Chess Clubs in Japan

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Here are descriptions of Japanese chess clubs by regions.

¢£Hokkaido Tohoku ¢£Kanto ¢£Chubu ¢£Kinki Chugoku ¢£Shikoku Kyushu Okinawa

Name Prefecture
Personal comments
Sapporo Chess Club Hokkaido
¡üChess club officially recognized by JCA.

Hakodate Chess Circle Hokkaido
¡üChess circle officially recognized by JCA.

¡üThey provide news and reports on various chess tournaments.

¡üI get the impression that they have enriched education programs and events for children.

Sendai Chess Club Miyagi
¡üChess club officially recognized by JCA.

White Knights Miyagi
¡üTohoku University's chess circle.

Chess Circle Cafe Rejansu Ibaraki
¡üChess Club in the University of Tsukuba

Tsuchiura Chess Club Ibaraki
¡üThis club started its activity from July, 2016.

Toyo University Chess Circle Ruy Lopez Saitama
¡üChess circle of Toyo University.

Asaka Chess Club Saitama
¡üSchedule for the meetings (mostly Fridays) and tournaments are posted in their BBS.

¡üFrom 1995 to 2008, they used to publish a periodical on chess, which was rare in Japan, called "Checkmate".

¡üUntil August of 2009 they hosted outdoor chess in Shimbashi.

Tokorozawa Chess Club Saitama
¡üThey meet every second and fourth Saturday at Shin-tokorozawa community center in Shin-tokorozawa, but there could be exception to this so please check their Bulletin Board before you go.

Daito Bunka University Chess Circle Saitama

¡üChess circle of Daito Bunka University.

Chiba Chess Club Chiba
¡üChess club founded in June, 2009.

¡üBecame a chess circle officially recognized by JCA from September of 2010.

Challenge 4 Chiba
¡üIt's a board game cafe that opened in May 2015.

¡üChess circle officially recognized by JCA.

Matsudo Chess Club Chiba

¡üChess club officially recognized by JCA.

¡üGames are not restricted to JCA rated games, but games played there tend to be rated games.

¡üIf you want to jump to the BBS click here.

¡üTournament for regular members held in January is probably the only round robin tournament held in Japan.

8x8 Chess Club Tokyo
¡üThey often meet at Shiodome.

Tsukiji Chess Club Tokyo
¡üThey meet at Tsukiji Social Education Center roughly twice a month.

¡üMeeting is usually held on Tuesday roughly from 18:00 to 20:00.

¡üThe link is broken as of Feb 25, 2017, but I expect it will be fixed soon.

Japan Chess Association (JCA)

Chess Center
(Tokyo Chess Club)
¡üOfficial organization representing Japan in the World Chess Federation (FIDE).

¡üMost of the tournaments run by JCA takes place in Kamata.

¡üThey have Chess Center in Ikegami. There they sell chess equipment and teach chess. You can play chess if someone else is also present. Open on Saturday and Sunday, but it's closed when JCA is running a tournament, so confirm their schedule before you visit.

Hongo Chess Circle Tokyo
¡üI do not know the details, but I think they are meeting at a cafe in Nezu.

Chess Salon Circle Tokyo
¡üMeeting will be held on the first Sunday of the month from 13:00 to 17:30. There is an exception and when such Sunday is part of consecutive holidays (of 3 days or more), meeting is rescheduled to next Sunday.

¡üThey meet at 5th floor of Yushima Shougai Gakushukan. Nearest stations are Yushima and Hongo-sanchome

¡üParticipation fee is 300 Yen per meeting. They serve tea etc and I was surprised by how good their service is.

Ochanomizu University Chess Circle Tokyo
¡üOchanomizu University's Chess Circle

Nichi-Futsu Chess & Shogi Club Tokyo
¡üThey used to meet at Tokyo Nichi-Futsu Gakuin, but I heard they changed the venue of their activities to the same place as Ikebukuro Chess Club. Details are unknown to me.

Sophia Chess Circle Tokyo
¡üSophia University's Chess Club

Ikebukuro Chess Club Tokyo
¡üThey meet every second and fourth Sunday at Mirai-kan Taimei in Ikebukuro (Before Feb 2015, it was Thursday, but they changed).

