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Why does "kumdo"
tell a lie ?

Pourquoi ils disent
un mensonge avec le "kumdo" ?

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What is the "kumdo" problem?

The problem is that not a few associations spread the fabricated fact
that Kendo belongs to the Korean culture.

They carry out propaganda activities around the world.
They call Kendo "kumdo", which is the pronunciation of Kendo in Korean.

Around the world, they open many Dojo (Kendo training rooms), host games,
give demonstrations and give their practitioners licenses of ranks.

Do they have any relationship with Japanese associations?
No. They often carry out such activities without any relationships to Japan.

They also use the Shinai(a bamboo sword) and Bougu (protective gear) of Kendo.
But they often change the procedure of the games and their costumes.

After all, their "kumdo" is a copy of Kendo.
What makes them do such activities?

One of the reasons appears to be that they never want to accept
the fact that Kendo was imported from Japan when Korea was ruled by Japan.
But can such a reason justify their cultural invasion?
(This is nothing but cultural invasion.)

Is there a "kumdo" Dojo in your town?

Qu'est-ce que c'est le probleme "kumdo" ?

C'est un probleme car beaucoup d'associations repandent
des mensonges autour du "Kendo", qui appartient a la culture coreene.

Ils appellent "Kendo" "kumdo", qui est la prononciation coreene.
Ils propagent ces activites au titre des coreens dans le monde entier.

Ils ouvrent beaucoup de "Dojo" (la salle a faire du Kendo),
organisent des matches, presentent les arts militaires,
et decernent leurs licences de Dan (le grade de Kendo) dans le monde entier.

Est-ce qu'ils ont un rapport avec les associations japonaises ?
NON. Ils n'ont aucun rapport dans la plupart des cas.

Ils se servent souvent du "Shinai" (le sabre de bambou)
et du "Bougu"(l'equipement pour se defendre) du Kendo.
Mais ils changent frequemment les methodes des matches et ces equipements.

Finalement, leur "kumdo" est une copie du "Kendo".
Pourquoi en font-ils ?

On suppose que c'est parce qu'ils ne veulent pas convenir
que le "Kendo" a ete importe du Japon quand le Japon gouvernait la Coree.
Mais peuvent-ils s'approprier la culture pour cette raison ?
(On ne peut plus dire que c'est une invasion de la culture.)

Est-ce qu'il y a "kumdo" Dojo dans votre ville ?









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The miserable ends of South Korean presidents



Key passage:
Why do South Korean presidents meet miserable ends?
As a matter of fact, ”South Korea is not a democracy nation". Therefore the handover of political power means a "dynasty change" to Korean people. Then a new king always deny the power of a former king for establishing his authority.


Moon Jae-in was chosen as a new Korean president(2017/5/10).
He has once served as a Chief Presidential Secretary under "a little crazy" Roh Moo-hyun.
When Gates, Secretary of Defense of USA visited President Roh in November 2007, he heard Roh said "The biggest security threats in Asia were the United States and Japan." In later years, Gates described Noh as "anti-American and probably a little crazy.".

19th President of Korea, Moon Jae-in
韓国第19代大統領 文在寅

Moon Jae-in is considered to take over political assertion from Roh Moo-hyun, and many people are interested whether he is more crazy than Roh Moo-hyun.
After retiring, Noh died "from falling out of a mountain cliff" in May 2009. At that time, he was investigated for taking bribes. Some people say Roh committed suicide. Moon Jae-in would aggravate the disunity within Korea, considering his political position. He is not likely that he will be able to spend his last days in peace and quiet, too.
In the first place, Korean presidents are known to meet miserable ends.
Do you know this copy & paste production has been talked about recently?

1st President - impeached because of rigged election, escaped to Hawaii
2nd President - resigns due to military coup, sentenced 3 years imprisonment in court-martial
3rd President - wife shot by guy trying to kill him, soon after killed by head of Korean Intelligence Agency
4th President - couldn't control demonstrations, resigns due to Gwangju Massacre after just 8 months in office
5th President - sentenced to death for his role in the Gwangju Massacre, later pardoned
6th President - arrested for bribery after term, imprisoned 17 years for mutiny and treason during Gwangju Massacre, later pardoned
7th President - economic crisis forcing IMF to step in during term, second son arrested for bribery of intercession and tax evasion
8th President - 5 family members including his 3 sons guilty of bribery 9th President - "slips and dies" while climbing a mountain during investigations for bribery (official story is that it was a suicide, but you can never be certain of anything in South Korea)
10th President - brother arrested, wife's cousin arrested, accused of violating real estate laws
11th President - daughter of 3rd president, puppet of a cult leader, impeached

Why do Korean presidents meet miserable ends?
This topic has featured on a Japanese TV program. The following is a summary of this program, "Takajin NO money" which was broadcasted by TV Osaka on August 4 2012.




