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The Change and Background
"Uriginal" Phenomenon

(2006/01/22) (2006/02/05 Updated)



Key passage:

1."Uriginal" Phenomenon(note1) spreads rapidly in Korea and shows following tendencies.
(note1) What's "Uriginal" Phenomenon(a coined term) ?
-Assuming All things, mainly, Japanese culture, originated from Korea without any grounds.
-Assuming Korea is an excellent nation unconditionally.
a. Radicalizing
Spreading their target area, including everything about Japan other than culture, too
b. A target nation is not always Japan.

c. Beginning to "export" their cultural invasions by their movies and others.
2."Uriginal" Phenomenon has these background and history.
Traditional "Worship of the powerful" = Petit Sinocentrism
(Respecting China and looking down on Japan)
Beginning to think overcoming Japan
(Confidence about national power)
Recent intent policy to look down on Japan
(by Presidents of civilian politicians )
-Seoul Olympic Games
-The end of Cold War
3.Now, Chinese culture is also the target of "Uriginal" Phenomenon. Korea have gone beyond the period of "worship of the powerful" into the period of "worship of 'their own' powerful based on their fantasy" .
4. The affair of the professor of Seoul University is a setback of "worship of 'their own' powerful based on their fantasy". But "Uriginal" Phenomenon is expected to continue because of their national character.

5. They have made their taekwondo( Fake of Karatedo, in fact) one of the Olympic sports by political influence. They are going to make Kendo one of the Olympic sports as they like, too. (New cultural invasion)

6.Now, It is the time we must think seriously how to deal with "Uriginal" Phenomenon.


(対象の拡大 武道や文化以外のあらゆる日本のもの)。




I found the column in the blog pages. The column is from the diplomatic relations' department web page of a university.
This column can answer the following questions settling on the affair of the fabricated experiments by Dr. Hwang of Seoul University.

1. Why did the "Uriginal" Phenomenon(Assuming All things, mainly, Japanese culture, originated from Korea) spread rapidly in Korea?

2. Many people point out Petit Sinocentrism caused "Uriginal" Phenomenon, but do Koreans also grow arrogant to Chinese from time to time (example: A cultural invasion against China)?

3. Do the "Uriginal" Phenomenon have something to do with the politics?

By the way, I don't specify the URL to the original web page of the university or Blog.




   --- quote ---

We should keep watch for worship of 'their own' powerful of Korea based on their fantasy.

We can understand more easily the recent affair of the professor of Seoul University, the national hero in Korea, when reconsidering from the international political point of view. The affair is that all of his research achievement about human-cloning turned out to be lies. In Japan, it is a common reaction to think that international increased competitions in science have caused such excessive behavior. Some media reported that some people are dubious about the credibility of the experiments of the top researchers of Tokyo University or others in Japan, too. Such reportings are based on a Japanese modest perspective, which is phrased as "One man's fault is another's lesson".

But we can understand this affair superficially by such a superficial comparison. The affair shows the worship of 'Korean own' powerful ( a parody of "worship of the powerful") have developed to the full extent. The heart of this problem is that there are many giant foundation blocks below this peak as a Pyramid.

There is "worship of the powerful" as Koreans' historic mentality. This is also taught in schools of Japan. The "worship of the powerful" exactly means "obeying the great power(China) and looking down upon small nation(Japan)". We can think "Petit Sinocentrism" have almost the same meaning of this.

----- 以下引用 -----


 韓国の国民的英雄だったソウル大教授のヒトクローン胚研究の成果がすべて虚偽だったという事件は、国際政治の視点から見ると一層よく分かる問題である。 日本では一般に、科学者の研究競争が世界的に激化しているので、こういう行き過ぎが起きるのだと受け取られている。日本でも東大などのトップ研究者が実験の信憑性に疑いをもたれているではないかと、いかにも日本的な「以て他山の石とせよ」という謙虚さに基づく報道が散見される。


After the war, Korea started as the nation of only south half of Korean Peninsula. In the Cold War years, Korea had no power to bring "Petit Sinocentrism" to the surface.
Korea started to change when saying to catch up with and overtake Japan and making the Seoul Olympic Games successful. Then Korea started to dash after the end of Cold War years.

Korea intentionally took the policy of "the worship of 'Korean own' powerful" to look down on Japan in a definite manner after the military government ended and the civilians began to become presidents. This trend accelerated, especially from the age of Kim Dae Jung to Roh Moo Hyun.

