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(2014/1/22) Add the data of Kim Wan-seop


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Korean society is dominated by extreme nationalism like their national religion.

This is proven by the fact that the people who expressed heretical thoughts suffered persisting persecution and most of them were forced into apology(confession?) or others.


それは、異端の意見を口にした人々が執拗な迫害を受け、 多くの場合、謝罪など(懺悔?)に追い込まれていることからわかります。


Korean society is covered with the unique and extreme nationalism.

It's not an exaggeration to say that their nationalism is a sort of religion. I have been introducing various examples about this.

This time, I have summarized the persons who rebelled against their nationalism. In other words, they are "apostates". The people who expressed heretical thoughts suffered persisting persecution and most of them were forced into apology(confession?) or others.

Please read only bold part of the table below and you will find how extreme their nationalism is.

What led him(her) into becoming "apostates"?
"Charges" Persecutions Apologies, retire or flee
Kim Wan-seop

Born in 1963.
Famous critical writer.

"The defense of pro-Japan people 2"
Getting acquainted with real Japanese.

When living abroad, he got acquainted with Japanese. Then he began to question the stereotyped image of Japanese in Korea.

(Previous records)
He was originally a common Korean who had strong anti-Japanese feeling.

He was a democratic movement activist and was registered as a national contributor for his contribution to Gwangju Democratization Movement by Korean government.

He majored in physics at Seoul National University.(Another source said he dropped out of the University.)

Raising objections to the Korean historical view.(2002/7-)

"It was completely justifiable for Empire of Japan to rule Korea."
"We were grateful for Japan to kill Queen Min." "Dokto(Takeshima) is Japanese territory under international laws."

He began to express his opinions in his books("The defense of pro-Japan people"(2002/02) and others) or via the internet.

Restrictions on selling of his book.
Being sued for slander of dead(historical persons) repeatedly.

His book was prohibited from selling to young people because his books was "harmful to youth".
He was charged with slandering dead persons' reputation, and paid reparations. (Some relatives of historical persons charges him one after another.)

He was also about to be charged with inducement of foreign aggression(Its maximum penalty is capital punishment.).
When he attended the public hearing for determining the past history the Diet held, he was assaulted by An an observer(2003/11).
When he was at the trial about his book, he was injured in the violence by a murderer(2004/10).

Cho Yongnam

Born in 1945. A national singer, popular personality and painter

"My declaration of pro-Japan which makes me be beaten to death"
Coming to Japan.

He was invited by Japan Foundation in 2004. This was his first visit to Japan. On this visit, he got some cultural shock.

Protecting Japan in his book.

In Korea and Japan, he published "My declaration of pro-Japan which makes me be beaten to death"(2005/04).

"I feel too ridiculous that grown-up men have been angry with the Yasukuni shrine for decades ... Any one can understand Japan is right."

" Korea is the only nation which insults Japan in the world. I feel ridiculous and feel lonely."

Backing out of the popular TV program, due to public outcry.

He backed out of the popular TV program which he had been hosting.

Many people posted accusing messages on the Internet.

A signature campaign was launched for removing him from broadcasting.

The "Special committee for preventing Cho's concert"(!) was formed to exert pressure on him to cancel his concert.

Apology at a joint press conference with a representatives of protesters.

He held a joint press conference with Hon chairperson of the "Special committee for preventing Cho's concert". He said "I do apologize to Korean people at home and abroad. I promise prevention of recurrence in the future. I agreed that Japan government should apologize formally ...."

(Note. (Strange to say, many Korean people never want to refer to the basic fact that "reparation problem" between Japan and Korea has ended by the treaty in 1965)

O Seonhwa

Born in 1956 in Jeju-do.

"Wind of skirt - Korean women aims for permanent residence in Japan"
Going to Japan and study.

She went to Japan and study in 1983. Her original target was going USA or Canada and study, but at that time it was difficult to permit Korean students to go there and study.

She was surprised to find that the people of "devil's nation" were kind unexpectedly, and shocked at the large differences of the culture.

Then she have a large doubt about Korean society and culture.

