Theme of Today :

The power of absurdity,
the power of delusions

continuing from "We should keep watch on a habitual criminal."



Key passage:

1. China also fabricates their history and carries out propaganda. But Korea is more thoughtless than China's imagination. Korean power of delusions is also superior to China.

2. Korea has other delusions about China. For example, Confucius was a Korean(!).

3. Ironically, their activities are so thoughtless and so absurd for many people to know their crimes and delusions.


1. 中国も歴史の捏造やプロパガンダをやるが、韓国の非常識さは中国にとって も想像を絶する。韓国の妄想力は中国を上回る。

2. 韓国の中国への歴史妄想は他にも「孔子は韓国人」などがある。

3. 皮肉にも韓国の行動の非常識さ、荒唐無稽さは皮肉にも多くの人々に悪事が広まる妨げになっている。


Many Japanese also celebrate Dragon boat festival (Double fifth) which is called "Tango no sekku". This has already become one of Japanese unique folkways. This is the day of family festival to celebrate boys' growth. In Edo period, this was the day of praying for grow up into man who will be good at martial arts. Even today, many families fly carp streamers outdoors and present samurai warrior helmets(miniature) to their boys. My son was presented with Minamoto-no-Yoshitsune(famous warlord)'s helmet(Kabuto) by my father and mother. This is a relic of Samurai society.

But many Japanese know Double fifth itself originated from China, and Japanese government will not want this to be designated as a World Heritage* without noticing "itself originated from China". Governments of other common nations will also think so. I have heard that the nation who has unique culture can apply entry for World Heritage for its culture even if the nation is not its birthplace. But this time I have not heard that Korea said Korea was not birthplace of Dragon boat festival. It makes much difference whether Korea said so when their applying. I imagine China thought Korea also understood Dragon boat festival originated from China. Then China could not prevent Korea.
*Properly speaking, "Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity"

But Korea is the nation which creates delusions and carries out "koreanization". That is to say, Korea tells lies at the government level and invades other nations' culture without embarrassment. But many people can not believe their cultural invasions before seeing a real example. I could not also understand what was problem about kumdo before knowing their cultural invasion of "taekwondo".

China also fabricate their history and carry out propaganda, but they could not imagine of Korea's outrageous action. At first an idea of stealing culture itself is incredible. It is so like the evil which villains in (Japanese) gag animations to plot. This is the reason why we can not easily imagine their cultural invasions.

By the way, Korea has other delusions about China. For example, "Confucius was a Korean", and others. I do not mean not only some Korean people believe such unsupported superstitions, but also at least a Korean scholar claims so at an international academic meeting seriously. When I read a book** about Lao-tze at once, I found the following story. The Korean scholar whose name was An Hosan claimed that Confucius was a Korean at an international academic meeting. This story appeared in the postscript suddenly. I couldn't keep myself from laughing out in the library. I talked this story to some of my friends, but no one believed this story. I stopped talking because I was afraid that I was recognized as a strange person. Though I did not claim that I had watch an alien...
**"Roushi yakuchu(Translasion and explain of Lao-tze)"(1994, published TohoShoten"

These facts taught us the followings;
Their crimes are too thoughtless to beware. Their delusions are too absurd to believe. This is an unexpected fact.

Do I think too much about it?

端午の節句は日本にもあり、日本独自の行事と化しています。家庭の行事であり 、男の子の成長を祝います。 江戸時代は特に武道に秀でた男の子に育つことを祈る日でした。 鯉のぼりを揚げたり兜の飾りものを男の子に贈ったりします。うちの子供は祖父より源義経の兜のミニチュアを贈ってもらいました。 武家社会の名残ですね。

しかし、これが中国由来のものであることは多くの人が知っていますし、これを 「端午自体は中国起源」といった但し書きもなしに「世界遺産*に」 なんて政府レベルで動くことはまずありません。というか日本で なくても普通そう考えるでしょう。世界遺産は発祥国でなくても、独自のものに なっていれば登録できるときいたことがありますが、韓国が今回そうしたという話はないようです。登録するにしても由来を明らかにするかしないかで大きな差が生じるわけで、中国も同じような考えで、つまり「この文化が中国由来であることは韓国もわかっているはず」という考えで、韓国の動きを防げなかったのでしょう。

しかし韓国は政府ぐるみで妄想を形成し、コリアナイゼーションを行ってしまう 国です。つまり政府ぐるみで嘘をつき、文化侵略を平然とやってしまう国です。 しかし実例を目にするまではそんなことを本当に行う国があるとはなかなか信じられないものです。私もテコンドーの文化侵略を知るまでは、コムドの何が問題なのかよくわかっていませんでした。


また、韓国人の中国関係の妄想には他には 「孔子は韓国人」などがあります。これは民間でそのような俗説が くすぶっている、というようなレベルではありません。少なくとも有力な学者が国際的な学会で大真面目に主張しています。昔、図書館で老子の本**を 読んでいたところ、 アンホーサンという韓国人学者が 国際学会で「孔子は韓国人」と発表したという話が出てきます。あとがきに唐突にその話が書いてあって図書室で大爆笑したことがあります。 でも当時友人は誰もその話を信じてくれませんでした...。私まで変なやつだと思われそうで話すのをやめてしまいました。 宇宙人を見たと言っているわけではないのに...。

このように、彼らの悪事と妄想はあまりに非常識であるがゆえにかえって実態が 広まりにくい、警戒心が広がりにくいという意外な一面を持っています。

The Japanese TV program introduces "The Korea's arrogant claim that Confucius was a Korean." Recently a Japanese TV program began to their strange claims without constraint.
日本のテレビでも紹介された韓国の「孔子は韓国人だったという韓国のゴーマン主張」。 日本のテレビも最近遠慮なく隣国の奇妙な主張を取り上げ始めた。

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