Why does "kumdo"
tell a lie ?

Pourquoi ils disent
un mensonge avec le "kumdo" ?

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What is the "kumdo" problem?

The problem is that not a few associations spread the fabricated fact
that Kendo belongs to the Korean culture.

They carry out propaganda activities around the world.
They call Kendo "kumdo", which is the pronunciation of Kendo in Korean.

Around the world, they open many Dojo (Kendo training rooms), host games,
give demonstrations and give their practitioners licenses of ranks.

Do they have any relationship with Japanese associations?
No. They often carry out such activities without any relationships to Japan.

They also use the Shinai(a bamboo sword) and Bougu (protective gear) of Kendo.
But they often change the procedure of the games and their costumes.

After all, their "kumdo" is a copy of Kendo.
What makes them do such activities?

One of the reasons appears to be that they never want to accept
the fact that Kendo was imported from Japan when Korea was ruled by Japan.
But can such a reason justify their cultural invasion?
(This is nothing but cultural invasion.)

Is there a "kumdo" Dojo in your town?

Qu'est-ce que c'est le probleme "kumdo" ?

C'est un probleme car beaucoup d'associations repandent
des mensonges autour du "Kendo", qui appartient a la culture coreene.

Ils appellent "Kendo" "kumdo", qui est la prononciation coreene.
Ils propagent ces activites au titre des coreens dans le monde entier.

Ils ouvrent beaucoup de "Dojo" (la salle a faire du Kendo),
organisent des matches, presentent les arts militaires,
et decernent leurs licences de Dan (le grade de Kendo) dans le monde entier.

Est-ce qu'ils ont un rapport avec les associations japonaises ?
NON. Ils n'ont aucun rapport dans la plupart des cas.

Ils se servent souvent du "Shinai" (le sabre de bambou)
et du "Bougu"(l'equipement pour se defendre) du Kendo.
Mais ils changent frequemment les methodes des matches et ces equipements.

Finalement, leur "kumdo" est une copie du "Kendo".
Pourquoi en font-ils ?

On suppose que c'est parce qu'ils ne veulent pas convenir
que le "Kendo" a ete importe du Japon quand le Japon gouvernait la Coree.
Mais peuvent-ils s'approprier la culture pour cette raison ?
(On ne peut plus dire que c'est une invasion de la culture.)

Est-ce qu'il y a "kumdo" Dojo dans votre ville ?









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Theme of Today

Korean Americans start demanding more and more




Key passage:

The political activitieos of Korean Americans in a crowd are very selfish and persistent.
Their main motivation is a "hatred towards Japan". This hatred is already like a religion. This religion made them "political monsters". We can not find any public spirit in their activities. We can not find any concern for national interests of United States.
Their political desire is now "getting fat" and is taking shape year after year.
A leader of a Korean group went to far as to suggest they would take over the political power of United States.
In United States their danger should be warned, and should be hindered by the public opinions.

要 約:


       (original picture) 

1. Political monsters

Japan's Prime Minister, Abe is now planning to make a speech to US Congress(2015/04/29). Then many Korean Americans were going to hold a protest meeting in front of the U.S. Capitol.

As I wrote before, the left picture is its poster.
Furthermore, they are planning to place ads of protest against Abe in major newspapers on the day of his speech.
Furthermore, they will hold a suite of protests wherever Prime Minister, Abe will go.
Furthermore, some sources say they have already brought a "comfort woman", and will make her charge at Prime Minister, Abe.

U.S. government is going to welcome the prime minister of allied country all over USA, but this ethnic group ignores such national interests or position. They have a deep-rooted hatred, and believe it is unconditionally right to hate and insult Japan. They have no hesitation in doing political actions which do not bear any relations to national interests of this country but also do harm to them. This is the attitude of many Korean Americans who have received hate-Japan education in the hate-Japan community. And this is a Korean character which is distinguishing dogmatic. Can anyone stop this "Monster" people?
Recently I heard of the parents who often ask the schoolteachers for the impossible. They are called "Monster parents". Then many Korean Americans I have written here are political monsters.