(Previous records)
When she was a little girl, she showed her Japanese to please the island's residents. But in her school-age, she was committed to anti-Japanism by anti-Japanese education.

Criticizing Korean society and culture in her books published in Japan.

She published a reportage of Korean bar hostesses working in Japan ("Wind of skirt - Korean women aims for permanent residence in Japan" (1990)).

She wrote with sympathy how and why many Korean women were working in adult-entertainment business in Japan.

She revealed the male chauvinism, over- emphasis on virginity and the culture of gisaeng in Korean society.

To our surprise, as a result about 70 percent(!) of women's employed population work in such business in Korea. Then some of them come to Japan.

That is to say, the national dishonor of Korea. But her frank opinions provoked Korean people's outrage.
Many persistent harassment, threats and slanders.

She often received a number of harassing phone calls from Korean bar hostesses and accused by Korean students in the classroom of Japanese university.

Her book (published only in Japan) sold well, and she was sometimes invited to speak. One day she was accused by an audience of Korean student.

Some Korean people and a well-known writer frantically claimed "O Seonhwa" was really a Japanese and showed various her "findings".

After proving O Seonhwa was really a Korean woman, many slanders attacked her ...
Naturalization in Japan

In the 1990s she was naturalized in Japan.

Han Sunnyo

Born in 1930. a professor emeritus at Korea University

His own study

For a long time, he has thought that Korea had developed under Japanese rule.

(Previous records)
He had been a professor at Korea University for 30 years.

Expressing a positive view of Japanese rule in Japanese magazine.

"When we have a proper understanding of the international situation at that time, we can understand that Japanese rule was not so bad."

"Japanese rule was blessing. We should be thankful for this."

"We should decide to get to the bottom of the history again."

Resignation from a professor emeritus.

With the support of public opinion, the student union of Korea University asked him to reflect and apology for his "shameful acts".

They also asked university authorities to deprive him of a position as professor emeritus.

They called him "a dog of Japanese" or "traitor to Korea".

Official apology.
Declaring stopping his social activities.

"Because the words and metaphors were not proper in my sentence, what should not happened has happened." "From now on, I'll stop all of my social activities."

(Such bizarre scenes sometimes appear in Korean society. But English article seem to be seldom written about such shameful events.)

Lee Yongfun

An economics professor at Seoul National University.
His own study

In Korean academic society, Korea was considered to continue economic development and the sprouts of capitalism appeared during the period of Joseon Dynasty.

But Lee criticized such a view, and claimed the economy had been really stalled during the period of Joseon Dynasty and capitalism had developed on the initiative of Japanese capital under Japanese rule. (Related article)

(Previous records)
He have been known for his research on economic history under Japanese rule.

Criticizing the distorting history and violent nationalism in Korea.(2004-)

He was expressing a series of opinions in Korean TV discussion program or media's interviews.

"Most of the collective memories under Japanese rule were created artificially and implanted."
"The theories that Korea had been "exploited" under Japanese rule is just the distorted myth."

"Comfort women were just prostitutes." "Who claims that Japan forced them into the wartime brothels among scholars?" "During Korean War, Koreans ran the wartime brothels, but Korean people do not reflect on this." "Japan was responsible for managing the wartime brothels, but we should discuss the activities of Korean private companies."

Many objections at related sites.
Demand his resignation from a professor by a nationalist group.

The website of TV program, the university and others were flooded with objections.

Korean "Dedicated corps Issue(the Korean people often call so-called "Comfort women" "dedicated corps".)" Association demanded his resignation from a professor.

(Note; Dedicated corps(Teishin-tai) meant the civil group of labor service at military plants or others. They did not mean the group of offering sexual services. Clearly, this is abusage.)

Visiting "The house of Nanumu" to apology.

He visited "The house of Nanumu" to apology. "The house of Nanumu" is the house former "comfort women" are leading communal life.

