Basie One More Time

1. For Lena And Lennie
2. Rat Race
3. Quince
4. Meet BB
5. The Big Walk
6. The Square At The Round Table
7. I Needs To Be Bee'd With
8. Jesica's Day
9. The Midnight Sun Never Sets
10. Muttink

Personnel : Count Basie (p), Freddie Green (gt), Eddie Jones (b), Sonny Payne (dr), Snooky Young, Thad Jones, Wendell Cully, Joe Newman (tp), Al Grey, Henry Coker, Benny Powell (tb), Marshal Royal(as,cl), Frank Wess (as,ts,fl), Frank Foster, Billy Mitchell (ts), Charlie Fowlkes (bs)

Location & Date :
NYC, Dec 19, 1958 (1,2,4,5,9)
Chicago, Jan 23 & 24, 1959 (3,6,7,8,10)