【Quotation From "Takajin NO money"】
(This title means "the money of Takajia(A TV personality" or "Takaji has no money")
Subtitle "Why alleged corruptions appear among a president and his relatives in Korea when a presidential election approachs?”
"Why alleged corruptions appear among a president and his relatives in Korea when a presidential election approachs?

サブタイトル 『どうして韓国は、大統領選が近くなると、親族や本人に不正疑惑がポロポロと出てくるのですか?』

TV personalities decided which answer is correct about this question.

Narration: The presidency of Syngman Rhee, 1st-3rd President ended in resignation following popular protests against a disputed election. He died in exile in Honolulu, Hawaii.

ナレーション: 韓国の初代~三代大統領・李承晩(イ・スンマン)氏は不正選挙を糾弾され、亡命先のハワイにて死去したのをかわきりに、
The 4th president, Yun Posun was sentenced to jail terms of 3 years at court-martial.
Jail terms of 3 years!

The 11th-12th president, Cho Doo-hwan received death sentence for being the leader of rebellion at Kwangju incident(At a later date he was granted a special pardon.).
Death sentence!

第11~12代大統領・全斗煥(チョン・ドファン)氏は光州事件に於いて反乱首謀罪で死刑判決( 後に特赦)。
The 15th president, Kim Dae-jung got life imprisonment for being the leader at Kwangju incident. And his reiatives including his three sons were arrested for misuse of money.
Life imprisonment!

Then the former president Roh Moo-hyun died "from falling out of a mountain cliff" (in May 2009) during investigations for taking bribes.
This incident mystery-shrouded(Some people say Roh committed suicide). Before this incident, his relatives and close advisers had been arrested for bribery.
Mysterious death from falling out of a cliff!

そして前大統領の盧 武鉉(ノ・ムヒョン)氏は親族の不正が取沙汰され(取り沙汰どころか側近親族が贈収賄などで逮捕されている-英語訳では訂正)、自らも収賄で調査されるさ中、登山中に謎の滑落死を遂げた(2009 年5月、一説に投身自殺)。
And in the last days of current Lee Myung-bak's presidency, his brother and a close adviser were arrested for bribery as scheduled events. And an alleged corruption also appeared about the land purchase of himself.
After leaving the position, he is potentially pursue his responsibility, this goes on. (This program was broadcasted in 2012, and nothing was talked about Park Geun-hye.)
The arrests of his elder brother and a close adviser!

そして現在の李 明博(イ・ミョンパク)政権にも政権末期の恒例行事とも言える実兄とその側近が贈賄で逮捕、自らの土地購入についての不正疑惑が持ち上がる。 (2012年の番組なので朴槿恵の話題はなし)
Were their presidents ganged up to defame? Is this the problem caused by their ethnicity? Then we want to ask! "Why alleged corruptions appear about current president and his relatives when president election approaches?"
Koreans' ethnicity?

組織的に貶められるのか? あるいは民族性の問題なのか? そこで質問! 『どうして韓国は、大統領選が近くなると、親族や本人に不正疑惑がポロポロと出てくるのですか?』
Narration: Then we want to ask him the questions about Korea! We asked Pak Il, the professor of Graduate University of Osaka City, this question.
Prof. Pak Il: "As you suggest, one of the reasons may be Koreans' ethnicity. Basically, this problem is caused by local relations, blood relations and academic clique in Korea. When things go wrong, such relations may create new conflicts and hatreds. As the result they hate each other."
Narration: Because of this, a series of scandals appear.
Prof. Pak: "As background to this, excessive power concentrates in the hand of the President. That is to say, once he becomes a president, he gains an immense sum of money from financial cliques.
Professor Pak Il

Various relations create new conflicts and hatreds.

ナレーション: そこで韓国の事はこの人に聞け!大阪市立大学大学院教授・朴一(パク・イル)さんにこの質問をぶつけてみた。

朴教授:「まぁ仰るようにそのー、民族性の問題も孕んでいる部分もあるかも知れません。 これは基本的には韓国に根付く、まっ地縁、血縁、学縁の構造。 それは下手をすると憎悪の対立になるんですね、憎しみ合う。」
ナレーション: それが原因で不祥事がボロボロ出てくるわけですね。
朴教授: 「原因は、韓国の大統領にあまりにも権限が集中し過ぎているという事が1つあります。つまり一回大統領をやれば、物凄いお金が財閥から集まってくると。
Prof. Pak Il: Why did not such situations reveal? Because presidents had controled informations from the mass media. But Kim Young-sam moved forward on so-called democratic reform. Then such situations became to be leaked to the media completely.

