -- it changed somewhat simply

Extra (Garden in May)

The season of the rose, which is my wifes favorite season.
I grew all the Delphiniums and Larkspurs.
Delphiniums, digitalis and campanulas harmonize well with many roses in my garden.
Hostas' white and green leaves create a focus point among the flowers.

In this season, there were fifty potted flowers such as Delphinium and Larkspur.
I made a tentative flower bed. I expressed the wildness with Driftwood.


Surely, gardening is not only "a womans hobby" but also "a man's hobby",
and I hope that gardening will spread widely from now on and keep on developing as "art."

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