Tunes from Warrior Celt session

少しずつ増やしてゆく予定です。09.06.08 update


Mrs O'sullivan(Am)/Calliope House(D)/Little Burnt Potato (D) EGG GED|EGG c2B

Mist coverd Mountain(Ador)/ Shores of Lough Gowna(Ador)/ Contentment is Wealth(Edor)/ Have a drink with me(Em) EAA ABd|e2 A AGE

The Jig of Slurs, (D)/The Irish Washerwoman,(G)/The Atholl Highlanders, (A) Add cdd|Bdd Add

The Rose In The Heather(D)/Aaron's Key(Bm) D2F EDB,|DFA BAF

The Walls of Liscarrol(Ddor)/The Battering Ram(D)/The Geese in the Bog(D)/Pipe on the Hob(Dmix) dcA AGE | GED D2E


Skylark(D)/Fox on the Town(G)/The Glass of Beer(Bm) G2 ge decA|GEE2 CEGc

Rolling In The Ryegrass(D)/The Killavil Fancy(G) A2AB AFDF|G2BG dGBG

Copperplate(G)/Old Copperplate(Ador) G2dG BGdG|~G2dc BGGB

Walter Sammon's Grandmother/The Concertina Reel /Brendan McMahon's FAAB A2dB|AFDE FE~E2

Maid of Mount Kisco/ Christmas Eve EA~A2 BA~A2|EA~A2 BGAG

The Humours Of Ballyconnell(D)/The Drunken Landlady(Edor) /Maudabawn Chapel(G) defe dBAF|BFAF E3A|

(shetland set) da fairy reel(D)/Lay Dee at Dee/Miss Spence's reel

Connemara Stockings(G)/Jim McCormick's (G)/Rip The Calico(Dmix) 09.06.05 up

The Tarbolton (Edor) /The Longford Collector (G) /The Sailor's Bonnet(D) 09.06.06 up


The Rights of Man/ The Pride of Petravore/ Kitty's Wedding GA|B2A2 G2F2

Slip jigs

The Exile's Jig(Edor)/Butterfly(Em) edB B2A G2E|E2e e2d efg


Waltz Clog

Midnight On The Water(D)/ Reels 09.06.07 up

Bell's walz (G) 09.06.08 up


(茶色の土瓶セット)Johnny I Do Miss You(D)/Ask Our Dan(G )/Brown Jug(D) d>B|AF ED|F2 A,2|FB AF|E3 B|

Saint Mary's(G)/Church Street(G) GB AB/A/|Gg e/f/g/e/|dB AG/A/|BB/A/ G/F/E/D/|


O'Keefe's slide(Ador)/The Star Above The Garter(G)/Denis Murphy's(D) A2e e2d BAB d2B


sonny's Mazuruka(D)/Shoe the Donkey(G)/Verse of Vienna(Vincent Campbell's)(G)/Donegal Mazuruka(D) DF|A2 AG FA|d2 dA BA|


The chanter's song (Dm)-(Am)/The Fully Rigged Ship(Am)/The New Rigged Ship(Am)/ The Boys of Malin DD AG/E

English set The Quick step to the battle of Praque/The Queen's jig/The Basque jig a2a gf2f2


(Song)Drunken Sailor/Julia Delaney(Ddor)