日本の安倍首相は、アメリカ連邦議会で演説が予定されていますが、 そのアメリカ連邦議事堂前で多数の韓国系住民たちが、『安倍糾弾大会』を開こうとしています。 前回書いたように、 左はそのポスターです。


米国政府は国を挙げて同盟国の首相を歓迎しようとしているわけですが、日本を憎み、侮辱することが無条件に正しいことである民族の眼中に、米国の利益や立場はありません。住んでいる国でその国益に関係ない、いや むしろ阻害要因になりうる常軌を逸した政治行動を起こすことにもためらいなどありません。 これが、 憎日社会で憎日教育を受けた多数の韓国人、韓国系の人々の感覚なのです。そして類を見ない独善的な民族気質なのです。誰かこのモンスターな人々を止めてもらえないでしょうか?

Do you remember "Attack on Pearl Harbor"?
This opinion ad was placed in New York Times on the day before the speech of Prime Minister, Abe. The person who placed this was So Kyondok, the professor of a university of Korea. The group of Korean Americans posted another ad, but I thought this one is more appropriate for Korean people.

Though Prime Minister, Abe and President Obama look back their history of reconciliation and they are going to reinforce their alliance with each other, what did he want to do? For your information, Korean people at that time(They were Japanese at that time) wanted to join Japanese Army in an endless stream in spite of high degree of competition (In Korean Peninsula, military conscription began at the point of war's end).

Such ads are just the beginning.
Korean groups took many Korean Americans for a protest meeting in front of the U.S. Capitol with buses.

When Prime Minister, Abe gave a lecture at Harvard University, a Korean student raised a question if Abe denied Japanese government and Army had involved in this issue. Prime Minister extended his deepest sympathies to the victims of human trafficking, and explained Japan's efforts as Asian Women's Fund. Most of "comfort women" were prostitutes, but Abe wanted to say some of them might be the victims of human trafficking. The persons participated in those crimes were her families and Korean procurers. Korean government and organizations will accuse such views. But if they really think so, they should think how to compensate comfort women for U.S. Army. Japan has already concluded a comprehensive treaty which included every damage before 1945 with Korea.

And in this university the protest demonstration was made(Prime Minister used the door for VIP.)
One of demonstrators was Lee Yons, who was "comfort women for Japanese Army". She has made a speech at this university on the previous day. In fact, her "testimonies" are full of contradictions….






In this speech, she said as follows.
"When I was sixteen, I was carted off without understanding English." Why did she say about English? (A Korean medium desperately pleaded she said another word.)

Do comfort women like English? Oh, might she mistake who to demand apology and compensation to?

For comparison, I have never seen "comfort women (for Japanese Army)" under 17 years old in the materials of those days.

I will introduce her "testimonies" in past days.

”I followed on the person dressed like a soldier . thrilled with a one-piece and red shoes he gave me.”(In "Photographic Recording The broken silence" published material issued on July, 1993 in Japan)
When I was fourteen, I was carted off, being threatened with a bayonet.”(In the newspaper Japanese Communist Party issues in June, 2002)
When I was fifteen, I was carted off from home by a Japanese soldier.”(at a meeting in Japan on October, 2006)
”After I had been carted off by Japanese Army in 1944, I was continues to be raped, assaulted and committed torture for three years.”(In a lecture at Harvard University on April, 2007)

These materials were all reported from herself or comfort women's side. We can see such inconsistencies of "testimonies" in almost other "comfort women" who have been given "testimonies" for a long time. But their inconsistencies have never pointed out in foreign publications, I hear. Wikipedea in English does not point out them, too.

Who can want an apology from a prime minister of a nation with such "testimonies"?




「軍服みたいな服を着た男」にワンピースと赤い靴をもらって感激してついて行った、(1993年7月に刊行された書籍(「写真記録 やぶられた沈黙」)
15歳で家から軍人に拉致された」(2006年10月の日本での集会) 「1944年に日本軍に強制連行され、3年間日本軍に強姦、暴行、拷問を受けた」(2007年4月のハーバード大学での講演)



"I was carted off without understanding English"
Lee Yons want an official apology of Japanese government.


"The people who demand for his apology are vocal minority." a journalist said.

The vocal minority demanding for Abe's apology

The vocal minority protesting against Prime Minister, Abe in the car

They are Korean Americans and sometimes Chinese Americans

Japanese Army officer, Park Chung-hee

Kim Donsok of KACE claims "Slap Japan in the face with USA's hand!"

