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The Portraits of the Japanese Accordionists on the WEB Pages

Oct.26th, 1999
Last Updated June 14th, 2000

This page will lead you directly to the portraits of Japanese accordion players who show their photos on web pages. Click each name.


SURNAME, Given nameExplanationURL of the original web page
The Genuine BabeHer mother is TAKIYA, Maki : the founder of the first web page about diatonic-accordions and concertinas in Japan. changed)
MINOU, Misuzu

Misuzu is the manager of Rin's Office, Osaka City. She performs wedding tunes, funereal music and popular numbers by accordion and piano.

Kei and Japanese accordion girls

Kei in Paris

Kei is in kimono as a member of the traditional street band named "HANANOYA" (or Fashionable House)
(English page) of the accordions)

KATOU, Kanako

Kanako at the party in Paris

Kanako is from Osaka, and is a talented accordionist who got the championships at the contests both in Japan and France.
MizueMizue is Mr KANEKO's student. She performs the chromatic-button-accordion in the daily TV program entitled "Rainbow Cafe" of Tokyo M.P.TV
SAKAMOTO, MitsuyoMitsuyo is a member of the band "Tefukindo". She has written many books on the music and computor.
(English page)
YAMAGUCHI, AkaneAkane was in kimono when she performed with a violinist at Montmartre, Paris.
MAKINO, EtsukoShe is a member of TAM (Tokyo Accordion Mates).
SHIBAZAKI, WakaShe got the championship of the 1st accordion contest by JAA (Japan-Accordion-Association).
MIURA, Makiko
(English page)
Makiko is a member of the jug band Mocajava.
Ohmaki-chimakiShe is a singing accordionist in Kobe City.
WATANABE, HiromiShe performs the accordion at Music Beer Plaza Lion (phone 03-3573-5355), Ginza, Tokyo.
ISHIKAWA, ToshieALERT. This picture seems too large.


SURNAME, Given nameExplanationURL of the original home page
A CatI think this cat may be a boy. Drawn by Ms Yumi.
A TomatoPerhaps he sings "Chim-chimny, chim-chimny....."
(a part of my web site)
KANEKO, VanQ (former "Mototaka")Mr Kaneko is a famous accordionist who publishes the quarterly "Accordion Journal".View his cartoons.
(a part of my web site)
coba(KOBAYASHI, Yasuhiro)He is the most famous accordionist in Japan.
(links to his sites)
NAGASAKA, NorimichiAlthough he has his own home page, this picture is carried on the other site.
YAMAOKA, HideakiHe is the main member of JAA, and teaches music at collages in Japan.
YOKOMORI, RyozoThe most famous accordionist among the older generation in Japan.
HASEGAWA, TakeoPastor Hasegawa teaches accordions at his church.
(English page)
HARASE, ShinHe studies math at Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto.
(English page)

His work
(an accordion girl)

He is an artist in Osaka.
OHTSUKA, YuichiHe is a member of TAM.
(English page)
KUBO, TatsuoHe lives in Hokkaido Prefecture.
SHIMIZU, MakotoHe is a member of a Alpine traditional music band.
TOMINAGA, ToyoichiOne of the oldest web page of the accordionist in Japan. It seems to have never been renewed.
YOSHIDA, ChikaieA famous accordionist in KOBE City. Many professinal accordionists were his students.
EMORI, NoboruHe has reliesed some CDs of the free-bass-accordion.
SATO, YoshiakiHe is a member of TAM.
OGAWA, MasahiroHe is a member of TAM.
WADA, MichioHe lives in Osaka, and is a member of TAM.
SUGIMURA, HisajiHe lives in Osaka, and is a member of TAM.
KUWAYAMA, TetsuyaHe is a member of TAM.
A Concertina PlayerA gif animation of a concertina player on the home page of the puppet theater "TEFUKIN".
KATOU, ToruThe web master of this site. I took this picture at the center of Beijing (Peking) City, China.
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