¡üIf you want to jump to the BBS click here.

International chess club Tokyo
¡üThey plan to start up a chess club and also chess classes for adults as well.

Tokyo Bilingual Chess Club Tokyo
¡üSeems like this club is mainly for English speaking children.

¡üBecame a chess circle officially recognized by JCA from May 2016.

Oedo Chess Club Tokyo
¡üThere are many events for children, but there are also meetings and events that adults can participate as well.

Tokyo University Chess Circle Tokyo
¡üI played with them in the event hosted by them during the Komaba Festival.

Musashino Chess Club Tokyo
¡üKichijoji is their place of activity.

¡üRegular meetings every 3rd Saturday of the month. They also have tournament twice an year.

Tokyo Chess Meetup Åìµş
¡üThey meet once a month at Shimokitazawa.

Shibakubo Children's Chess Club Tokyo
¡üSeems like this is a club for children.

¡üThis is their twitter account.

Tama Chess Circle Tokyo
¡üChess circle officially recognized by JCA.

¡üThey once suspended their regular meetings from January 2009, but they turned active again from the end of 2015.

¡üIf you want to jump to the BBS click here.

Tachikawa Chess Club Tokyo
¡üThey can provide lessons on chess.

Keio University Chess Club Tokyo

¡üKeio University's Chess Club

Niigata Chess Club Niigata
¡üThey usually meet in Niigata-city of Niigata prefecture.

¡üThey meet roughly once in 2 months. They run a tournament once a year inviting players from all around Japan.

Gifu Chess Circle Gifu
¡üRelatively new chess club that started its activity in April 2011.

Shizuoka Chess Circle Shizuoka
¡üCurrent representative is the well known Emperor. I would like to meet him.

¡üI visited this club when I participated in the last tournament organized by Mr Ogasa, the former representative.

Hamamatsu Chess Circle Shizuoka
¡üA new chess club founded in October of 2008.

Nagoya Chess Club Aichi
¡üChess club officially recognized by JCA.

¡üI participated three times in tournaments ran by them. What's great here is that they not only prepare all chess sets and chess clocks, TD sets up all the clocks. Among all the chess clubs that I've visited so far, this is the only chess club that does so much as the organizer.

¡üThey changed the URL of their homepage in July, 2008.

Nagoya University Chess Circle Aichi
¡üChess circle of Nagoya University.

Osaka En passant Chess Club Osaka
¡üChess club officially recognized by JCA.

¡üEn passant used to be a cafe, but now it is a space dedicated for playing chess. They have lots of books on chess.

Osaka Abeno Chess Club Osaka
¡üThey have inherited the URL from USCF Osaka Chess Club, but they have changed their organization name.

St. Andrew's University Chess Club Osaka
¡üChess club of St. Andrew's University.

Kobe Chess Club Hyogo
¡üChess club officially recognized by JCA.

Tottori Chess Circle Fianchetto! Tottori
¡üSeems to started their activity from 2016.

¡üThis is their Facebook account and this is their twitter account.

Hiroshima Chess Circle Hiroshima
¡üChess circle officially recognized by JCA.

Fukuoka Chess Club Fukuoka
¡üJCA affiliated chess club.

This is their older homepage.

Fukuoka Gokinokai (various chess) Fukuoka
¡üPlays various types of chess including Japanese Shogi.

¡üfacebook page is here.

¡üFormerly known as Kurume Chess Circle.

Imari Chess Circle Saga
¡üRelatively new chess circle.

Nagasaki Chess Circle Nagasaki
¡üChess circle registered to JCA.

Nagasaki Kyoryuchi Chess Circle Nagasaki
¡üThey meet at Higashiyamate Chikyukan.

¡üThey meet every second Sunday and fourth Saturday.

¡üNo fee is necessary (except for JCA rated games which is 100 Yen per game), but please order something at the adjacent restaurant.

¡üThey are proud of the "most gorgeous prizes in Japan" given out in their tournaments.

Okinawa Chess Club Okinawa
¡üThis club started up in 2015.

¡üThis is their Facebook account and this is their twitter account.