2. An arrogant and servile delusion

I will going back to Prime Minister Abe's visit to the United States. Abe's speech to US Congress enjoyed popularity among the majority of Americans. In Japan the protesters of Korean organizations appeared on television, but Japanese media was less critical of his speech at the thought of their press reports till now.
Though he made a speech to USA, why do China and Korea intervene in his speech? Especially about Korea I don't understand. Prime Minister Abe did not use "apology". He used "reflected". But why do many people assume only Japan did "reflect"?
But in consideration of Japan's circumstances, especially China's territorial ambition, Japan never has many options.

After that, in front of hotel at Los Angeles Prime Minister Abe encountered over 300 protesters raising their voices. They belonged to Koreans, Chinese or other organizations which asked for an apology for Japanese Army's activities during the Pacific War. The main street through the center of the city was so bustling and temporary blocked(5/1).
In those days, Korean people including the father of current Korean president joined in Japanese Army. And the rate of the Korean "war criminals" on charges of prisoner abuse and others was much higher than the average of Japanese(Korean 0.9% Japanese 0.04% by Tony Marano).

I don't understand why such "Korean people" protest the events during the war against USA in this way. They are good at forgetting their "inconvenient truth" and fabricating their memories for proclaiming themselves victims.

They must want to terrorize Prime Minister Abe, and want to insult him if they can. Their massively political behaviors did not consider USA's national interest or position. And they never think how their behaviors look like to other Americans. Because they are so convinced of the social justice of hatred against Japan - to hate japan and to insult and discriminate against Japanese - that they can not come up with the possibility that their activities are regarded as dangerous or looked coldly.

Many Korean Americans share an arrogant and servile delusion that they will extend their influence in American society and that they will slaps on Japan's cheek with USA's hand . This is not only my personal opinion, but such an article has appeared on a Korean newspaper in fact. This article was published on May, 2014.

The title was "Slap Japan in the face with USA's hand" !
In this article, Kim Donsok of KACE(Korean American Civic Empowerment, one of Korean political organizations in USA) asserts the following.
"In USA, activities about comfort women (for Japanese Army) must be carried out based on the policy that "Slap Japan in the face with USA's hand" instead of the policy that Korea appears in a direct way."
"If American citizens voluntarily carry out it, U.S. government will protect the monuments and the statues (of comfort women)."
"It is important for American citizens to raise the comfort women's issue with the monuments and others, which are built with public goods."
This shameless idea and serious intention are downright grotesque and nauseating. The person who can claim such a thing seriously can never understand this physiological disgust.
American people should not overlook what he said. Because he declared Korean Americans would be parasitic in American society and would takeover it.
2. 傲岸で卑屈な妄想


さて、その後ロサンゼルスにてホテル前で、太平洋戦争中の日本軍の行為への謝罪を求める韓国や中国系の団体など300人あまりが集まり、 抗議の声を上げました。市内中心部の大通りが通行止めになるなど、一時騒然となったといいます(5/1)。



米国の韓国系住民の頭の中にあるのは米国社会の中でいかに影響力を増し、いかに"米国の手で"日本の頬をひっぱたいてやるか?という卑屈で傲岸な妄想 なのです。これは私見という訳ではなく、実際にそのような内容の記事が韓国紙に2014年5月に出ています。


At press conference, Solti, the candidate from Republicans expressed support for "East Sea" bill

President Peter Kim at a press conference after "East sea" bill passed the Virginia General Assembly

Korea asserts “The name Sea of Japan became widespread as a result of Japanese expansionism and colonial rule.” But the fact is the name Sea of Japan was already prevalent in the early 19th century. Japan during the Edo Period (1603?1867) had an isolationist policy, and was unable to exercise any influence to establish the name Sea of Japan.
Korea can not explain this "inconvenient" fact.

3. "Do not think you can get the votes of Korean Americans for free!"

Their political demands are growing more and more.
In September, 2014 - before a midterm election, newsis.com, one of the Korean media has posted an article headlined “Do not think you can get the votes of Korean Americans for free!".

According to this article, they openly press some candidates for Congress to express unequivocal support for "East Sea" bill before the election.
Korean Americans in Virginia have enacted the "East Sea" bill, which requires any newly purchased textbooks to note that the Sea of Japan is also known as the East Sea in Virginia.

