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"Haidong gumdo" demonstration in Japan Expo?

(2011/08/16 Updated)

Japan Expoで海東剣道デモ?

Key passage:
At Japan Expo, which is the annual event in Paris, a haidong gumdo group plans its demonstration this year. A haidong gumdo group is one of anti-Japanese groups which aim at cultural invasion and takeover. This group also makes up the fictitious history to disguise Kendo as the Korean traditional martial art. This group's demonstration in Japan Expo means the insult to Japanese culture, and should not be performed.

And to permit this demonstration may make many Japanese misunderstand what is Japan Expo. Then this may affect on the future of Japan Expo in a negative way.

I strongly ask the Japan Expo official to make an sensible judgment.

毎年パリで開かれる今年のJapan Expoで、海東剣道のデモンストレーションが計画されている。 海東剣道の団体は、文化侵略、文化乗っ取りを目的とする反日団体のひとつであり、剣道を韓国の文化と言い張るため、やはり架空の歴史をでっち上げている。このような団体のデモンストレーションをJapan Expoで行うことは、日本文化への 侮辱であり、Japan Expoで実施すべきでない。

またそれを許可することはJapan Expoの性格を、多くの日本人に誤解させてしまうため、 今後のJapan Expoにもよくない影響を与える恐れがある。


1. My latest news

Two and a half years has passed since my latest entry.

During this period, I've quit the IT company where I worked for over 20 years, and joined my current company.
In Japanese politics, the Democratic Party has taken control of the Japan. This party is left-leaning, and taking an anti-Japanese stance. After that, the Great East Japan Earthquake and the subsequent nuclear accident took place. The nuclear crisis is continuing at the present time of May 29, 2011.

In kumdo problem, the present danger was avoided, I thought. Because IKF(International Kendo Federation), which is led by Japanese association(AJKF), joined GAISF. By this joining, It became difficult for one of kumdo associations to be recognized as the association representing Kendo associations.

After that, I became to join more demonstrations and postings instead of updating this website.

It is Korea (or China) that plots the invasion of Japan's territory or culture on the basis of their delusions. Not a few Korean people spare no effort to do them. As long as they are, many problems remains unresolved.

If there is time for any change, it's time when we Japanese will recover our spirits to save our culture, territory, honor and descendants. Then we must realize not a few Korean people's anti-Japanese nature, delusional belief and their ideas that they are chosen people( petit Sinocentrism ). And we must discuss how to control the risks from them as a familiar topic.

At least, we must not have any expectation that they would change.

2. Japan Expo and haidong gumdo

At Japan Expo in Paris of this year, we can find the evidence that they remain unchanged. To my surprise, a haidong gumdo group plans their demonstration. (See below.)



一方、コムド問題は日本法人主体のIKFが、GAISFに加盟したことにより、当面の危機は回避されたと考えました。 kumdo団体がIKFに代わりに剣道団体の代表と認知されることが難しくなったのです。



状況が変わるときがあるとすれば、日本人全体が自分たちの文化、領土、名誉、そして子孫を守ろうとする気概を 持ったときです。そして、少なからぬ韓国人の反日性、妄想性、選民思想( 小中華思想 ) に気づき、その危険性を押さえ込むための議論を 普通の話題と扱うようにならなければなりません。


2.Japan Expoと海東剣道

彼らが変わってない証拠が今年のパリのJapan Expoにあります。それは、あの海東剣道のデモが、計画されているのです(下記)。

The page of haidong gumdo at Japan Expo site.
Japan Expoの海東剣道の紹介ページ

As news got out, the Japan Expo officials were inundated with complaints from Japanese. After that, the page of haidong gumdo disappeared and appeared several times.

By the way, why did the Japan Expo officials or host permit their demonstration?

To understand the reason, we Japanese need to know what is Japan Expo.

As its name indicates, Japan Expo consists mainly of such Japanese culture as Japanese manga or anime. But its contents are not always made only in Japan.

For a long time, there have been a booth of Vietnamese martial art or the ninja arts arranged in Western-style. Year after year, there have been the booths of fans of Star Wars and fans of Western armors. The some French members of the coterie magazine have shown their original artworks which have nothing to do with Japan, and others have shown their fan arts of American comics or Korean manga.

Japanese media do not report these things, and many Japanese including me often misunderstand Japan Expo.

