What happened
Japan EXPO
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What happened at Japan EXPO in France?


Recently(2006/07), Japan EXPO was held in France. This is the largest Japanese Manga and Anime event in Europe. By the way, the following notice appeared on the site of Japan EXPO (cache(Japanese)). This notice has been encouraging some sorts of interpretations among some Korea watchers. 最近の話ですが、フランスで催されたジャパンEXPOのホームページ (キャッシュ(日本語))にて、次のような「お知らせ」が掲示され、何人かのコリアウォッチャーの間で憶測を呼んでいました。
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Many people said there were too many Korean guest cartoonists though this event had the name of "Japan EXPO". As the part of the French host, our official guests are only invited guests from Japan. The guests from Korea were invented by the Korean publishers in France which were exhibitors of this event. We are afraid that our ill-defined display format of this site also caused such a misunderstanding. We sincerely apologize for our unwise activity. (Translator's note: After that, "Japan EXPO" web site shows only the number about Korean guest cartoonists. )

We explained this event to Korean cartoonists in Japanese. This is just because we could inform them more about the contents of this event by this way. After this, we want to take care of the way of our explain.

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今回、「ジャパンエキスポ」という名前にも関わらず、韓国からのゲスト作家が多いのでは、というご指摘をたくさんの方から頂きました。 フランスの主催者側としましては、あくまでもオフィシャルゲストは日本からの招待ゲストのみで、韓国からのゲストは、ジャパンエキスポの一出展者である、 在仏の韓国マンガ専門出版社が、自社の作家を招待しているものとしております。当サイトでの表示に不透明な部分がありましたことも一原因であるとし、 皆さまへ心よりお詫び申し上げます(訳者註:その後韓国人作家は人数のみの表示となっている)。

ただ、韓国作家の方々を日本語でご案内したのは、できるだけイベント内容の詳細をお伝えした方が、 イベント内容をよりご理解頂けるかと考えたからです。今後は、サイトでの案内方法にも気を付けたいと思います。

Meanwhile, I found a certain thread created by a Japanese in a bbs site with translational function ( Japanese< - >Korean ). This thread lived up to my curiosity,.

By this thread,

- Just before the opening of this EXPO, the accident occurred that Koreans claimed to change the name of "Japan EXPO" to "Asia EXPO" or "Korea Japan EXPO"
- At the entrance of the hall, Korea's national flag had appeared for no reason. This was taken away by a Frenchman.

They seem to want to take advantage of Japanese culture's popularity, and
pretend to compete against Japan as an equal.

They are no different from "kumdo associations".

But this thread was created by a certain person. I can not prove all contents of this thread are facts. If you know an evidence about this, please inform me.

( cache(Japanese) )


・開催直前、韓国も参加するから「アジア EXPO」か「韓日 EXPO」に名称を変更するよう韓国人が要求



もっともこれは個人で作成したものなので、内容がすべて真実であるとは限りません。 この内容を裏づけるものに思い当たりましたら お知らせくださるようお願いします。


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Just before the opening of this EXPO, the accident occurred that Koreans claimed to

change the name of "Japan EXPO" to "Asia EXPO" or "Korea Japan EXPO"

because Korea would also join. But French side refused this proposal

because "Korea" or "Asia" would not attract visitors. 

An hour before opening. Many Frenchmen stood in line all night.

The entrance of the hall. In fact, Korea's national flag also had appeared for no reason. This was taken away by a Frenchman.

Event Hall

The Japanese cartoonists had a book signing.

"Maid" cafes are extremely popular in France.


Tokyo girls fashion show

Japanese senior high school girls are extremely popular with Frenchmen.


Trying do "Shodo", Japanese culture

(Translator's note: Shodo originated from China)

In the hall many people cosplayed. They enjoyed this festival.


VIVI in FF9 appeared.

There was a the corner of Korea in the corner of the hall obscurely.

Korea is called "petit Japon" in France.

Because Korea only apes Japan.

  "Manga Kenkanryu (Anti-Korean tide)" sold well also in France.

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