About Hyakunin-Isshu

The Ogura Hyakunin Isshu ("ɴͰ") is Japanese hundred poems by one hundred poets selected by Sadaie Fujiwara (A.D.11621241).

This app let you Browse its all poems. You can also display the Reading card for Karuta-tori game.

Supported locales: English (en-US), ܸ (ja), Deutsch (de), Espaol (es), Franais (fr), Portugus (pt-BR)


You can download and install from Firefox Marketplace .
Or, buy source package at Gumroad

This application works on following version or later:
Firefox OS 1.4.


Description page Browsing page List page Reading page


  • Hyakunin-Isshu is updated to 0.5.0.
    • Adjust card images and unified all to a file.
    • Update JSON to make replaceable the card image set.
    • Use l20n.js instead of l10n.js.
  • Hyakunin-Isshu is updated to 0.5.1.
    • Fix image size in reading mode.
  • Hyakunin-Isshu is updated to 0.4.6.
    • Update fr locale. (Thanks to Cyril!)
    • Remove some codes.
  • Published on Gumroad.
  • Hyakunin-Isshu is updated to 0.4.4.
    • Add swipe gestures to navigate previous (←) or next (→) card on card view.
  • Hyakunin-Isshu 0.4.3 is released.