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Why does "kumdo"
tell a lie ?

Pourquoi ils disent
un mensonge avec le "kumdo" ?

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What is the "kumdo" problem?

The problem is that not a few associations spread the fabricated fact
that Kendo belongs to the Korean culture.

They carry out propaganda activities around the world.
They call Kendo "kumdo", which is the pronunciation of Kendo in Korean.

Around the world, they open many Dojo (Kendo training rooms), host games,
give demonstrations and give their practitioners licenses of ranks.

Do they have any relationship with Japanese associations?
No. They often carry out such activities without any relationships to Japan.

They also use the Shinai(a bamboo sword) and Bougu (protective gear) of Kendo.
But they often change the procedure of the games and their costumes.

After all, their "kumdo" is a copy of Kendo.
What makes them do such activities?

One of the reasons appears to be that they never want to accept
the fact that Kendo was imported from Japan when Korea was ruled by Japan.
But can such a reason justify their cultural invasion?
(This is nothing but cultural invasion.)

Is there a "kumdo" Dojo in your town?

Qu'est-ce que c'est le probleme "kumdo" ?

C'est un probleme car beaucoup d'associations repandent
des mensonges autour du "Kendo", qui appartient a la culture coreene.

Ils appellent "Kendo" "kumdo", qui est la prononciation coreene.
Ils propagent ces activites au titre des coreens dans le monde entier.

Ils ouvrent beaucoup de "Dojo" (la salle a faire du Kendo),
organisent des matches, presentent les arts militaires,
et decernent leurs licences de Dan (le grade de Kendo) dans le monde entier.

Est-ce qu'ils ont un rapport avec les associations japonaises ?
NON. Ils n'ont aucun rapport dans la plupart des cas.

Ils se servent souvent du "Shinai" (le sabre de bambou)
et du "Bougu"(l'equipement pour se defendre) du Kendo.
Mais ils changent frequemment les methodes des matches et ces equipements.

Finalement, leur "kumdo" est une copie du "Kendo".
Pourquoi en font-ils ?

On suppose que c'est parce qu'ils ne veulent pas convenir
que le "Kendo" a ete importe du Japon quand le Japon gouvernait la Coree.
Mais peuvent-ils s'approprier la culture pour cette raison ?
(On ne peut plus dire que c'est une invasion de la culture.)

Est-ce qu'il y a "kumdo" Dojo dans votre ville ?









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Theme of Today :

Amazing World of Comfort women's OOPArts!




Key passage:
"OOPArts comfort women" can be explained in another way.
So "OOPArts comfort women" were actually comfort women for U.S. military. In short, they tell a lie.
If so, why do they tell lies?
The leading reason is that Korea is "Hate-Japan" nation. All the stories which defames Japan are unconditionally believed.
"Comfort women for Japanese Army were carted off and forced to be sex slaves."
Such stories are grounded only in comfort women's "testimonies" and also inconsistent with the documents of the time. But in Korea no one allowed to question such stories as dogma of religious cult. 

要 約:
以上は慰安婦の「証言」以外何の裏付けもない。そして、当時の資料とも矛盾する。しかしこれらはカルトの 教義のごとく、疑うことすら許されないのだ。 


(Hypothesis 2) "OOPArts comfort women" were comfort women for the U.S. (UN) military.

The "OOPArts comfort women" can also be explained in another way.
In the Japanese internet the opinion is often seen that "OOPArts comfort women" were actually comfort women for the U.S. (UN) military. They just pretend to be comfort women for Japanese Army. But from time to time they inadvertently tell what they have seen and heard as it was.
Then it is no surprise that we hear such words as "Jeeps", "English" and others from their mouths.
The name of this site is "Why does kumdo tell a lie?". Then I should think "Why do comfort women tell lies?".

"Comfort women for the U.S. military"
"Comfort women for the U.S. military" here mean prostitutes for the U.S. military who occupied (sourth) Korean Peninsula after 1945. Some of them were raped by US soldiers and became comfort women. As the time passed by, comfort women for U.S. military were institutionalized by President Park Chung-hee. Prostitution provided means for Korea to earn their precious foreign currency. But serious human rights issues are pointed out by the implementation of this system. For example, comfort women had been confined in barred rooms for the treatment of sexually transmitted disease. The rooms was called "monkey houses" which was a discriminatory name. And some comfort women tried to run away from so-called base villages, and ask policemen for help. But they were taken to base villages by polecemen against their will.

