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What is narrative in organization study?

Barry D.(1997)quoted"whereas
machine models of organizational problems lead to repair-based solutions,
organic models to corrections of pathologies,game models to counter-strategies,
dramaturgic models to role revisions, and ritualist models to passage from one status to another,
narrative (or textual)models emphasize "opening space for the authoring of alternative stories"
(White and Epson 1990;15)"
(Key words: organization change, narrative approach, critical management)

Why I started this research.- my experience, question, -and what I think after 5 years of study.

Narrative organizing: Revisiting turns we make and take (Hamaoka 2014)

Narrative frameworks have been attracting scholars of management and organization studies to make sense of a variety of organizational events and phenomena, from organizational change to identity work. Among the broader applicability, this conceptual paper proposes a frame of analysis which adapts Ricoeur°«s (1984/1990, 1991) model of emplotmentto enrich ways of understanding processes of sensemaking as constituent part of processes of organizing. °°Read moreĘÕ

Appreciative Reviwing (Hamaoka 2015)

Appreciative reviewing is a project that aims to enhance interactions between researchers through communications by means of reviewing one another°«s research projects. Different from the conventional peer review, appreciative reviewing provides researchers with a sphere in which they exchange their respective research processes, typically scarcely accounted for their respective moral sentiments: what did really motivate their research activities? Hence, each reviewer is encouraged to find out imaginatively researchers°« moral sentiments by reference to pieces of their research reports and papers. °°°°Read moreĘÕ

Articles by Hamaoka

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Pursuing methods for storifying organization space

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