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派生ビルド: hanubeki-modified-sm-ssc


ノートスキン: hanubeki

Download zip or clone from GitHub (for old 5.1; 5.2 may be supported)

Download NoteSkin hanubeki final for 5.0 / 5.1-new

Topic in StepMania Forum (English)


このノートスキンの目標は (lightsを除く) 各ゲームタイプに対応することです。

A simple flat NoteSkin for StepMania 5.0/5.1(incl. 5.1-new)/5.2.

A goal of this noteskin is to support every gametype (except lights).

テーマ: speedkills

Download speedkills final (6,281 Bytes)


※5.0 beta 3以前専用です。また、alpha2以降ではスコア計算が正しく動作しません。

* For 5.0 beta 3 or below. Scoring will not work properly in alpha 2 and above.

Download speedkills v2 (5,429 Bytes)


※5.0 beta 4~5.0.x専用です。

* For 5.0 beta 4 to 5.0.x.



Proof of Concept for change speed during play.

Press Select+Up/Down to change speed.



This theme added ONLY ONE FEATURE, others are IDENTICAL as default theme.

Please consider to use themes below.

Default More v1.23以降


Theme waiei / waiei2


CyberiaStyle 8 Solid / LAST APPROACH