(In November, 2015 KBS(Korean media) documentary program reported that "Monkey housis" existed in this building.   )

A professor of Hiroshima University named Choe Kilsung estimates the number of comfort women for the U.S. military in Korea at 30 hundreds of thousands from 25 hundreds of thousands till 1990("Sexual assaults and prostitution by UN force during Korean War"(2001/03)). 122 Comfort women for the U.S. military brought a class action lawsuit for damages against Korean government in June, 2014. But it is difficult to say that this issue receives a great deal of public attention in Korea. Korean government does not seem to give her mind, too. For example, a minister of state could not answer the question which an oppsition lawmaker had asked a year before. Though this minister went to so far as to go to France to spread the issue of comfort women for Japanese Army.

(The 1st reason) The "Hate-Japan" nation, Korea
Why do they tell lies?
In short, because Korea is "Hate-Japan" nation. Their hate toward Japan and Japanese is now their identity. Korean people traditionally have sense of discrimination against Japan and Japanese. ((Petit Sinocentrism, 小中華思想)). Under this traditional environment. they have been receiving "Hate Japan" education across several generations.

"Hate Japan" education and Korean society
In "Hate Japan" education, fictional history is taught. Its biggest lie is that Korea had been an independent nation before it was merged with Japan Empire (In fact, Korea had been a tributary nation to China(Qing).). But few persons tries to verify lies. Whoever argue with lies face the threat of persecution. Some people are at risk of losing their jobs, some people are beaten even in public, and others are orderd to pay substantial libel damages.

As a result, hatred toward Japan has been imprinted into their minds, how delusive or how far from the truth their education is.
Now, it's not too much to say that all the stories which defame or disvalue Japan pass as the truth in Korea.
On the similar grounds, many Korean people claim that Japanese culture as Kendo originated from Korea.

Why many Korean people want to believe that Japanese culture originated from Korea.
Its fundamental reason is that Japan itself threatens the unfound ed idea of Korean people being a chosen people. "Though we, Korean people must be superior race, why don't we have original culture as Kendo and others?" ”Why don't we・・・」 Such a conflict have inflected their hatred further. Now Korean public or private organizations are trying to insult and devalue Japan around the world.

These "facts" are also regarded as accomplished facts because Korean people can despise or disdain Japan with them. And Korean people think no one should be permitted a question. Unconditionally these "facts" are accepted as truth as dogma of religious cult.

By the way, Comfort women's issue was supposed to be "irreversibly resolved" by Japan-Korea Agreement in December, 2015. By this Agreement, at least a "comfort woman" statue was supposed to be removed in front of Japanese Embassy in Korea. This statue violates the Vienna Convention.

But at least 15 statues were newly erected in Korea within 10 months after this agreement. Total number of statues are more than 40 (in October, 2016) in Korea(Japan's news site, 2016.10.31). In addition, a new statue was erected in front of Japanese Consulate General at Busan. This also violates the Vienna Convention.

In Korea, there were some demonstrations of more than 100,000 for urging the president to step down since November, 2016. In one of these hateful demonstrations, somehow a gigantic comfort woman statue appeared.

     This is gigantic comfort woman statue!

And somehow a performance to chop the Rising Sun flag was held. Without any doubt, the emotions expressed here are hatred and anathema.
Comfort woman statues are never "peace statues", despite officials` favorite statement.
These statues are hatred statues which libel Japanese unreasonably. The statues make many people hate Japanese people.

Indeed even Japanese students are persecuted. And all the three major candidates as next persident of Korea vowes to abandon Japan-Korea Agreement. Losing materials to hate Japan is a matter of life and death for them. Because Korea is "hatred nation" which has been run based on hatred, Korea needs "comfort women issue" and comfort woman statues. Korean people no longer able to keep up their mental stability without hatred toward Japan. It may be difficult even to maintain the national system. Their hatred toward Japan is closer to a religion than a set of value. Their "Hatred toward Japan" religion is the de facto "established religion" of Korea.

(The 2nd reason) Actual benefit and a sort of honor as "martyrs"
For former comfort women for U.S. military, they had better identify themselves as comfort women for Japanese Army. Because it is easier to win more sympathy. And they are accepted as a sort of national idols as if they are "martyrs".
Additionally they can win apologies and money with comparative ease from Japan.
Essentially they can win both benefit and an honor.

How much did Korean former comfort women receive without their jobs?
Type of comfort women The money they got (or will get) after they quit.
Comfort women for U.S. military None
(122 women are suing Korean government for about 10,000 dollars each.(2014-))
Comfort women for Japanese Army A bonus of 5 millions yen(50,000 dollars) was handed to each woman from Asian Women's Fund. (private fund) They also receive official assistance from Korean government. Additionally new 10 millions yen(100,000 dollars) will be handed to each women. This money will be funded by Japanese government as the result of Japan?Korea agreement(December 2015). By this agreement Japan offered 1 billion yen.

(The 3rd reason) Their culure of lie
This is closer to cultural background than one of the reasons. In Korea, there is a culture that anyone tell lies easily. If possible, I had better identify myself as a comfort women for Japanese Army. The women who had little resistance to telling lies think so.

