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The reactions of Korean media and people
"Virginia Tech massacre"3

- Why does they hero-worship him? -



- なぜ英雄崇拝するのか? -

Key passage:

Surprisingly, not a few Korean people hero-worship the murderer of this incident. It is no exaggeration to say that they are great majority in Internet world of Korea. But it is no surprise to think about their ethos and education.



Some Korean people who hero-worship the brutal criminal

It is true that some Korean people hero-worship the brutal criminal of this incident. I believe this is never major opinion, but never too minor opinion for Korean mass media (cache) to neglect. Because "great majority" of Korean people seem to heroicize him as the "Aniti-USA " hero in the Internet world.

In any nations, only small small minority of the people hero-worship the person who rushes into extremes. But in Korea, this brutal criminal seem to receive more support for some reason.

This tendency is more profound especially about Japan-related problems.

I was surprised to see that a Korean blogger says "He were a hero, if he had done the same thing in Japan"

This blogger says she is a Korean. I also think so, judging from what she has already said. But no one can post his comment on her "blog". I do not know we can call her website "blog". Now we can not find the article which I will talk about.

But a blogger who questioned her antisocial remark saved the article, and translated into English.
(2007/04/19 01:36)
 I am feeling regret about the incident.
 If the Korean student had openfired in a college in Japan, he would have been a everlasting hero for all Koreans like An Jung-gun who assassinated Duke Ito.
 Japan once killed more than one million Koreans including comfort women victims under its wars of aggressions and colonial policies.
 His shooting some 30 Japanese students would have been a trifling matter in comparison with the crime ever Japan committed.
 If he had caused this massacre in Japan,I bet he wouldn't have killed himself and We Korean people would have given him an enthusiastic welcome.
 I express my condolence on death of the Korean student who might have been a hero.
Many of her remarks seem malicious and thoughtless jokes for most of Japanese. But she is horrifyingly right only this point; "If the Korean student had openfired in a college in Japan, he would have been a everlasting hero for all Koreans like An Jung-gun who assassinated Duke Ito."

What she said reminds me of another heinous crime in Japan. In 1968, a Korean named Kin Kiroh(Japanese-style reading) shot to kill two persons who press Kin to pay a dept and confined 13 persons with a rifle for 88 hours. After serving time, he returned to Korea, where he received a hero's welcome by many Korean media. But he was arrested again on suspicion of arson and attempted murder by Korean police.

Firstly, their shallow "hero-worshipping" of criminals is probably caused by their national nature.

Korean people take their undisguised feelings for granted. They tend to think right to become emotional or to show their intense feelings. It is especially good to show anti-Japanese feelings.

Ichiro has signed an autograph for a Korean one day. It is needless to say, he is a famous major leaguer. But this Korean tore up this autograph in front of Ichiro. You must wonder what made him do such a thing. But this activity seem to be worthy of not a few (Korean) people's praise. He seemed to expect other Korean people to say "I'm glad you did that". Basically, it is good for them to hurt Japanese with their impulsive activities.

They seem to feel the same even if a criminal shot to kill.

To begin with, Korean people are taught to hero-worship the person who assassinated Itoh Hirofumi, the prime minister of Japan. In fact, this terrorist named An Jung-gun is now object of worship in Korea. What has he done something important in Korean history? No. He has left his name only as a killer who shot to kill Ito Hirofumi. He was nothing but a terrorist. In other words, the education which Korea gives the people is equal to a "terrorism" education.

Then it is no surprise that some Korean people hero-worship this brutal criminal.

犯人を英雄視する意見が韓国に存在する。決して多数ではないと信じるが、 韓国マスメディア (cache) が無視できるほど少数意見では決してない。韓国のインターネットの世界では圧倒的「多数の」韓国人が彼を反米の英雄として 扱っているからだ。

どこの国にも極端な行動に走る人を英雄視する言論はある。しかしごくごく少数に支持されるにすぎない。韓国の場合、 それがなぜかある程度の広がりをみせてしまう。


今回の事件でも「日本で殺せば英雄だったのに」という意見を 堂々と表明する韓国人がいるのにはあきれた。

このブロガーは韓国人と名乗り、書いていることからみて私もそうだろうと思う。もっともコメントが書けないものを BLOGと呼べるかどうかわからないが。今はその記事自体消されているようだが...

しかしこの記事を問題にした あるブロガーが保存し、 英訳もしていた。
(2007/04/19 01:36)
彼女の言っていることは、一般的な日本人からすれば、常識外れで、悪質な冗談 としか思えないものも多い。 しかし恐ろしいことに 「日本で起こっていたならば...英雄として韓国に迎え入れられたことは確実です。」 の部分に関してだけは正しい。

日本では1968年、金嬉老(きんきろう)という韓国人が、借金返済の督促に来た二人を射殺し、13人を88時間監禁した、 という事件を起こしている。彼は服役後韓国に帰国すると、英雄としてもマスコミにもてはやされた。 もっともその後殺人未遂と放火容疑で韓国の警察にも逮捕されたが...。


韓国人は文化的にあからさまな感情の表出を当然と思い、 感情的になること、これを直截的に表現することを肯定的に とらえる傾向がある。特に反日感情の表出は激しければ激しいほどいい。

イチローにサインをもらったある韓国人が、目の前でそのサインをビリビリと破ったことがあった。 なんでそんなことをするのか、と思うだろう。それは少なからぬ韓国人にしてみたら称賛に値する行為らしいのだ。 つまり、他の韓国人からよくぞやってくれた!と言われることを期待しての行為なのだ。 要するに直情的な行為で日本人を傷つけられればいいのである。


そもそも安重根にしてもそうだ。伊藤博文を射殺したテロリストだが、韓国内では英雄として崇拝するよう教育される。 実際彼は現在英雄として崇拝されている。彼は韓国の歴史上何か重要なことをしたのだろうか?いいえ。 彼は伊藤博文の射殺犯としてのみ歴史上名を残している。彼はテロリスト以外の何者でもないのだ。 言ってしまえば韓国がしている教育は「テロリズム」を肯定する教育に等しい。


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