The characteristics
Their behavior
World Cup 2006




Key passage:

We could reaffirm the characteristics or fundamentals of their behavior during World Cup 2006.

1. Insidious anti-Japanese feelings
2. The idea that the submission to Korean nationalism unconditionally justifies everything.
3. Extreme disdain for the facts and objectivity
4. Extreme collectivity
5. Intensive rejection of the heretics
6. The support by the establishment






(Note: I'm an employee of a company, and an SE of main frames.)

When World Cup 2006 starts, World Cup or Japanese national team crowded television news programs also in Japan. But not a few people seemed to be dissatisfied with this. One of my co-workers also complained about this in our company cafeteria. Then she shouted a little "Japanese team should lose the game and leave there early!". Her voice resounded unexpectedly through the interval of the cafeteria's bustle. I got a bit upset, but she continued to speak without care. And that night, Japanese team lost the first game against Australia. ...-_-;;;

2. [The characteristic or fundamental 1]
- Insidious anti-Japanese feelings

But it's certain that World Cup is a matter of national concern also in Japan, and this first game registered a TV viewer rate in 49.0%. It's a surprising rate, but there was the third nation which registered a TV viewer rate, 52.9%!

It's Korea.
In Korea, all of three TV stations were broadcasting live this game!
It is difficult to explain only because the director of Australian team was the director of Korean national team.
The announcer was overjoyed every time Australian team scored a goal! And their cameras relentlessly continued to catch Japanese supporters who dropped their heads...

Such reactions of them are all-too-common in this nation which have been providing anti-Japanese education. For example, the same reactions were much-discussed during World Cup co-hosted by the Republic of Korea and Japan(2002).

The former Secretary at the Japanese Embassy in Korea has written a similar story in his book which entitled "We can not understand Koreans(Tsukiaikirenai Kankokujin)".
During World Cup 2002, he has heard the condominium, he was living, resounded with their cheering and going crazy every time Japanese team's opponent scored a goal!.

By the way, during World Cup 2006, I had been afraid of some heartless Korean supporter's activity, for example, disturbing Korean team's opponent's sleep as before. Fortunately, I did not find the report of disturbing their opponent's sleep In this time, but I found some articles about Korean supporters. This article is the most sensational one.
(Though there were too many other events for Japan and for World in this World Cup 2006...Nakata's retirement, Zidane's redcard,Lebanon and North Korea's missiles)
This is quotations from ChosunIlbo(Website of Korean newspaper). (cache (Japanese))


(Note: 私はある会社でメインフレーム担当のSEをしています。)

ワールドカップ(以下WC)が始まろうという頃、日本でもニュース番組でその特集ばかりが組まれました。これにしらけていた人も少なくはなかったようで、私の同僚の女性は社員食堂でこれを一通り嘆いたあと、多少感情が高ぶったのか、小さく叫びました。「日本なんか早く負けちゃえ!」 その声は社員食堂の喧騒のはざまをついてよく響いたのに少々動揺しましたが、彼女は気にせずしゃべり続けました。  はたしてその晩、日本はオーストラリアとの初戦に負けてしまいました...-_-;;;

2. [特徴と原理1]
- 陰湿な反日感情   


オーストラリアチームの監督が韓国チームの監督だったというだけでこれを説明するのは難しいでしょう。 司会者はオーストラリアのゴールに歓喜し、カメラは、うなだれる日本サポーターの姿を執拗に映し続けたということです...

反日教育が浸透しているこの国では、こうした反応はごくごく一般的です。 たとえば、元在韓日本大使館書記官が書いた「つき合いきれない韓国人」という本では、日韓ワールドカップの時の日本戦では、筆者の居住するソウルのマンションでは日本がゴールされるたびにあちこちの部屋から歓声と地響きが鳴り渡ったということです。

さて今回のドイツ大会では、心配された韓国人サポーターの組織的安眠妨害が伝えられることもなく、比較的平穏に(?)終わったようなのでほっとしました。  多少のことはいくつかあったようですが。そのうち最大のものがこれではないでしょうか。
朝鮮日報という新聞のサイトの記事からの引用です。 (cache(Japanese))

--------- quote ----------

【World Cup】: Great runaway of Korean netizens...They attacked on the FIFA official homepage
Korean people are certain to be a likeliest winner in "Netizen World Cup".

Almost daily, Korean netizens are holding the interests of the people around the world. Korean netizens protest against an umpire's decision of the last game of "G" group, the Korea-Switzerland match. Korean netizens launched cyber attacks to FIFA official homepage. They sent so numerous e-mails and gained so numerous accesses to the homepage that FIFA had to block the accesses from Korea.
(omit the rest)

Chosunilbo (web version) 2006/6/26

--------- unquote ----------


 24日に行われた2006FIFAワールドカップ(W杯)ドイツ大会のG組最終戦、韓国対スイス戦での審判の判定に抗議して、FIFAのホームページへの電子メールの大 量送信、大量アクセスなどのサイバー攻撃を行い、韓国からのアクセスを遮断に追い込んだ韓国ネチズンらのパワーと愛国心が、連日世界中の関心事となっている。(後略)

朝鮮日報 2006/6/26


3. [The characteristic or fundamental 2]
- The idea that submission to Korean nationalism unconditionally justifies everything.