Now Korean people completely believe all of Japanese culture are taught or transmitted originally by Korea. This is called "Korean origin" or "Uriginal" phenomenon. (Japanese use "Uriginal" teasingly.) "Uriginal" is made of "uri" (means "our" in Korea) and original.

It may be applicable about Toribusshi(note2) or Korean celadon porcelain, their objects are all of martial arts including Kendo and Judo, Sushi, Sashimi, tea ceremony, Bonsai, Origami, Sensu, recent animations, Emperor and Sumo... Today some (Korean) people begin to say something must originate from Korea, media broadcast, and Korean people completely believe gladly.
Translator's note:
(note2) Toribusshi: The famous creator of Buddha statue in Asuka Period(from the end of the 6th century to the early 8th century). Some people say his grandfather is one of the naturalized citizens(Korean or Chinese) from Korean Peninsula.
 戦後、朝鮮半島の南半分だけでスタートした大韓民国は、東西冷戦の期間中は小中華を表面化させるだけの 国力を持っていなかった。

 日本を見下す自大主義を意図的な政策としたのは、軍事(軍人)政権時代が終わって文民政治家が大統領に なって以降である。特に金大中(キム・デジュン)の左派政権から現在の盧武鉉(ノ・ムヒョン)政権までは、 加速度をつけてひどくなっている。

 いま韓国の国民は日本文化のすべてが、もともと韓国が教え伝えたものだと信じ込んでいる。 これを「韓国起源」現象、すなわち「ウリジナル」と呼ぶまでになっている(日本人の側では揶揄で使っている)。 韓国語のウリ(我)とオリジナルの駄ジャレである。

 古くから言われている止利仏師や高麗青磁ならいざしらず、今は剣道・柔道などの武道全般から、 寿司・刺身・茶道、盆栽・折り紙・扇子、最近のアニメ、天皇の出自も、そうだ相撲も、といった具合に、 手当たり次第なんでもかんでも韓国起源だと誰かが言い出し、それをマスコミが宣伝し、国民が喜んで 信じ込むようになってしまった。

There is a myth that Someiyoshino, one sort of Japanese cherries, originated from Cheju in Korea. This is just the beginning. "Uriginal" phenomenon seemed to become radical that a real scholar came to Japan and said all of the ecology of Japan originated from Korea. (note7)

In the 2002 World Cup co-hosted by Japan and Korea, Korean Football Association said football originated from Korea in their Web page, even though it must play as the role of host country. They were protested by the people all over the world, and deleted this article unnoticed, I heard.

But before it, Korea made their taekwondo a public opening game as they liked in the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, and made it one of formal games in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, using the influence of the nation IOC's vice president come from. Karatedo(note3) of Japan, which was invaded by taekwondo, seemed to be going to claim to the world that Karatedo is a real originator. Kendo of Japan, knowing from hard experience of Judo, took a course of daring not to establish an international organization not to join an international organization (note4), avoiding to make Kendo one of sports. Because of such favorable circumstances, Korea established the organizations as World Kumdo Federation on his own, and Korea wants their dream of taekwondo to come true again.

As their rationale, they claims they invented Kendo and taught Japan. And Samurai and Bushido are the imitations from Korean Peninsula. Arayama Tohru, the writer of swordmen novel, says the main weapons are bows and arrows in Korean Peninsula, and they had the daggers for self-defense, but had no long swords as Japan. They had no spears, too (note5).

Nevertheless, many period films are created such as "Bushi (Musa)", and exported to the world. They may make the other nations believe that Samurai originated from Korea.
In fact, the media reported "Changumu", the TV drama described acupuncture and moxibustion therapy were invented in Korea, and received many complaints from the audience in China.

Now the targets of "Uriginal" attack is not Japan only. Korea became to bare his fangs, saying "We are really original!", against China which Korea had obeyed by their "worship of the powerful". This is because I decided Korea have gone beyond the period of "worship of the powerful" into the period of "worship of 'their own' powerful based on their fantasy".
Translator's note:
(note3) Karatedo: The ancestor of Karatedo came from China in the 16th century. This was mixed with ancient Japanese(Okinawa) martial art, and developed in Japan. Anyone involved knows this. Taekwondo was, so to speak, a fake of Karatedo. General Che of Korean Army modified Katatedo and named taekwondo. He have learned Karatedo during his youth in Japan. General Che exiled himself later.
(note4) It may be proper "not to join an international organization", I think. (They have an international organization, IKF.) I changed this part, according to change of original text.
(note5) Perhaps he talks about the era of Chosen Dynasty.
(note7) You may not believe, but Korean real newspapers wrote such articles.
 日本の桜ソメイヨシノが韓国済州島から伝わったという俗説はまだ序の口で、 れっきとした学者が日本に来て 「日本の生態系はすべて韓国起源だ」というまでに過激化しているという。(註7.)