In fact, the host of Japan Expo did not know anything about kumdo problems(See the top of this page). He believed kumdo(gumdo) was the same as Kendo in Japan, when they wanted to join Japan Expo. Then he permit the demonstration of a Korean kumdo(gumdo).

But he received many protests by Japanese for some reason. Though he receive nothing when he permitted the association of the Vietnamese martial art to join Japan Expo. Perhaps the host was surprised.

3. The difference between Korean kumdo(gumdo) and Vietnamese martial art

In other words, the protesters need to make the host understand the difference between Korean kumdo(gumdo) and Vietnamese martial art.

What is the difference?

A Korean kumdo(gumdo) association have a sort of extremely political characters. They insist Kendo is Korean cultue, though Kendo originated and developed in Japan. So they make up the fictitious history and spreading their "kumdo(gumdo)" propaganda all over the world. What they are doing is an insult to Japanese culture. Their aim is a cultural invasion or takeover.

Let's look at what they say in the booklet of the event named Korean connection.
その旨がJapan Expoのサイトで紹介されると、 日本から多くの抗議のメールがJapanExpo当局へ舞い込みました。 その後海東剣道のページは何度か消え、また復活したりしました。

ところでなぜJapan Expo当局は、海東剣道デモを許可したのでしょうか?

これにはまず、Japan Expoとはどういうものかを理解する必要があります。

Japan Expoとは、Japanの名前を冠しており、なるほど日本のマンガ、アニメが中心となったイベントです。 しかしながらその内容はといえば、必ずしも日本のものに限ったものではありません。

もともとベトナムの武術や欧米アレンジが入ったような忍術も出展していましたし、毎年のように、 スターウォーズコーナーや、西洋甲冑ファンのブースも出ていました。フランス人の同人作家たちは、 日本に関係ないオリジナルのイラストも出してますし、アメコミや韓国マンガのファンアートも扱います。


そして、Japan Expo主催者は、コムド問題(このページの最初参照)を知らなかったのです。韓国のコムドが来たら、剣道と同じようなものだと思って出展を許可したらしいのです。

ところが、コムドにはなぜか抗議・クレームが来たわけです。ベトナムの武術などは問題なかったのに。 主催者は、びっくりしたでしょう。




韓国系のコムド団体はある種の極めて政治的な性格を持っています。 日本起源の剣道を韓国の文化であると言い張り、 そのために 架空の歴史 をでっち上げ、プロパガンダを世界中で行っています。彼らのやっていることは日本の文化への侮辱であり、目的は文化侵略、乗っ取りです。


Haidong gumdo at "Korean connection"

This booklet says Haidong gumdo is based on technics developed by warriors in Goguryeo(B.C.37-668)... This is an absolute lie. This historical fact is not known anywhere in the world. If you heard such a story, I suggest you to ask what historical materials confirm the story.

Actually, a taekwondo association(WTF) also made up the fictitious history and made the people all over the world recognize the Korean traditional martial art, though taekwondo originate from Japanese Karate(See here).

4. Dark passions to takeover culture from Japan!

Most of Frenchmen do not know the dark passions of not a few Korean people. We can often find their dark passions behind their invasions or takeovers.

Even many Japanese do not know them because Japanese media don't want to report such sorts of their activities.

What the dark passions make them do?

Because of their dark passions, they struggle to erase the name of "Sea of Japan" from all maps by public and private.
They make their children draw pictures to inculcate them with racial hatred toward Japanese(see here ).
About Taekwondo, which I've already pointed, they made Taekwondo an Olympic game instead of merely fabricating its history.

In Japan Expo, the large Korean flag has once been about to be risen by a Korean Manga artist association. In Japan Expo, what was risen was not only the Korean flag. But their intent was an outright impression management to takeover a part of Japan Expo using the Korean flag which had another type use and a symbolic nature.

There have been a lobbying to change the name from "Japan Expo" to "Korea Japan Expo" or "Asia Expo".

And last year, Korean government-funded organization has set up a large booth with Korean drama, K-pop and Korean Manga as theme.

At the basis of their activities, I can feel a strong motivation to takeover the "Japanese" event.

Such activities are regarded as normative behaviors in their community. And the such operational troops, which implement operations, are often supported by a government-funded organization.

On the mental side, their motivation are supported by the idea which they are the chosen people in addition to their anti-Japan sentiments.