You may think this article makes ironical remarks about their excessive nationalism. I might have felt so a few years ago. But.. "Almost daily, Korean netizens are holding the interests of the people around the world." I have never seen that Korean newspaper had used such a phrase with ironic intent. With such a phrase, they may be proud of their activities, but they never critisize their own activities by their nationalism. Many Koreans believe without a doubt that their nationalism is unconditionally supreme and precious. (They also believe without a doubt that Japanese nationalism is unconditionally evil.) Other than this, we can recognize their unique patterns of thinking and behaving.

4. [The characteristics or fundamentals 3&4]
- Extreme disdain for the facts and objectivity
- Extreme collectivity

For example, if you are an administrator of an website with world maps, and always receives a lot of mails which demand to change "Sea of Japan" to "East Sea", you should recognize what kind of people are sending the mails. They are the people with a unique character, who have been provided with particular kind of education. And now, they want you to admit their delusions. This is an essence of their activities.

By the way, the allegations against a judgment caused this furor, but you can find from video it is obvious there was not failure of chief referee's definitive justice. Many Korean supporters claim that the referee should nullify the opposing team's goal for offside, but it's not offside! (Because the ball was passed from "Korea" to "Switzerland". When the ball was passed between the same team, It's offside.) Exactly they are driven by their delusions! Then they posted over 4 million messages! and sent numerous mails! The population of Korea is 46 million... We must say this is exactly an awful, aggressive and collective behavior by their delusions.

There are some people who believe with confidence their delusions in any nation. But this is highly specific example which only such people form a large community or maybe a nation itself.

5. [The characteristic or fundamental 5]
- Intensive rejection of the heretics

Then what will happen to the person who have the misfortune to have doubt about their delusions and speak about it?
As a matter of fact, a brave sports commentator, Shin Munson made an assertion that the definitive refereeing was right. In the result, he was backed out of a commentator under increasing criticism for him. He returned from German in the middle of the World Cup TV programs serious.
His remarks are seen as a problem because he goes against Korean nationalism. Though I think it is not the problem about nationalism, but the problem of the fact.

Shin criticizes Korean Football Association and the experts in football(the article in Japanese). Because they keep scilent or distort the fact.
He says that Korean Football Association blames "misjudgement" for Korean national team's failing a cut. And also says about the vice-president of FIFA, Chon(Korean).
"The vice-president of FIFA, Chon(Korean) said he would protest against FIFA about "misjudgment" of offside. By contraries, his remark would rather agitate Korean people than calm them. He puts oil to the fire caused by inadequate understanding of offside rule."

Needless to say, FIFA supports chief referee's definitive justice. Why could Chon say such a thing?

But if the person who says such a thing will become a president, can we expect the equitable operations of games from FIFA?

6. [The characteristic or fundamental 6]
- The support by the establishment

Most of these characteristics or fundamentals are often seen at many problems related to Korea including kumdo problem.

But then, If anyone shouts "Korean team should lose the game and leave there early!" in Korea, what will happen to her(him)?

3. [特徴と原理2]
- 韓国ナショナリズムへの帰依は無条件にすべてを正当化するという考え

これを見て自分たちの行き過ぎた愛国心を皮肉っているのではないか、と考える人もいるかも知れません。 私も何年か前ならそう思ったことでしょう。しかし韓国系新聞の記事において、「パワーと愛国心が、連日世界中の関心事となっている」 このような表現で自分たちの行為を誇ることはあっても、皮肉ることはほとんどありません。彼らの愛国心は無条件に尊い、至上のものという認識なのです。(同様に日本の愛国心は常に邪悪なものであるという認識も無条件なものです。) そしてこの騒ぎから、これ以外にも彼らの特異な思考と行動の特徴を知ることができます。

4. [特徴と原理3&4]
- 極端な事実と客観性の軽視
- 際立った集団性


さて、今回のこの誤審騒動ですが、動画を見ると審判(正審)は誤審をしていません。彼らは相手チームのゴールをオフサイドだと主張しているわけですが、明らかに韓国側からスイス側へ渡ったパスなのでオフサイドにはなりません。しかし彼らはそれに抗議して延べ400万以上の書き込みを行ったわけです(韓国の人口は4千6百万です)。 まさしく妄想によるすさまじい攻撃的な集団行動です。

どんな国にも自分の妄想を信じて疑わない人々はいます。 しかし、これはそういう人々だけで一つの社会、もしかしたら国までつくってしまっている特異な例と言えます。

5. [特徴と原理5]
- 異端者の徹底した排斥




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