 2002年のサッカーW杯を日本と共催したとき、ホストの韓国サッカー協会はホームページに 「サッカーの起源は朝鮮半島」と書いて世界中から抗議され、いつの間にか削除したという話がある。

 しかし、その前にも88年のソウル・オリンピックのときに「テコンドー」をお手盛りで公開競技とし、 2000年シドニーではIOC副会長国の影響力を行使して正式種目に昇格させている。日本の空手道は母屋を取られて、 もはやこっちが本家ですよと世界に訴える気力もなさそうだ。日本の剣道界では、柔道の苦い経験を見て、剣道をスポーツ化させないためにあえて国際組織を作らない方針でいる。(註1.)オリンピック種目を目指さない方針でいる。それをいいことに、韓国は勝手に世界剣道連盟といったような組織をつくり、 「テコンドーの夢よもう一度」と狙っているらしい。

 その理論的根拠として、剣道も朝鮮民族が発明して日本に教えたものであり、日本の武士や武士道は 朝鮮の模倣であるとする。剣豪小説家の荒山徹氏によると、朝鮮の武器は主に弓であり、護身用の短刀はあったが 日本刀のような長剣は存在しなかったという。槍もなかったらしい。  

それでも近年、「武士(MUSA)」というような時代劇映画が盛んに作られ、輸出もされているので、 韓国民だけでなく日本人も外国人も、武士の本家は朝鮮にあったと思いこんでしまう恐れが出てきた。
 現に、テレビドラマ「宮廷女官--チャングムの誓い」には、針灸が朝鮮の発明のように描かれていて、 それが中国で放映されたときに視聴者からクレームが付いたと報道された。

 いまや、ウリジナル攻勢の矛先は日本だけでなくなったわけだ。「事大」主義で膝を屈する相手である 中華に対してまでも、「こっちがオリジナルだ」と歯をむく韓国になった。だから事大主義を超えて夢想自大主義に 突入したと判断されるのである。

(註7)信じられないかもしれませんが、実際の韓国の新聞(Web Version)に載っていた記事です。
It is never an accidental affair that the fabricated experiments by Dr. Hwang of Seoul University. Korea wanted to confirm "worship of 'their own' powerful based on their fantasy" with concrete proof, and a scholar, who could not overcome "the weakness of himself", just met the expectations.

The problem is whether Koreans go from the fantasy back to reality. From his press conference or Koreans' reactions, we saw they never learned at all.
We understand Koreans do hope the novel prize of the science. But Koreans have been ignoring the fact that Nobel Peace Prize Kim Dae Jung won was as the same as won by money in spite of knowing it. The fact had come out that Kim Dae Jung held a summit meeting with Kim Jong-il, the dictator, in exchange for the present of hundreds of million dollars. Although one of involved persons suicided himself, Kim Dae Jung himself have spent days till now as if he knew nothing.

They never learn because of their national character. They will think it matters little just that the false article came out.
If this were a domestic problem, they may be right. But "Uriginal" phenomenon are already above the range of their domestic problems. We should think seriously how to deal with it because it is obvious Japan is troubled.

If Korean people will keep on rushing headlong, they will suffer greater setback soon or late. This may be a good opportunity to advice(note6) that they had better not go overboard.*(06/01/14)
Translator's note:
(note6) If I say it is waste of time and energy, are you angry?
   --- unquote ---

 黄・ソウル大教授による実験捏造事件は、決して突発的に起きたものではない。 韓国が国を挙げて夢想自大主義を具体的証拠で確認したいと要求したから、ひとりの「弱い自分」 に勝てなかった学者がそれに応えただけである。

 問題は、韓国民の夢想がこれで覚めるかどうかだ。教授の記者会見や国民の反応を見ると、 やはりまだまだ懲りていないことが分かる。
 科学分野のノーベル賞を国民が渇望していることは分かるが、金大中のノーベル平和賞 (2000年)だってカネで買ったも同然だということを、韓国民はとっくに知ったが無視してきた。 数億ドルの貢ぎ物を金正日独裁者に贈って首脳会談に応じてもらったことが公になり、関係者が 自殺までしているのに、金大中自身は口を拭って知らん顔をして今日に至っている。

