The incident in Beijing Olympic


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One of Beijing Olympics' official webpages makes reference to the "possibility" of relationship between taekwondo and Karate.

I'm now writing a series of articles about "'Mr. taekwondo' Choi Hong Hi spoke." But now I want to interrupt this and want to talk about "the incident" about taekwondo in Beijing Olympic.

Look at this webpage. This is one of Beijing Olympics' official webpages about taekwondo.
--- quote from Beijing Olympics' official webpage ---
Its origins are not well known but three possibilities are often described. One traces taekwondo to Korea's three-kingdom era (ca. 50 BC) when Silla Dynasty warriors, the Hwarang, began to develop a martial art, tae kyon ("foot-hand"). Others feel that taekwondo began as a form of Chinese boxing, which was established at the Shaolin Temple in 520 BC by Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism. A third possibility is that taekwondo developed from Japanese or Okinawan karate. It is now felt that taekwondo probably developed from other Asian martial arts combined with traditional Korean techniques of kickboxing.
----- Unquote -----

As I have been talking before, there can be no doubt that taekwondo originated from Japanese Karate. But taekwondo's officials never accept its truth, and has been fabricating its history. But this page makes reference to the relationship with Karate, even if not enough.

What has happened?
Does Olympic Committee of China write this? Are they watching the reaction of Korean side?

I got this information through the someone's posting in the BBS. Thank you.
現在「ミスターテコンドー、チェホンヒが語るテコンドー誕生秘話」のシリーズを連載中ですが、 北京オリンピック公式ホームページでの「事件」についてお話したいと思います。

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その起源についてはよくわかっていないが、三つの可能性があるとよく言われる。ひとつは三国時代の新羅の花郎が発達させ始めた武道、 テッキョンまでさかのぼるというもの。もうひとつは少林寺で確立された中国式拳法に由来しているというもの。三つ目の可能性は日本すなわち沖縄の空手から発達したというものです。現在はテコンドーはおそらく韓国の伝統的キックボクシングと他のアジアの武道と結びついたのだろうと感じられます。
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これまでお話したとおり、テコンドーが日本の空手から発祥したことは疑う余地はありません。しかしテコンドーの関係者は真実を認めず、その歴史を捏造してきました。 しかしこのページでは十分とは言えませんが空手との関係について言及しています。



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