( Part 2 - Photos taken by the fans )


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April 11th, Korakuen Hall


Photos by Mr. N. Watanabe ( Chiba )


Photos by Keizo san


Photo by Ryu san


Photos by "Wrestle Freak" san


Photos by "Chavo Forever" san ( Koshigaya, Saitama )


Photos by Mr. Hiroaki Yamaji

These 10 pictures were reprinted from Mr. Yamaji's great website

under his permission. Thank you so much , Hiroaki !

Please visit his "Memories of Eddie Guerrero" page, too.




Above 12 photos were reprinted from Yoko-san's great website

under her permission. Thank you so much, Yoko !

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We sincerely thank you fans who kindly sent us the pictures.

Sadaaki & Tadahiko


Chavo Sr. in Japan 2007 (Part 1)


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