From the article, "Do not think you can get the votes of Korean Americans for free!"

As a next move, Peter Kim, the president of VoKA(Voice of Korean American) demanded the candidates to express their stances for introducing a resolution of "East Sea"

President Kim said,
"I demanded that six House candidates and two Senate candidates from Virginia sign the official documents promising to introduce a resolution of 'East Sea' and send me them."
"Susan Solti and Barbala Comstock, the candidates from Republicans sent me the official documents which evidenced their fully agreements about this resolution, and they declared their opinions in a press conference.

President Kim described the recent editorial(August 19, 2014) of Washington Post which took a negative stance to "East sea" resolution as follows.
"Under the influence of Japan lobbying, an outrageous article was published in Washington Post. This article tried to attack Republican candidates.

Though they don't know historic background, they wrote an article which gave me the unfair impression strongly that gave countenance to Japan and the Democracy."
And he pointed out, "Other candidates who were influenced by this article hesitated to promise about a resolution of 'East sea'. "
On this situation, Korean organizations including VoKA declared that they would adopt the system to announce officially candidates to support at a press conference on the 21th October.
Then he carried following messages in the name of Korean society to the six candidates who did not express support for the resolution by e-mail. President Peter Kim stressed "Such organizations as Washington Joint Association and Washington Welfare Center can not join us because they are financed by tax funds, VoKA and as many Korean organization as possible will work together to make a powerful announcement.
He said
"I expect other candidates to promise to introduce a resolution. At least I will announce officially two candidates to support, and will watch election results.
President Peter Kim said emphatically,
"Our powerful messages to politicians are 'Do not ignore the voices of Korean Americans' and 'Don't think you can get the votes of them for free!`. These will be the first place to start for developing political power of Korean Americans through the system to announce officially candidates to support".

This person gets the wrong idea about something. The political system of USA is not the toy of Koreans` "hatred against Japan". American people should remember the names of the two candidates who declared their loyalties to Mr. Kim. The growing political demands of Korean Americans are not the demands as American people. If what President Kim said was a fact, two candidates are so silly politicians that they willingly fawn on Korean Americans who are uninterested in the national interest of the United States. It's easy to determine whether they are right persons as statesmen of United States.

Just for the record, the article of Washington Post pointed out building comfort women's statues and monuments and commitment to "East sea" bill as extreme pandering, and just claimed politicians should not poke their noses in a bitter dispute between two U.S. allies. The article made little mention of historic background. Kim's indication, "Though they don't know historic background" was further from the mark.

Additionally the person who never know historic background is Mr. Kim. The main reason why Korean people claim "East sea" is that the name of "Sea of Japan" have been spread widely across to the world in an aggressive manner under Japanese rule. But the fact is that "Sea of Japan" had been spread during the period of national isolation before Japanese rule. This was also pointed out by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan from the beginning.

I have never heard of any decent objections to this fundamental point from anyone.

To Korean people including Korean Americans and Mr. Kim, hatred to Japan is their religion, and identity. Their thought never change even if they will see any facts.
Their demands for assembly men will be growing more and more in the future endlessly.
By the way, where is the last station of their ambition?

3. 「韓人たちの票をタダで得られると思うな!」




「二ヶ月間北バージニア3個地域 で出馬した6人の下院候補たちとバージニア州の2人の上院候補たちに‘東海併記’決議案を上程するという約束を公文書にサインして送ってくれという要求をして来た」
「共和党候補であるスーザン・ショルティとバーバラ・コムストックは全幅的に賛成するという内容の公文書を送って来て記者会見を通じて宣言した」と明らかにした。ピーター・キム会長は最近(August 19, 2014)ワシントン・ポストが東海併記決議案に対する否定的な立場を取る社説を載せたことと関連、
「バージニアの韓人たちが‘政治人候補公式支持文’システムを通じて政治人たちに‘韓人の声を無視するな。もうタダで得られる韓人の票は無いだろう’ と送る強力なメッセージは米州韓人の政治力伸張の出発点になるだろう」と力を込めて話した。







Video:"Sea of Japan" - A globally established name

Park Sanwon, the senior president of Inter-American Korean Foundation emphasizes the greatness and excellence of the Korean people and ethnic Korean abroad.

