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1. Ceaseless / Do You Care? (9:26)
2. Sister / You Left Me So Insane (5:50)
3. In Obscurity (7:08)
4. Tell Me What You Got to Say (4:50)
5. Melt (6:40)

All improvised by Keiko Higuchi and Cristiano Luciani
Keiko Higuchi: vocals, piano, words

Cris X (Cristiano Luciani): electronics, field recordings, cymbals, samples, slide guitar
Recorded by Max Costa at C.S.O. Cantiere, Rome, 2010
Mixed by Cristiano Luciani
Mastered by Cristiano Luciani and Enrico Sognato
Photos by Takeshi Minemoto and Nico Feragnoli
Design by Sachiko

Released in March 2014



1. nearby
2. inside
3. glimpse
4. void
5. sigh
6. calls
7. rhizome
8. moan

ヒグチケイコ(voice) 森重靖宗(チェロ)
アコースティック インプロ デュオ


Improvising Beings


ジョージ (Vocal, Guitar, Piano, Conga)
いち (Guitar, Vocal, Guiro)
ムーン安井 (Bass)
栗田 陽輔 (Drums, Tambourine, Backing Vocal)

Additional Musicians
ヒグチケイコ (Piano, Voice) track 1
川崎知 (Sax)
芝井 直実 (Sax)
柴田 エミ (Piano)1. sister

Messer Works (MW-001)

2013/3/23 on sale


1. sister
2. another man /ただの男
3. how deep is the ocean
4. the impossible
5. my funny valentine
6. みだれ髪
7. 窒息しそうな夜 / too much to say goodbye

ヒグチケイコ: piano, vocals
クリスティアーノ・ルチアーニ: drums, cymbals and synthesizer on track one
川口雅巳: guitar on tracks two and six
HIKO: drums on tracks two and four

絵: 宮西計三
写真: 森重靖宗

utech records www.utechrecords.com



Sic Transit / Bernardo Devlin
10/15/2012 on sale



 --ボルトガル在住のBernardo Devlinによるアルバム『Sic Transit』の4曲目と5曲目に参加しています。
 --Sic Transit PV聞きかじり

Crimson Lip

alan silva (bass, piano, synth), keiko higuchi (vocals),
sabu toyozumi (drums, perc), takuo tanikawa (guitar, electronics)

GUYA & GREED split LP of Merzbow & Cris X

1. funeral parade of roses
2. ひっそりとしっかりと in obscurity with Keiko Higuchi
3. black lake with Sachiko

Soundhom (ita)
RRRrecords (usa)
radiation (ita)
Volcanic Tongue (Uk)
cold spring (uk)
Oec (ita)
Turgid animal (ita/uk)
Neds (jap)
Second layer (uk)
freak animal (finland)
PSF (japan)
METAMKINE (france)

種子の破片/shushi no kakera
2010.4.2 on sale

1. 盈虚/ei-kyo
2. バルバラ・ソング/Barbara-Song
3. ラブレター/Love Letters
4. パースペクティブ/Perspective
5. 美貌の青空/Bibo No Aozora
6. マイファニーヴァレンタイン/My Funny Valentine
7. 死んだ男の残したものは/All That the Man Left Behind When He Died
見えない子ども/Unseen Child
8. ぼくは素敵な小鳥になって:ゲーテ『ファウスト』より
 ich ein schöes Waldvöelein from Goethe "Faust"
9. アイラヴユー、ボーギー/I Loves You, Porgy

ラブホテル/Love Hotel

1. God Bless the Child
2. Black Coffee
3. Blue Raincoat
4. The Man I love
5. Day is Done
6. Parlez-Moi D'amour
7. Please Please Please, Let Me Get What I Really Want
8. Chelsea Hotel #2
9. E Minor Blues- Don't Take That Away From Me

Bishop Records http://www.realarts.org/ bishop@realarts.org

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on "Crimson Lip"

by Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery, 2011
Featuring Alan Silva on bass, piano &  synth, Takuo Tanikawa on guitar, Keiko Higuchi on voice and Sabu  Toyozumi on drums. American born acoustic bass legend Alan Silva has  been an integral member of the international avant/jazz community  since the mid-sixties when he was working with Cecil Taylor, Albert  Ayler, Bill Dixon and Burton Greene as well as leading his own bands.  Equally legendary in Japan is percussionist Sabu Toyozumi who has  worked with heavy characters like Kaoru Abe, Peter Brotzmann, Heino  Keiji, Otomo and Kenny Millions. Takuo Tanikawa is a member of the  Japanese improv band Exias-J who sound like quite a bit like that  first Music Improvisation Company (with Derek Bailey, Evan Parker &  Jamie Muir) record that came out on as an ECM record in 1972.     Nearly forty years after Exias J's main inspiration, this quartet  performs a similar, strange international free/music spirit. 'Crimson  Lip' is a 61 minute one-track piece of spooky, occasionally  foreboding and highly focused improv. This is a live recording from  August of 2009 done in Yokohama, Japan. Vocalist Keiko Higuchi sounds  like a mellower version of Haino Keiji (rarely screaming) and fits  well with the other three players. The overall vibe is more  restrained and even magical at times. Guitarist Tanikawa has a fine  jazz tone and some of the trio improvisations (el. guitar, acoustic  bass & drums) are pretty amazing. It is great to hear Alan Silva  playing with that bowed bass sound that he is famous for, even if he  only does it in short spurts. Executive producer Julien Palomo has a  knack for capturing certain dates that evoke both the historic and  mysterious sound that defines what truly free music is all about. If  you give this disc your time, you will no doubt be blown away like  me. CD  $17


