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Koreanization (Part 2)

Why "koreanization"?


コリアナイゼーション (第二回)


Key passage:
The main reasons why the need to"Koreanize" was felt are;

1.Traditional disdain and dislike for Japanese people
-> Not a few Korean people do not think that many excellent culture must not be created by Japanese people.
2.The national character of Korean people, "believe only what they want to believe"
-> Not a few Korean people never want to admit that excellent culture were created by Japanese people.


-> 優れた文化が日本で創造されたわけがないと考える。

2. Why was the need to "Koreanize" felt?

Why was the need to "Koreanize" felt?

Simply speaking, because many Korean people never want to admit that excellent culture, things or popular words were created or influenced by Japanese. (Related articles 1 2 3)
I've once written why they never admit this. I will explain this again (Please refer other articles).
There are two main reasons about this.

First reason is;
To a greater or lesser, many Korean people are still affected by traditional "Petit-Sinocentrism", which is the idea that Korean people are "Chosen people". "Petit-Sinocentrism" also justify their disdain and dislike for Japanese people. Korean government encourages this tendency with anti-Japanese education. In the result, not a few Korean people earnestly believe that it's hardly possible that Japanese created excellent culture.

You may not believe that traditional fixed idea(Petit-Sinocentrism) still have a greater influence than the idea based on objective view. Is Korea a democratic nation which people choose their president in an election at all? I had once thought so. But Korean newspapers produce too many articles which demonstrate their strong traditional inflexibility. Anyone can not explain these articles without their traditional inflexibility. I will show an example. You can see here for more details.
After the 21th century, a surprising bill was enacted in Korea. This bill is a retroactive law, and enables to confiscate the estate of "Colonial Collaborators'" children.
"Colonial Collaborators" means the collaborators for the "colonial rule" of Japan. The procedure for confiscating a properties is now being carried forward! This means that traditional anti-Japanese feelings have much greater influence than the fundamentals of modern laws in Korea. The president who wanted earnestly to enact this bill is a former lawyer.
I don't understand the feelings of the people who came from other nations and make investments or set up companies in such a nation.
This shows that their traditional anti-Japanese feelings is more strong influence than rule of modern laws(=prohibition of retroactive laws) in this nation.

Second reason is;
Korean people can not argue based on facts from time to time because of their national character that "they believe only what they want to believe". I do not say only that the Korean government fabricates their history facts, but also that Korean common people do the same things.
I'll introduce an example from my articles(the same article as above).
Not a few Korean people decide that United States are to blame for division on the Korean Peninsula.
It is not necessary to explain the fact to the people who know the history of Korean War. But not a few Korean people rewrite their history only 50 years ago by their desire. Korean people dislike to think that North Korean people point a gun at them maliciously. Or this is not what they want to believe. And they shifted the blame onto United States.
Because of above two main reasons, many Korean people think there must not be excellent culture in Japan or never want to admit that excellent culture were created by Japanese.

These are the main reasons why the need to "Koreanize" was felt.

(to be continued)
2. なぜ「コリアナイズ」の必要性が感じられたのか


簡単に言えば 、優れた文化、品物、言葉に至るまで、日本由来のもの、 または日本からの 影響を受けたものであることを、多くの韓国人は認めたくないからです。 (関連記事 1 2 3)
認めたくない理由については、 ここにも書きましたが、再度簡単に説明します。

 韓国人の多くは、大なり小なり小中華思想という、伝統的な一種の選民思想、あるいは日本人蔑視かつ日本人への反感に染まっています。 反日教育により、国がさらにこれを煽っているわけです。 その結果、「日本人に優れた文化などあるわけがない!(または創造できるわけがない)」と大真面目に信じ込んでいる人が少なくありません。

 こう言うと、現代において近代的な論理や、客観的な考え方よりも、 伝統的な思想(小中華思想)が優位に立つようなことが果たしてあるのか、ともっともな疑問を持つ方もいらっしゃると思います。 仮にも大統領を選挙する民主主義国家なのに!私もそう思ってました。
韓国系の新聞を読んでいると、そのような事例には事欠きませんが、 以前書いたものから、説明しましょう。詳細はここを見てください。
実際これにより財産没収の手続きがすすめられています。 これは近代法の原理よりも伝統的反日感情の方がはるかに影響力があることを示しています。 この法案を成立させた大統領は弁護士出身です。

朝鮮戦争を知っている人になら説明の必要はないと思いますが、たかだか50年前のことですら、 歴史を願望で書き換えてしまうのです。 その願望とは、北朝鮮が自分たちへ銃を向けているとは考えたくない、ということです。 つまりこれは彼らが信じたいこととは違うわけです。そして責任をアメリカへ転嫁するわけです。



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