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Why? make no reference to
the Treaty of Shimonoseki ?

(2007/01/03 minor update)


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It is ridiculous that Korea keep hiding that Korea was a client nation of China. This is more ashamed than accepting the fact.


Recently, I heard the BBS of this "kumdo" site became that registered members only (can write).
What happened to this site?
I'm interesting in the reason.

By the way, I criticized the text of same site, I picks up one text from here.
"In 1896 during the era of modernization, the art of the sword, also known as Ghihuck-Gum, was selected as a mandatory training requirement for the newly established police academy". From there on, Kumdo, the modern amalgamation of "the art of the sword" and "the way of righteousness" from the Taoist philosophy, was developed to be practiced by some as a sport and by others as a means of character development or spiritual refinement.
The year of 1896 reminds me an affair. It is the same to anyone who knows the history of the East Asia.
The previous year(1895), the two countries signed the treaty. This treaty decided the policy of Korea's modernization.
Two countries did not include Korea. They are China (Sino) and Japan.
The name of Treaty was the Treaty of Shimonoseki.
( Speaking of which, Korea did not signed an armistice agreement of Korean War.)

For some reason, this "kumdo" site made no reference to this treaty.
By the first prerequisite of the Treaty of Shimonoseki, Korea became the independent nation from the client state of China (Sino).
By this process, the premier of Korea become to be able to modernize their nation under the leadership and support of Japan.

Knowing this affair, it is very easy to understand that "Kendo" ("Geki ken" was widely used at this age) was introduced as a training program of the Korean police in 1896 from Japan.(Note1)

Why does this "kumdo" site make no reference to the Treaty of Shimonoseki?

They say as if "kumdo" originated from Korea.
They say as if "kumdo" had been passed down the generations for the past thousand years.

Do they want to hide the culture from Japan?
Do they want to hide that Korea was the client state of China(Sino)?

I think both of reasons are right, I'll say the latter reason this time.
They want to hide that Korea was the client state of China(Sino) exactly.

The puzzling thing is that Koreans seem to want to hide one of their nation was the client state of Japan or China even 1,000 years ago.(not only in government-designated textbooks, but also in almost publications issued in Korea,
it is unbelievable in the Western countries of today.)
At this point, Korea is a little like North Korea or China.

France and Germany were once a part of Roman Empire, but they don't hide it rightly.
The conquering another country and being conquered by another country were common affair till some time ago, and still more 1,000 years ago.
By geopolitical conditions, some nations have more opportunities to be client nations than the other nations.
If Japan were not an island nation, Japan might be conquered by another country several times.

Don't they think it is disgraceful to refuse and hide the facts of their history?
How do you think about it?


のちに、スポーツあるいは人格形成や精神鍛錬の手段として修練されるように、「剣術(the art of the sword)」と道教(Taoist philosophy)に由来する「正道(the way of righteousness)」との近代的混合物である剣道(kumdo)が開発された。」









Note1; (2007/01/03 added) Because Korea became independent from China(Sino), Korea could absorb a Japanese culture. Till then, Korean people had recognized Chinese culture as the one and only culture. China had very strong influence on Korea not only politically but also culturally.
After 19951895(2007/12/16 corrected ), Korea began to be influenced by Japan instead of China.
We can say Kendo is the symbolic Japanese culture which Korea accepted.
注1;(2007/01/03 追記) 中国(清)から独立したからこそ、朝鮮は日本の文化を受け入れることができたのです。 そのときまで、朝鮮の人々は中国の文化を唯一無二のものとしてきました。中国は政治面だけでなく、 文化面でも朝鮮に強い影響力を持っていたのです。
19951895年(2007/12/16 訂正)以降、朝鮮は中国に代わり、日本の影響を受け始めます。

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