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Koreanization (Part 4)

The 4th phase of "koreanization"


コリアナイゼーション (第四回)


Key passage:
- I think koreanization has the 4th aspect, "Authorization phase".
The goal of koreanization. Disguising a lie as a truth by abusing other authority.
For example, the fabricated history of taekwondo in IOC official web page.
Shameless activities which their unique cultural background enables.
-Taekwondo is very suitable to say representative Korean culture for its false history to deny its true origin.

-Taekwondo is also a hard evidence of koreanization for its "authorized" false history.

- コリアナイゼーションには4番目の局面である「権威化」フェーズがあると考える。
- テコンドーは本当の成り立ちを否定するために偽の歴史をでっち上げたと言う点で、韓国の代表的文化というに非常にふさわしい。

- テコンドーは「権威化された」偽の歴史を持つという点でコリアナイゼーションの動かぬ証拠でもある。

4.The 4th aspect of koreanization

Though Steve Capener did not write so, koreanization has next(4th) aspect(phase), I think.

I want to call this "Authorization phase".

Now IOC's official webpage shows the fabricated history of taekwondo. The fabricated history has been authorized by the worldwide organization. In this way, the fabrication by taekwondo was completed.

This is precisely the goal of koreanization, which means receiving a sort of "certification" from the "world authority". It is most important what they(taekwondo or kumdo) "look like". It's not important whether their histories are true or not. But why can they do such shameless things? Even formal or governmental organizations cooperate for "koreanization". Not a few books gave me "logical" explanations. But I can not understand them physiologically. Also in the case of taekwondo, not a few people must know some key persons cooperate for koreanization. I mean they must know who told lies. But I have never heard anyone had been prosecuted for their lies. Is this one of differences in culture?

In this culture, only making good shows or superficial honors are mostly respected.

Mildly speaking, this is the culture of concerning only about their appearance. This is also the culture not to hesitate to tell lies or to deceive other peoples for it.

I must say what we found is "the culture of the shameless".

It looks most serious to me that formal or governmental organizations take part in spreading false rumor or lies. At least, Korea is one of democratic nations. But by all indications, for example government-designated history textbooks or what public organizations write, I can not help but to assume that such things often happens in Korea.

Governmental or official organizations of Korea never write the real history of Korean rice, soy sauce or taekwondo. In the official history of taekwondo, we can not find the fact that taekwondo originated from Karatedo. Instead we can find its history before 20th century which never exist. Then they deceived the world into making taekwondo one of Olympic games. Up to the present date, anyone have never corrected its fabricated history officially.

Before all, these facts proved the delusive nature of Korea.

In Korea, "culture" has meant only Chinese culture for long years. It was the evidence of civilized persons to learn Chinese culture faithfully. Japan has been an object to be disdained as a "barbaric nation" because Japan have different culture from China. In the result, Korea has not created rich original culture. When original culture had been invented, most of them has disappeared. But many presidents of Korea have not frankly admitted these root causes. On the contrary, the presidents have been inflaming traditional anti-Japanese sentiments by anti-Japanese education. And they have been making use of such sentiments for uniting Korean people and keeping their political lives.

Then Korean people have been believing what they have wanted to believe.

Now, not a few Korean people are devoting themselves to steal other nations' culture, not to create their unique culture, I think. For example, do you know "hapkido"? This is "koreanized" Aikido(one of Japanese martial arts).

These are too sad and abject activities. In the result, Korean people must worry that their fabrication of the history will be exposed and ridiculed.

