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Korean government takes the lead in persecuting the private persons who disagree with narrow-minded nationalism. we can not find the political forces which oppose to blind nationalism in Korea. There seems little possibility to be improved in the short term.

韓国では、狭量な民族主義に異を唱える個人への迫害を政府が率先してやっている。 これに反対する勢力は国内にほとんど見当たらず、短期的な改善の兆しはほとんどない。

After I was used to seeing the articles about Korea, I was not surprised at such an article any more. This seems to be nothing out of the ordinary in Korea.

--- quote from Japanese media's site ---

O Seonhwa was refused to "return home" for the funeral for her mother.

Recently, a famous female critic, O Seonhwa(A professor at Takushoku University) was going to return to Korea for the funeral for her mother living in Cheju Island.

Then she was temporarily refused entry to Korea at Cheju Airport. She is well known for her books about Japan and Korea, such as "Wind of the skirt", "The way toward Korea annexation" and others.

This refusal of her entry was based on the Korean officials' move. Korean officials have taken the move against her to ban from entering Korea  because of her "anti-Korean activities".

But O Seonhwa has already become a naturalized Japanese, and she asked Japanese Consulate General in Cheju to negotiate with Korean officials. At last she was allowed to "return home" for the reason of "humanitarian consideration".

Officials say at first she was refused to enter Korea by the immigration control desk of Cheju Airport on the 1st of October. She was stopped for a few hours in this airport and told to return Japan on designated flight.

O Seonhwa was born in Cheju and since 80's. She has been staying in Japan for study and others. She continued her literary activity, and has criticized severely against Korea. Then she has been always exposed to criticism of Korean media and others. nothing out of the ordinary.

--- unquote ---

----------- 日本のメディアのサイト より引用 -----------

呉善花さん 母の葬儀で“帰国”拒否される

『スカートの風』や『韓国併合への道』など日韓に関する多くの著書で知られる韓国人女性評論家、呉善花さん=拓殖大学教授=が先ごろ、済州島在住の母の 葬儀で帰国しようとしたところ、済州空港で一時、入国を拒否されるということ があった。理由は日本での「反韓国的な活動」で韓国当局から入国禁止措置が出 ているためという。

しかし呉さんは日本に帰化し日本国籍になっていたため、日本の済州総領事館 に依頼し韓国当局と交渉した結果、「人道的配慮」としてやっと“帰国”を認め られた。

関係筋によると、呉さんは1日、済州空港の入管検査でいったん入国を拒否さ れ、日本への帰国便を指定され数時間、空港内で足止めされたという。

呉さんは済州島出身で1980年代以来、留学などで日本に滞在し著作活動を 続けているが、 韓国に対する厳しい批判が多いことから韓国ではマスコミなどで終始、非難の対象になってきた。

--- 引用終了 ---

O Seonhwa never engages in political activity which can lead to overthrow Korean government. She just discuss and criticize today's Korean culture and politics by justifiable speech.

The problem is that Korean government violates human rights as the former socialist states, and not only private associations but also many private persons often join these violations aggressively (Refer here). This may be hard to believe, but we can not find the political forces which oppose to blind nationalism in Korea. Then I'm afraid that there seems little possibility to be improved in the short term.

呉さんは別に韓国政府の転覆につながりかねない政治活動をしているわけではありません。韓国の文化や政治のあり方を、 正当な言論で批判しているに過ぎません。

問題は、こうした旧社会主義国まがいの人権蹂躙を韓国政府が行っており、民間団体ばかりか多数の個人までもが積極的に加担してしている点でしょう (ここを参照)。 信じ難いかも知れませんが、盲目的な民族主義に反対する勢力は韓国国内にほとんど見当たりません。短期的な改善はほとんど望めないと言っていいでしょう。

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