 反省しない国民性なのだ。専門雑誌への虚偽論文がばれたぐらいは大したことではないと 片づけるだろう。国内問題としてはそれでもいいのだが、もはやウリジナル現象は国内問題の域を超えている。あきらかに迷惑をこうむっている日本が、それに対してどう対処していくべきか、 われわれも真剣に考えなければならない。
 このまま韓国民が突き進めば、いずれもっと大きな挫折を経験することになるだろう。 いい加減にしなさいよ、と忠告するいい機会ではないだろうか。(06/01/14)

   --- 引用終わり ---
I found the follow-up article of Dr.Hwang's case on major newspaper's web). In this article(8th Feb.), I found many similarities between the supporters of Dr.Hwang and the believers in the legitimacy of "Kumdo".

-They believe only what they want to believe. (They are not interesting in facts themselves. They never try to think something based on any evidence or ground)
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-They are basically the people who never learn.
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   --- quote ---
The affair of Hwang ex-professor who "fabricated embryo-stem cells":
"Patriotic fervor" continues ; Two persons committed suicides for protesting, and pro-Hwang demonstrations are now active.

(Katsuhiro Kuroda :Seoul)

In Korea, the enthusiastic supporters of Hwang ex-professor of Seoul University remain to be active. Now two supporters have committed suicides for protesting by taking poison and by fire. In this weekend, thousands of people have many demonstrations chanting "Save Dr. Hwang!" in the center of Seoul. The dream embryo-stem cells of him were exposed as a fake and he is now subjected to a criminal probe on suspicion of fraud. There are more than 50 support organizations of mainly the youth in Korea. The largest one named "I love Hwang Woo-suk" have more than 100 thousand members.

The feature of their activities are their strong patriotic fervor. The demonstrators wrap themselves up in the national flags, shake the small national flags and sing the patriots song such as "Oh, Republic of Korea!".
On the net a major battle still continues between the support groups and critical groups. Especially, the supporters are active and they often claim "Dr.Hwang was entrapped by a scheme".
There are many conspiracy theories. Some people claim United States envied his research developments and prevented him. Others pay attention the religious atmosphere of the people who criticized and accuse him and he was entrapped by Catholic. Conservative people claim he was entrapped by the sympathizers with North Korea because he refused collaborative researches with North Korea. His supporters includes anti-government, pro-government, left, right, pro-north Korea and anti-Korea persons. This circumstance sometimes makes them blame and attack one another, saying "Withdraw from this activity".
   --- unquote ---
2月8日のサンケイのWEB記事で黄前教授記事の続報がありました。 この記事の中の、黄前教授の支持者たちには、Kumdoの正当性を信じようとしている人たちと数多くの共通点を見出すことができます。

  関連記事→ 1 2
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   ----- 以下引用 -----
「ES細胞捏造」黄前教授 “愛国熱狂”続く 抗議の自殺、支持デモ活発


夢の胚(はい)性幹細胞(ES細胞)は捏造(ねつぞう)と判定され、検察当局によって詐欺容疑などの捜査が 進められている黄禹錫前ソウル大教授に対し、韓国では依然、熱狂的な支持運動が続いている。すでに支持者 2人が抗議の焼身・服毒自殺を図ったほか、ソウルの都心では週末に数千人が「黄教授を守れ」とデモを繰り返している。 支持団体は若者層を中心に全国で50以上もあり、インターネットを舞台にした最大組織「アイラブ黄禹錫」 の会員は10万人以上におよぶ。

黄教授支持運動の特徴は強烈な愛国ムードで、デモや集会では参加者が国旗で体を包み、 国旗の小旗を打ち振りながら「ああ、大韓民国!」など愛国ソングを歌うといった風景になっている。
ネット世界では依然、支持/批判の大論争が続いている。とくに支持派の動きが活発で 「黄教授追い落としは陰謀」とする主張が盛んに流されている。

陰謀論はさまざまで、黄教授の研究成果には 米国が嫉妬(しっと)し妨害しているという“米国陰謀論”や黄教授に対する批判?告発グループの宗教色に 注目した“カトリック陰謀論”、さらに黄教授が北朝鮮との共同研究を拒否したため親北勢力に政治的に 抹殺されたとする保守派サイドからの“北朝鮮陰謀論”もある。 黄教授支持派は親政府派と反政府派、左派と右派、親北派と反北派といった違いはなく、 政治的には幅広い。このため支持団体の間で「黄教授支持運動から手を引け」とお互い非難、 攻撃し合う場面もある。
   --- 引用終わり ---