My short profile

I'm a 40's company employee who sometimes enjoy wandering
Akihabara. I have no experience of Kendo.

I was born in Tottori prefecture in early '60s. Before elementary school, my family moved to Yokohama city. Then moved to Nara city, and spent junior and senior high school age.
I moved to Tokyo alone to enter a univercity (School of Law).

I'm now an employee. All this time, I've remained immune from the politico-cultural movement.

Why a 40's company employee build an "Anti Kumdo" HomePage?

I knew this "Kumdo problem" a few years ago.
At first, I thought this is only one of absurd claims. Some of Japanese know many Koreans look for
opportunities to insist that their nation is birthplace of "many Japanese culture", curiously.
For example, Bonsai, Sushi, Sumo, Aikido, Karate, Ikebana, and so on. (Some of their origins are China
(Sushi and Karate), not Korea.)
Even their major newspapers sometimes published the articles of the claims irresponsibly.

But surprisingly, Kendo's organization of Korea(KKA) which is related to IKF ( Actually Japan has took control)
insist that their nation is the birthplace of Kendo( in their nation).
In addition, KKA made Kendo(Kumdo) their national sport, and prohibit Japanese Hakama( the clothes of Kendo ) in domestic games in Korea.
( If putting on it, the player was disqualified !)
I became aware of the serious condition, I decided to build this homepage.

What I saw recently :

Christmas decoration in Aoba-dai(Yokohama City).

Sudare-Ya san (as sort of ' shop of classic blinds') in Akihabara.
A shop next door sells PC and parts.