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spring road

"Body" - it is like a special "vehicle" that makes your dreams come true in this life.
Spring Road's bodyworks support you to enjoy a comfortable and easy life.

I am a certified Esalen Massage Practitioner and a therapist of Thai traditional massage.
Esalen Institute has been devoted to the exploration of human potential since the 1960's,
and it is located on the Big Sur coastline of northern California ,USA.
I offer a relaxing massage from the space of stillness,
which may resonate your inner being and result in finding yourself as freedom.

session menu

Oil treatment invented at the Esalen Institute, USA.
Long stroke, whole body massage enables an integration of body and mind.

60min. 10000yen  90min. 12000yen  120min. 15000yen

Thai@traditional massage
bodywork module traditionally practiced in Thailand.
Combination of Yoga stretching, Shiatsu and reflexology.

60min. 6000yen  90min. 9000yen 



For reservation and contact
@cell phone: 090-6482-2984

@Main office: Kanazawa-hakkei, Yokohama
@NOW AND ZEN (a shop): Kanazawa-hakkei, Yokohama

@Feel free to ask for the details via email or phone

**Atom, 6years old Japanese dog will welcome you at the main office.


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Blue letter day is available.
Let me know your schedule,
I will arrange my schedule as possible.
Thank youI