Added on Jan 22nd, 2017.
Korean nationalism is made from these two materials.
1. The peculiar historical view and national education preaching Korean superiority, especially to Japan, which is not based on historical facts or evidences. (Related article 1 2 ..)
Frankly speaking, these are the historical view and national education which are based on the distorted and fabricated history.
2. Korean traditional anti-Japanese and despising Japanese feelings.
This is an element of petit Sinocentrism.
These two elements significantly strengthen Korean nationalism. But no matter how thoroughly Korean people "brainwashed" from childhood, there is no way to prevent a few people from "awaking" to realities.
Because their nationalism have no basis of facts and objectively-unfounded.

The table above also shows that their nationalism have no basis of facts and objectively-unfounded.
"What led him(her) into becoming "apostates"?" shows you that there are two reasons for their apostasy.
1.His(her) research has led to the much different conclusion from the view of Korean government or people.
(This is frequently seen in scholars.)
2.When he(she) knew Japan or Japanese actually, he(she) changed his mind.
(This is seen in various professions. )
When such an apostate appears, some kind of "committee" is often established or a signature campaign is often launched. And they bring social pressures against an apostate. As I pointed out here, their distinctive collectivity is exercised.

For their pressures, it is difficult to continue to be "an apostate" especially for broadcasting business people or well-placed socially people(professors and others). Then they always bow to their pressures.

You can see the column of "Apologies, retire or flee" to the right side of the table above. I made this column from the following words of Lee Yongfun.
"I became to censor my text by myself out of nowhere. But a real censor is violent nationalism in Korea. Anyone who was attacked by this have no option but to apology, retire or flee."

(Note. I am afraid that something wrong may happen to Kim Wan-seop because he did not apology, retire or flee. But he have once planned to exile to Japan, I heard.)


これまでに取り上げた中にもいくつも実例がありましたが、一種の宗教といってもいいくらいです。 下記はそれに反旗を翻した人々、つまり「背教者」についてまとめた表です。異端の意見を口にした人々は迫害を受け、 多くの人々が謝罪(懺悔?)などに追い込まれています。

「罪状」 受けた迫害 謝罪、引退または逃亡







著作が「青少年有害図書」に指定(販売制限)。死者への名誉毀損のため訴えられ、賠償金を払っている (歴史上の人物の子孫が彼を代わる代わる訴えている)。さらに外患誘致罪で起訴されるところだった。




2004年、8日間にわたり日本国際交流基金の招請で日本を回った。初めての来日で、 いくつかカルチャーショックを受けた。

韓国、日本で著作「殴り殺される覚悟で書いた親日宣言」を出版(2005/4)。靖国神社について 「いい大人達が数十年間にわたって腹を立てているのが、あまりもおかしい」 「誰が見ても靖国神社に関して日本に分がある。」


「趙英男公演阻止特別委員会」のホン・ウォンシック委員長とともに記者会見した。 趙氏は、共同声明で「国内外の韓国人に深くお詫びすると同時に、今後、再発の防止を約束し、... 日本政府レベルの正式な謝罪と...賠償があるべき、とのことに同感する」(注:奇妙なことに、多くの韓国人は日本との「賠償問題」は 日韓基本条約(1965)で終了しているという事実に触れたがらない。)



「スカートの風 日本永住をめざす韓国の女たち」

最終的にアメリカかカナダへ留学する目的で、まず日本へ留学した。 当時韓国人は留学許可をとるのが難しかった。 「悪魔の国」の人々が意外に親切であることに驚き、文化の違いにも衝撃を受ける。さらに韓国の文化、社会に大きな疑問をいだく。

幼いころ日本語を披露しては島民に喜ばれていた。 しかし学齢になると反日教育により反日主義に傾倒。

日本で働く韓国人ホステスに関するルポルタージュ(「スカートの風 日本永住をめざす韓国の女たち(1990年 三交社)」を 日本で出版。
多くの韓国人女性がなぜ、どのように日本へ渡り、風俗産業へ従事しているのか同情とともに書いた。 その背景には韓国社会の男尊女卑と極端な処女尊重、キーセン文化がある。 その結果、韓国の女子就業人口の70%(!)がこのような産業に従事しており、ある者は日本へとやってくる。 これはいわば韓国の恥部である。 しかし著者の率直な意見に韓国人は激怒した。