Then they think they must be superior to Japanese whether consciously or not. Therefore they think they are truly worthy of the attention and praise which Japanese now deserve. Needless to say, this is one of mental illness.

You can understand that such mental illness conflicts with respect for culture.

A haidong gumdo group is one of anti-Japanese groups which has the dark passions. What it means to permit for a haidong gumdo group to demonstrate? Many Japanese may understand Japan Expo tolerate an anti-Japanese group's insult to Japanese culture. Then I'm afraid some Japanese may consider Japan Expo itself has an anti-Japanese background. I must say this is dangerous for this event. This may affect on the future of Japan Expo in a negative way. I strongly ask the host of Japan Expo will make a sensible judgment.

I thank you for waiting my article for long time. Finally, I thank some friends for his(or her) the important informations, the expressions("Dark passions") and a French translation of the top page.

EDIT (2011 July 3).
In Japan Expo, haidong gumdo's demonstration was not performed, I heard. I should be so pleased if you could report Japan Expo of this year.

EDIT (2011 August 16)
Appearantly, haidong gumdo's booth was set up at the site of "COMIC CON", not "JAPAN EXPO". I wrote this at the top of the top page(August 10). COMIC CON took place around the same time nearby JAPAN EXPO ( I can know this by an information provider ). However, Not a few people can not understand JE and CC are two separate events. About this, I'm going to post another article.(2011/8/10)

By the way, I found "Andre Citroen Street" near the venue for Japan Expo on the map.
Though this is only my personal matter, I have continued to ride Citroen's cars for over 20 years. I'm now riding the first C5. But I decided to buy Toyota's car as next one. I like a Citroen's car like a creature, but I must pay more for my children's education etc. Then I could not gain an understanding of my wife in this time of the high gasoline cost.

My wife has once won a prize in an international musical contest of France in her youth. I want to say the people of any nation respect for others' culture, but I must say not a few people of the nations are exceptions. This is a very shame thing.

I get back to talking about Citroen. I produce the moving images from C5(Click picture's link). These images were taken near the Yokohama Bay Bridge early in the morning.

I would appreciate it if you could share my little sentiment. I used Claude Debussy's work.
このパンフレットには、 「海東剣道は高句麗(B.C.37-668)の戦士たちにより発達した技術に基礎をおいている・・・」とあります。 真っ赤な嘘です。このような事実は世界のどこにも知られていません。 このような話を聞いたら、どの史料が裏付けているか聞いてみることをおすすめします。

実際テコンドーは日本の空手由来の武道でしたが、起源を捏造し、韓国伝統の武道ということを世界に認めさせてしまいました( 参照)。


フランス人の多くは、そうした日本への侵略行為、または乗っ取り行為の背景にある、少なからぬ韓国人の 暗い情熱を知りません。



子供たちに日本への憎しみを教え込むための絵画を描かせます (参照)。

Japan Expoにおいては、大きな太極旗をつるそうとしました。これは韓国の漫画作家協会により行われました。 Japan Expoにおいて、つるされたものは太極旗だけではありませんでした。しかし国旗という別の目的と象徴性を持つ もので、JapanExpoの一部を乗っ取って印象操作しようとした意図が明白だったため、この旗はおろされました。








こうした暗い情熱を持つ反日団体の一つである海東剣道団体へJapanExpoへ出展許可を出すことが何を意味するか? 日本文化への侮辱へ手を貸す意図と疑う日本人が出てきても当然ではないでしょうか?

Japan Expoが海東剣道のデモを許可した場合、冗談のようですが、Japan Expo自身が反日的な背景を持つ組織と考えられてしまう 恐れがあります。これはこうしたイベントには大変危険なことと言わねばなりません。今後の運営にも影響するでしょう。 海東剣道のデモの件についてJapan Expo側が賢明な判断をすることを願ってやみません。

長い合間を経て読んで下さった方、ありがとうございます。また以上の記事および、TOPページの仏語訳につきましては、何人か友人の方に訳や情報、また表現方法(「暗い情熱」)をいただきました。 この場を借りて御礼申し上げます。


8月10日にTOPページの上に書きましたが、どうやら海東剣道はJAPAN EXPOではなく、同時期に隣で開催されたCOMIC CONにブースをかまえたようです(情報提供された方に感謝)。ただ、来た人には必ずしもJAPAN EXPOと COMIC CON両者の区別がついていません。これについては、別途エントリーを設ける予定です。




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