Now they are going to put themselves at even greater risk by koreanizing Kendo. There is no evidence or ground to show that the technology of Japanese sword have originated in Korea or have been inherited in Korean Peninsula (note: Kendo is the technology of Japanese sword from the technical aspect.). And it is easy to give a concrete explanation from the cultural or political background why martial arts themselves poorly developed in Korean Peninsula. This explanation will often reveal following;

-Korea had have a tributary relationship with China for long years.
This is the reason why Korea needed little military power. Naturally they had little reason to develop martial arts, too.
-Some(Many?) Korean people have an inferiority complexes towards Japanese culture.
This is the reason why Korea want to say Korea has such culture as Japan. And Korea denies Japan's past cultural influence by public and private efforts. Then they are making efforts to "koreanize" Japanese culture(trying to make Japanese culture look like originally Korean culture).
And ...

Many Korean people do not hope that the contents as above will spread all over the world. But Koreanization may lead to spread what Korean people do not want to show the world. This is the reason why "koreanization" will increase the risk to show the world the "undesirable" facts about Korean Peninsula. This site itself may prove it. Because originally I had little interest about Korean Peninsula before knowing kumdo problem.

Although taekwondo originated from Japanese Karatedo, what ITF WTF (International World Taekwondo Federation) do are;
-Denying influence from Japan
(In this case, originated from Japanese Karatedo)

-Fabricating its false history for this purpose
For these reasons, taekwondo is very suitable to say representative Korean culture of today. Taekwondo is also a hard evidence of cultural invasion by koreanization because its false history is 'authorized' by becoiming one of Olympic games.


ところでSteve Capener氏は書いてませんが、コリアナイゼーションには次の(4つめの)フェーズがあると思います。


現在の オリンピックの公式ホームページには、テコンドーの捏造された歴史が書かれています。捏造された歴史はこうして世界的な組織によりオーソライズ(公認)されたのです。こうしてテコンドーの捏造は完成したのです。

世界的な権威にその存在を認めさせ、その正当性をその権威によって保証してもらうという、いわばコリアナイゼーションのゴールです。 事実かどうかはともかく、「そう見える」ことが何よりも重要なのです。 しかし、なぜそんなことが恥ずかしげもなくできるのでしょうか? 公的組織、政府系の組織も加わっているのです。 これまでいろいろ韓国についての書物を読み込んできた私にも頭でわかっていても、とうてい生理的に理解する ことができない世界が広がっています。テコンドーの場合少なからぬ人々が何人かのキーパーソンがコリアナイゼーションに協力したことを知っているはずです。何人もの人間が誰が嘘つきか知っているはずなのです。誰かが告発されたなんて話があったでしょうか? これが文化の違いというものなのでしょうか?





現在の韓国の、醤油と同様、 テコンドーはそもそも空手から発祥したという事実は、 テコンドーの公式の歴史のどこにも 見当たりません。 そしてありえない19世紀以前の歴史が書いてあるのです。さらに、その競技を、世界を騙してオリンピック競技にしてしまったという事実。 表立って誰ひとりとして訂正しようとは考えない事実。


韓国人にとって文化とは、長い間中国文化のみを意味していました。そしてこれ を忠実に学ぶことが文明人の証でした。 独自の文化を発達させた日本は野蛮な国として蔑視の対象でした。その結果、朝鮮半島には独自の文化は発達せず、発祥してもほとんどが廃れていくのみでした。しかし多くの大統領は、これを直視するどころか、反日教育で増幅し、国をまとめたり、政治生命維持のための道具として使いました。


現在も、少なからぬ韓国人や韓国系の人たちが心血を注いでやっていること は、独自の文化を創造することではなく、文化の窃盗であるように見えます。 たとえば、ハプキドを御存じですか?これはコリアナイズされた合気道です。

あまりにも悲しく、かつ卑劣な行為ですが、そ結果、歴史の捏造を暴露され、 嘲笑されるリスクを背負い続けることになりました。

また、剣道をコリアナイズすることにより、さらに多くのリスクを犯そうとして います。 日本刀の技法が朝鮮半島で発祥したり、代々受け継がれていたことを示す証拠、根拠はありません。そして武道自体が発達しなかった理由は、文化的政治的背景より具体的に説明することが容易です。 そしてその説明は、しばしば次の事実を明らかにします。






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