by Massimiliano Busti - Blow Up magazine #157 June 2011
After the vinyl split release with MB/Maurizio Bianchi, Cristiano Luciani - of Lendormin fame -puts out another effort on his personal label CX records, this time in collaboration with MERZBOW, who contributes a white noise and distorted composition entitled Guya. This is yet another sonic statement (or multiple, as Beuys would say) of a well established aesthetics. Masami Akita, as the man himself, doesn't exist anymore: an anthropomorphic mass of feedbacks and ultrasounds has taken over his body, in a mutation process akin to Shinya Tsukamoto's Tetsuo. On the vinyl flipside, CRIS X' s solo work - guitar, field recordings, percussions and samplers - anticipates a duet with Keiko Higuchi, whose interpretation for piano and vocals reaches the highest peaks of lyrical expression in a dreamlike and somber blues (In Obscurity). Thereafter, darkness becomes absolute in the final composition (Black Lake) recorded with Sachiko, an electronic vortex swallowing everything on it way into the abyss. (7/8)

by volcanic tongue
Massive split LP with two sides of primo-Japanese underground meat: Masami Akita aka Merzbow’s side is one of his most tactile and crudely-conceived outings in a while, looking back to Batztoutai With Memorial Gadgets-era in its combination of analog and digital soundsources, utilising sandpaper tones, sirens, feedback, disorientating jump-cuts and gunshot percussion for maximum mindfuck. A classic Merzbow side. The flip is even more spectacular, with Cris X aka Christiano Luciani joined by Japanese underground performers Keiko Higuchi on piano and vocals and Sachiko Fukuoka of Kousokuya/Vava Kitora et al on electronics, effects and vocals. Cris X plays a dark devotional form of holy drone using electronics, guitar, field recordings, cymbals, samples and effects and both Keiko and Sachiko inhabit the music like wraiths. Keiko comes across like Patty Waters circa “Moon Don’t Come Up Tonight” or Diamanda Galas circa “My World Is Empty Without You Babe” countering spare chords with an incantatory vocal that is truly chilling. The final piece is a duo between Sachiko and Luciani recorded and mixed at home by Rinji Fukuoka of Overhang Party where the spectral atmospherics of Sachiko’s dazzling solo work meet the devotional drones of Cris X in a way that’s as remarkable as planet-devouring classic by Tangerine Dream, Nijiumu and Toho Sara. Edition of only 300 copies on white vinyl. Highly recommended!

『種子の破片』/on "shushi no kakera"

これまで日本語詞をストレートに歌うことを避けていたヒグチケイコが、神田晋一郎のピアノに励まされ、これほどまでに裸になって真正面から歌と取り組むアルバムを作りあげるとは! すべては、ピアニストが白羽の矢を立てたゲストと作りあげるシリーズ公演<夜の音樂>に、この異色ヴォイスを招いたところからはじまった。


『ラブホテル』/on "Love Hotel"

これは単なるピアノの弾き語りアルバムではない。演劇的な総合パフォーミング・アートで、何者かが何かを歌っているその原初的な風景、空間を前にしているというこれまで体験したことのない世界が繰り広げられる。歌っているのはジャンルを超えた曲で、メロディよりも言葉に棲む亡霊のようなものを引きずり出す “歌”と言うべきか。アルバム・タイトルのラブホテルという曲はない。そこはこの物語の仮の舞台であり、そこを通してヒグチケイコという巫女のような魅力的な存在に出会うことになる。
青木和富、『CD Journal』(CDジャーナル) 2008年12月号「今月の注目盤」(p.110)



by Anna Maria Stjärnell
Keiko Higuchi has recorded these odd takes on some classic songs live on one occasion and the results are staggering. She’s doing something jazzy but also edging into whatever genre Diamanda Galás belongs to. She stretches, bends and sometimes breaks these familiar songs.

God bless the Child is turned into a lament where each syllable is exorcised and then discarded as if found wanting. At the same time the sense of loss is as profound as in the Billie Holiday version. Easy listening it’s not.

Blue Raincoat (missing the famous bit) is by Leonard Cohen or was before Higuchi tore it apart. As a Cohen fan I was fascinated with her feral, yet intimate way with the song. Her voice is an open wound, a siren turned mad by gazing to long at drowning sailors.

Day is Done by Nick Drake is no longer gentle and fraught, but anxious and bleeding from piano-infused mayhem wrought by Higuchi.

Her own E Minor-Blues-Don’t Take That Away From Me closes the album. It’s just as filled with tension as the other songs, as likely to cause you to fall in love with it or run screaming for the exit. Quite a few adventurous souls might think this album is worth the effort.

by Yoshiyuki Kitazato / Onbasha
Keiko Higuchi, on her voice performance, gets haunted by numerous emotions of the others by singing standards. She conducts autopsies of standard songs and drags out the grudge that hides under a thin skin of sugary words named love or obsession towards sexuality from a womb. (Onbasha/ Yoshiyuki Kitazato)"

"The singing of Keiko Higuchi, that scrapes the surface of pretentious modesty within tunes and grabs out organ-like objects, starts relating to the song itself for the first time when it collides with another voice that was hidden within the tune itself."


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