(仮説2) 「オーパーツ慰安婦」は米軍(連合軍)慰安婦だった。
日本のネットではしばしば見かけるが、「『オーパーツ慰安婦』 は、米軍(連合軍)慰安婦だった」というものだ。 つまり「オーパーツ慰安婦」たちは、米軍(連合軍)慰安婦でありながら日本軍慰安婦であると詐称しているに過ぎない、しかし、時おりうっかり当時の見聞をありのまま話してしまうのだ。それならジープや英語などの単語が出てきても不思議はない。

ここで言う「米軍慰安婦」とは、1945年以降朝鮮半島に進駐してきた米軍兵士相手の慰安婦を指す。その中には米軍兵士に強姦され、その後慰安婦になった者も含まれる。 時代が下ると、朴正煕大統領により制度化された。売春は貴重な外貨の獲得の手段だった。 しかし性病の治療で「モンキーハウス」という差別的な呼称の小部屋に監禁されたり、いわゆる基地村から逃亡しようとして警察官に連れ戻されたりといった深刻な人権上の問題も指摘されている。


崔吉城(チェ・キルソン)という広島大の教授は1990年までに韓国における米軍相手の婦は25万から30万にのぼったとしている (「朝鮮戦争における国連軍の性暴行と売春」(2001/03))。2014年6月122名が政府に補償を求めて訴訟を起こした。だが国民的な関心事になっているとは言い難い。政府も重視しているようには見えない。フランスに行ってまで日本軍慰安婦問題のアピールした大臣は、米軍慰安婦問題について野党の議員から一年前にもらっていた質問にも答えることができなかった。

(理由1) 憎日国家、韓国
一言で言えば、韓国は「憎日」国家だからである。日本と日本人を憎むことは、今や彼らのアイデンティティーである。韓国人は伝統的に日本や日本人への差別感情を持っていた ((Petit Sinocentrism,小中華思想 )。こうした環境の中で、彼らは何世代もわたって「憎日」教育を受けてきた。

憎日教育においては、架空の歴史を教えられる。その最大の嘘は、韓国は日本に併合される前まで独立国であったというものだ(事実は中国(清)の属国)。しかし、彼らのなかで検証しようというものはわずかであり、 異を唱える者は迫害の脅威に直面する 。それは公の場所ですら暴行を受けたり、職を失う危機に直面したり、名誉毀損で多額の賠償金を支払いを命じられたりすることだ。


その根本的な理由は、日本人の存在が彼らの根拠なき選民思想を脅かすからである。「われわれ韓国人の方が文化的に優れている人種のはずなのに、なぜ剣道のような独自の文化がないのか?」「なぜ・・・?」そうした葛藤から憎しみはさらに屈折してきた。 現在、韓国系の官民組織が世界中で日本を侮辱し評価を貶めようとしている。



ところで、慰安婦問題を「不可逆的に解決」するはずだった2015年12月の日韓合意では、少なくともウィーン条約違反の 日本大使館前の慰安婦像は撤去されるはずだった。ところが合意後、大使館前の像は撤去されず、韓国で最低15体もの慰安婦像が新たに設置されている。韓国全土では、慰安婦像は40体以上になるという(zakzak 2016.10.31 )。さらに釜山の日本領事館前に新たな慰安婦像が設置された。これもウィーン条約違反だ。




三人の主な次期大統領候補は、この合意を破棄すると言い出している。日本を憎悪する材料を失うこと。これは、彼らにとって死活問題なのだ。韓国は憎悪で運営される憎悪の国であるがゆえに慰安婦問題、そ して慰安婦像を必要としているのだ。もはや日本を憎むことなしには、国民は精神の安定が保てないのだろう。国の体制の保持すら難しいのかもしれない。日本への憎悪は、彼らの価値観というより、宗教と言った方が 近い。「憎日教」は韓国の事実上の国教である。

(理由2)実利と 「殉教者」的名誉
そして米国からでなく、日本からであれば、謝罪も金銭も比較的容易に勝ち取れるのだ。 要するに利益、両方が得やすいのである。

米軍慰安婦 なし
日本軍慰安婦 アジア女性基金(民間基金)より、500万円(50万ドル)の慰労金が提供された。 さらに韓国人慰安婦へは韓国政府より公的補助あり。 日韓合意(2015年12月により日本政府の資金(10億円)を元にさらに一人1000万円が支給される予定。

(理由3) 嘘の文化
これは理由というより文化的背景である。 韓国には多くの人間が嘘を容易についてしまう文化がある。 可能なら日本軍慰安婦として名乗り出たほうが良い。嘘に抵抗がない人々はそう考える。


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