Theme of Today :

both close geographically
very distant culturally



Key passage:
1. The activities of Korean team in WBC or other sports events show the cultural differences from Japan and other nations in an obvious manner.

2.We have been already tired of such their activities that they had made use of sports as the tools of ridiculous political propaganda or easygoing patriotism.



As I wrote here, some Koreans or Korean descents claim that Samurai originated from Korea.

Properly speaking, Korean History textbooks say old "Hwarang" were warriors. Then some Koreans decide Samurai originated from "Hwarang" through their Petit Sinocentrism ( "It's natural that all Japanese cultures originated from the continent!" ).

Of course, this is not based on any evidence or ground. In fact, "Hwarang" were not even warriors. First of all, they are so kind enough to continue proving their lie by themselves. Though they do it in somewhat unwanted ways...

This article(Sankei Shimbun WEB version) appeared when Japan team was about to win the final. Japan team had an win against Korea team at semifinal match of WBC. This was an easy win after they defeated two times at elimination round.
ここでお話したように、 韓国人ないしは韓国系の人間の一部は、「武士の起源は韓国」と言い張ります。

 正確には韓国の教科書が 花朗という集団を戦士の集団だと決めつけ、これを人々が小中華思想 (日本の文化なんか他から伝わったに決まっている!)のフィルターで さらに武士の起源と決めつけるのです。


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"The team which should win is ours."

Ichiro saved the dignity of baseball and athletes.

Ichiro won a complete victory in the game which he bet his pride as a baseball player. During exercising before this game, he was informed he would appear as a third batter, which is first experience to him. But he rapped out 3 hits, stole basis two times and bat in a run. And his Japan team won 6 by 0 to clean up twice hard feelings before.

But any Japan team members, including Ichiro, never pump their fist emotionally against Korean team.

"Oh yes. A baseball differs from an actual fight. I was feeling so." But he had also been fired up by the behaviors of Korean team players.

For example, a Korean team member drove their national flag into the pitcher's mound when they had win a qualifying game against Japan team. On this day, Korea team's third baseman also threw Ichiro's foul ball against him. Other activities without reverence had appeared one after another. Ichiro had a strong feeling that baseball, he loves very much, was violated by them.

Ichiro believes the real strength and pride should be shown by players' plays themselves. At least, his strong belief has been accumulated in Japanese baseball. "The team should win must win. The team is ours, I have assumed. If we had lost today's game, we left a major stain on Japanese professional baseball."

The third game against Korea was also a "holy battle" which Ichiro must win to save the dignity of athletes. The other members completely go along with his spirit. "I have good fellows for real." Team leader smiled with content at last.

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イチロー外野手(マリナーズ)が、野球人の誇りを懸けた戦いに完勝した。試合前の練習で告げられた初の3番で3安打、2盗塁、1打点。 そして、これまでの2度の苦い思いを晴らすような6―0の勝利。


 「当然でしょう。野球はケンカではない。そんな気持ちでした」。しかし、今大会における韓国選手たちの振る舞いには 闘志をかき立てられていた。

 例えば2次リーグで日本に勝利した後、太極旗をマウンドに突き立てた者がいた。この日、5打席目の邪飛を捕球した三塁手は、 そのボールを打者のイチローに向かって投げつけた。それ以外にも敬意を欠く行為が連続。大好きな野球が冒とくされた、 と強く感じていた。

 本当の強さやプライドは、プレーそのもので表現すべき。少なくとも、イチローの固い信条は日本野球で 培われたものだ。「勝つべきチームが勝たなくてはいけない。そのチームは当然、僕らだと思っていた。きょう負けることは、 日本のプロ野球に大きな汚点を残すことと同じ」。

 絶対に負けられない韓国との3度目の顔合わせは、イチローにとってアスリートの尊厳を守る“聖戦”でもあった。  そんな志に、日本代表のメンバーは完全に同調している。「本当にいい仲間ができました」。チームリーダーが、 やっと満足げに笑った。

--- 引用終わり ---
Such stories are not confined to matters of WBC. Some people may remind the accidents in WC2002 or past Olympics games. This is the evidence that their culture differs from Japan (not only from Japan).

We Japanese have the strange neighbors we can never share basic values with.

Why do they often make use of sports as the tools of ridiculous political propaganda or easygoing patriotism?

And how long must we be forced to see their ridiculous activities?
WBCだけではありません。オリンピックや、ワールドカップでの出来事を思い出す人もいるでしょう。 これも文化的背景が日本と(日本とだけではありませんが)あまりにも違うということの証左でもあります。