Then President Lee's brother was arrested on suspicion of receiving about 40 million yen in kickbacks from the bank for influence peddling.Such situatons became to be revealed. In fact, this proves realization of democracy in Korea. This is the evidence of healthy society, I think."
The evidence of healthy society!

朴教授: それがバレなかったのは、大統領がマスコミを情報統制してたからなんですけども、いわゆる金 泳三(キム・ヨンサム)政権で民主改革が行われてからは、こういったものは完全にマスコミにリークされるようになってしまったと。 だから今回、李明博(イ・ミョンバク)大統領のお兄さんが銀行に口を利いてですね、えー4000万円位のリベートを貰ってたという事で逮捕されましたけども、 こういったことが明るみに出るという事は、それだけ韓国が実は民主化されたという証拠なんですよ。健全な社会の証拠であると私は思います、はい。」
Narration: ”But it is too terrible somebody has died.” Prof. Park: "In the end, it is the easiest way for the people who had flocked around super power not to be accused of crimes. Then he might be killed because all concerned would not be accused, I suppose. All of studios, do you think this is the best answer? VTR ended. Camera caught the scene of studio.
Was he killed?

ナレーション:「しかし、死者まで出るというのは恐ろしい事ですよね。」 朴教授:「結局、その革新的なその権力に群がる人達が無罪になる為には、その全てを知ってる大統領が亡くなる事が一番分かりやすいんですよね。だから私は彼が亡くなれば全てが、まぁチャラにされてしまうという事で殺されたという事もあったんじゃないのかなと私は思いますけどねぇ。」 ナレーション:「スタジオの知恵袋の皆さん、これってベストアンサーだと思いますか?」 (VTR終了 スタジオへ)
Aoyama: "I am dissatisfied."
Kishi: "Something different"
Aoyama: "Is this the evidence of healthy society?"
Dr.Suidohbashi: "I agree with Aoyama."
Kurata: "Yes. Though such a terrible event occured..."
Kishi: "Their society are not healthy, so this kind of things occurrs."
Manabe: "Hmm."

Prof.Park`s answer "The evidence of healthy society!"

Dr.Suidohbashi: "He is right about the first half of his answer, isn't he?"
Kishi: "I also agree the first half."
Aoyama: "He is right in some area. But his conclusion is ... Though he insists this is the evidence of healthy society(laugh)"

Kurata: "Yes I don't agree that part, too."
Manabe: "Then we will receive an answer from everyone. First Mr.Aoyama."

Aoyama: "Korea is not a democratic nation in really, so regime changes mean changes of dynasties. A new king can not establish his authority without denying former king.
When I told an active duty general of Korean Army at that time my opinion in Seoul, I got a honest answer, "Unfortunately, you are right."
Kishi: ”Oh, dynasties!”
Kurata: "Wow!"
Dr.Suidohbashi: "Do changes of dynasties mean also changes of close advisers?"
Aoyama: "Yes."
Kishi: "They all change."
Aoyama: "In Korea, a political system was so corrupt that the presidency has become five years. This change further increased the nature of dynastic change."
Kurata: "Yeah."
Kishi: "This time the brother and a close adviser of president were arrested early. So I'm sure that power struggle intensifies behind scenes."
Aoyama: "You are right."
Suda: "Then even if a former president is sentenced to death, he is not executed. Even if he is sentenced to life in prison, he is released from jail after a few years. For mercy (of a new king). Because Korea is a Confucian country. Then ..."
Kishi: "I can't understand."
Aoyama: "Only the mercy of a new king can explain this."
Suda: "Then a former president is not sentenced to death in really."
Manabe: "Then which is the best answer? We got a clear answer, didn't we?"
Aoyama's answer was selected as the best answer!!

Manabe "Aoyama's answer is simple and easy-to-understand."
Manabe "We also got answers from the public. Our staffs selected this as the best one."

In this way, Aoyama's answer was selected as the best answer.
This is one of the few programs which spoke out on Korea. In the news reporting about crimes and accidents, when Korea or Korean people proved to be the assailants, such reportings often fade from the limelight in Japan.

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