(日本在住の)韓国人ホステスより多くの嫌がらせの電話を受ける。 日本の大学の教室で韓国人留学生につるし上げられた。彼女の本は日本でのみ出版されたが、 よく売れ、講演会を依頼されることもあったが、聴衆の韓国人学生に非難されたこともある。 韓国人の中には、呉善花は実は日本人が成りすましているという話を躍起になって広める人々がおり、 その中にはよく知られた文筆業の人もいた。彼らはさまざまな「証拠」を挙げた。 呉氏が実在し韓国人だとわかると、多くの中傷が呉を襲った...



もともと、植民地支配恵沢論者だった らしい。


「当時の国際形勢と列強の関係をきちんと理解したならば、韓国が日本から受けた植民統治は、不幸中の幸いだった」「韓国植民地支配は韓国人にとって祝福であり、感謝すべきだ。」 「我々はもう一度、歴史の真相を究明する決心をするぺきである」

世論の強力な圧力を背景に高麗大学学生総会は声明を発表し、韓昇助に自己の「恥ずべき行為」の反省と謝罪、 学校側に名誉教授職の剥奪を求めた。彼らは韓昇助を「日本人の狗」、「韓奸」等と呼んだ。

「私の文章の中で使用された単語や比喩が適切でなく、起こるべきてない事態が発生してしまった。」 「今後すべての対外活動を慎む」とした。(こうした異様な光景は韓国社会で時々見られるが、英語版記事が出ることは少ないようである。)


李氏朝鮮時代に朝鮮は経済発展を続け、資本主義化の萌芽が見られたという従来の見解を批判、 実際には経済停滞に陥っていたことを主張した。そして日本植民地支配下の朝鮮において、日本資本の主導下で資本主義化が 展開したとした。 (関連記事)


「植民地時代の韓国人の集団的記憶は、多くの場合、作られ、教育されたものだ」 「日本より収奪を受けたという論は歪曲された神話である」
「従軍慰安婦は単なる売春婦である」「朝鮮総督府が強制的に慰安婦を動員したと、どの学者が主張しているのか」 「日本は挺身隊を管理した責任があるが、韓国民間人の問題も取り上げるべきだ」


番組の掲示板、ソウル大経済学部ホームページ他に抗議が殺到。 韓国挺身隊*(従軍慰安婦の韓国内での通称)問題対策協議会は教授職辞任を要求した。
(注・本来は性的なサービスではなく、 戦争中の工場での勤労奉仕などをしていた民間人のグループを指す。明らかな誤用だろう。)

はっきり言えば、これは歴史歪曲と捏造に基づく歴史観と民族教育のこと。 (関連記事  )

この両者のサポートのため、この民族主義はかなり強固です。しかし 幼いころからいくら徹底して洗脳 していようが、 少数ながら現実に目覚める人間が出てしまいます。その理由は、民族主義そのものが事実の裏づけに乏しく、客観性に欠けているからです。 それは表の「『背教者』となったきっかけ」も現れています。 彼らが「背教」するきっかけは主に二つあります。

あと、こうした「背教者」が出てきた場合、必ず「ナントカ委員会」みたいなものができ、署名運動が行われたり、 社会的なプレッシャーをかけようとします。 ここでも指摘したことですが、際立った集団性が発揮されるわけです。
このプレッシャーのため、特に放送関係の人物や、韓国内での社会的肩書きを持つ人々(「教授」など)は 「背教」し続けることは困難で、結局何らかの圧力に屈してしまいます。

右端に「謝罪、引退または逃亡」という欄がありますが、 これは上記の李栄薫氏の次の言葉により追加したものです。
「いつからか文章を書く際に自分で検閲をするようになった。だが、真の検閲者は韓国の暴力的民族主義だ。 これにやられた人は、謝罪や引退、または逃亡に追い込まれるほかない」
実際この表を見るとほとんどの「背教者」がこの三つのいずれかに追い込まれています (何もしていない金完燮氏の身が案じられる理由でもあります。ただし一時日本への亡命を計画していたとのことです。)。

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