Latino Heat : Eternal Champ in our Heart


Memories of Eddie Guerrero 1967 - 2005


Chavo Guerrero Sr.

Eddie was my youngest brother and sometimes my oldest.

I am extremely proud of his achievements as a wrestler,

as a person, as a brother, and most important of all

as a father to my beautiful nieces Shaul Marie and Sherrylinn.

He was a competitor from the time I can remember.

I am grateful and blessed by our lord Jesus Christ

to have had a brother like Eduardo Gory Guerrero.

I miss him everyday, but I know he is in a much better place.

I can write a book on Eddie, and maybe someday I will,

but one thing is for sure, his legacy will live on

with the people that knew him, his fans, WWE, his friends,

and most important of all, his family.


I love you carnal, thank you for your love.

Your carnal Chavo Guerrero Sr.

Chavo Guerrero Jr.


Eddie Guerrero was my uncle technically, but we were brothers.

We're three years apart, he was the big brother I never had,

I was the little brother he never had.

Growing up as Guerrero was definitely different.

You know we had a lot of big shoes to fill.

We didn't just decide to get into wrestling, because you know it looked on TV.

We lived it ever since we were born.

Eddie and I had our first match together - it was against each other

when I was four and he must have been six / seven.

My grandfather had a promotion in El Paso, Texas, crossborder of Mexico.

And at the intermission, Eddie and I hit in the ring and wrestled each other.

Well the fans knew who we were, so the people started not go to intermissions

and buying consessions - they would sit and watch Eddie and I wrestle.

So they finally had to stop it because people won't spending money

on the consessions stand. That was Eddie and I's first real match together.

We always grew up with a dream of becoming tag team champions ...

and we finally, we were able to make that dream come true, that dream came true

here in WWE when Vince McMahon and others decided to put us together

as tag teams. That was a tag team for me that will never be replaced.

I'll never have a tag team partner like you Eddie - ever ever again.

You were - I just can't explain it. Together we did, we thought the same

in the ring. I knew what he was doing, he knew what I was doing -

we each other were thinking at all times.

It was crazy we didn't have to work on becoming a tag team - it just was there.

Eddie, I just wanna tell you :

You're my brother, you will always be my brother.

I love you with all of my heart.

You were great inspiration to me

and you still are great inspiration to me.

Through just my faith, by my career, my family ... every aspect of my life,

I've come to you for help and you've always been there helping me.

I wanna say thank you.

You will be missed tremendously and ...

I'll see you again.

I love you, man.

Rey Mysterio

Eddie Guerrero ... my brother.

I know you are listenin' to me while I say these words.

Putting wrestling aside, I've got a lot of good memories

that you left behind my heart.

Not only for me but for my family, my son Dominick, my wife.

Your family and my family are bonded real good.

I'm gonna miss you, I miss you right now.

I wish you were here with me.

I wish this was a whole dream and I could wake you up

and you were still here with us.

Everybody misses you Eddie - I love you Eduardo.

I'm gonna miss you, Eddie.

You were a big inspiration to everybody.

As a fan, as a person, as a human being,

you had a good presence - such a good presence.<t;

I love you.

Kurt Angle

I just want to talk a little bit right Eddie Guerrero.

What he meant to me - he was one most loving, caring individual ever, man.

When he was on, he was the best wrestler in the business.

He might've even been the best ever.

Eddie Guerrero talked me a lot about this business.

He talked me what this business is about,

the respect of the business.

He showed me a lot of things

and settled a lot of things not only help me professionally, but personally.

Eddie - Eddie was a saint.

He cared about everybody.

He loved everybody.

I love you, Eddie.

And I miss you.

Chris Benoit

Eddie Guerrero is my best friend

and I'm sure there's a lot of people that he knew

that would be able to say the same thing about him.

He was such a beautiful person, such a kind-hearted person.

I can't find the right, I can't find the words.

Words can't describe what kind of a human being Eddie truly was.

I've known Eddie for just about fifteen years

and spent a good portion of those fifteen years with him on the road.

We laughed together, cried together, fought each other -

we've been up and down each every mountain, each every highway.

Eddie always led by example.

You know, he was the one friend that I had that I could go to

and pour my heart out to, if I was going through something,

if I had a personal issue, a personal problem.

He was the one guy I could call and talk to and know he would understand

and he would talk me out of it, because of all the experiences he'd been through

and I believe in leading by example and Eddie always led by example

through his life, through the obstacles he went through

and conquered - and I become a better person.

We never left each other, without telling each other that we loved each other

and I truly can say that I love - I love Eddie Guerrero.

He's a man I can say that I love and I love his family in my heart, in my thoughts

and my prayers go out to his wife Vickie, Shaul, Sherilyn and Kaylie

and I can't imagine the sorrow that they are going through right now

and the emotions that they are feeling - but I want them to know

that my prayers and my thoughts are with them.

And Eddie, I know - I know that you are in a better place

and I know that you are looking down on me right now.

All I want you to know is that I love you - I miss you.

Eddie you've made such a good impression of my life

and I wanna thank you everything you've ever given me.

I wanna thank you from my heart

and tell that I love you and I'll never forget you

and that we'll see each other again.

I love you, Eddie.

Penny Guerrero

Hector and I would like to thank all the devoted fans of the

Guerrero family that offered their heartfelt condolances for Eddie.

He was a very generous loving person that would give you

the shirt right off his back but that was Eddie.

We are touched that he touched so many people and was so loved by fans.

We will miss him so much but we know he is in a much better place.


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Thank you, Eddie, for the wonderful memories.

You always are living in our hearts.

Sadaaki & Tadahiko