  The population distribution map of Korean Americans

Durham Stevens
He was an American diplomat and later an employee of Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He became a diplomatic adviser to Korea after Japan. After Korea Agreement of August 1904, he admired Japan's policy toward Korea. Then he earned hatred of Korean people. At last he became the first victim of Korean terrorism.

JangIn-hwan and JeonMyeong-un. "Korean terrorists" who shot Steven dead. They are regarded as heroes by many Korean people including Korean Americans.
4. U.S. President having a Korean face

I have once seen the article which gave us a hint about it. In February , 2012, Konas.net, one of the Korean media has posted this article.

From the article of Konas.net
"I wish the U.S. President having a Korean face will appear the half a centuary later.
"We will spread greatness of the Korean race in other races and expand the Korean world.

Park Sanwon, the senior president of Inter-American Korean foundation says "109 years have already passed since the start of immigration into USA. The immigrants from Korea including 2,500,000 Korean Americans have improved status of Koreans in each field noticeably." For further improvement, we should make an epoch of 5,000,000-10,000,000 Korean Americans from now only in this USA.

He also says in hope "I'm sure the U.S. President having a Korean face and appearance will appear the half a centuary later.".

The Senior President Park is involved in a lot of community activities in USA. He is also a vice-president of World Federation of Overseas Korean Traders Association and a vice-president of International Solidarity for Defending Dokto( Japanese name, Takeshima)*1

He referred to war stories and independence movement of first-generation of Korean-Americans on the morning of 9th as a guest speaker at International Diplomatic and Security Forum(President Kim Hyonuku, first vice-chairman of The Peaceful and Democratic Unification Advisory Council*1)

These stories must move anyone to tears. First-generation of Korean-Americans boarded an immigrant ship for escaping oppression by Japan 109 years ago.

He introduced the spontaneous movement of begging for the lives of righteous persons, Jeon Myeong-un and Jang In-hwan, who were foreign students. They had shot D.W. Stevens dead with heat. D.W. Stevens was an American diplomat and later an employee of Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He also became a diplomatic adviser to Korea. He said "Korea advocates for Japan`s policy to a protected state (note. Korea)." at press meeting when he went back to USA in March, 1908. The two foreign students from Korea*2, Jang In-hwan and Jeon Myeong-un killed him in their rage at this.

He also talked as follows. First-generation of Korean-Americans provided 70 percent of their earnings for the independence movement in spite of their hard lives in the foreign country. And they tried to train fighter pilots and planned to bombard Japan's mainland amazingly.*4

The senior chairman, Park emphasized Jewish people's tenacity and Korean people's fabulousness. Jewish people had become a people without a country for 2000 years but they handled their griefs and founded the nation. Park said "The number of Korean residents aboard was small, but we are proud of our attitudes toward old country and ethnic group in human history." "Our country was torn by war, and we experienced a terrible tragedy of war orphans and wounded, but our first generation made efforts to found Korea of today. This is one of glorious triumphs in human history." He said like this and emphasized the excellence of Korean people.

He went on his stories.
The number of immigrants from Korea to USA reached less than 10,000 at the time of the outbreak of the Korean War(1950). But Korean immigrants into USA reached 2,500,000 in 2003 when 100 years have passed since the start of immigration. And Korean Americans had a relationship in various ways, and transferred informations, acquaintance and thoughts. In this way they contributed to the industrialization and democratization of the homeland.
And Park claimed "We should make an epoch of 5,000,000-10,000,000 Korean Americans from now only in this USA."

And he said "Regardless of nationalities and living places in the earth village, Koreans are Koreans." "We should Koreanize local citizens including their families by marriages and other means. And we should make them understand Korean culture. Then we must transplant our spirits to them. We can not undergo the alternation of generations without transferring our culture and heritage." He emphasized Korean people must expand the Korean people's world through various interactions and culture diffusion with other peoples.

This article exudes Koreanlike paranoid self-confidence. After you read it once, you can realize that their goal is taking over the political power of U.S. government. Now we can see the local governments which have ”already been taken over" in USA. And Korean political groups do not hide their ambition towards central government. Now they are forcing Korean American's opinions to some House candidates.
In this article, a representative for such a group goes so far as to declare to produce a President of the U.S. having a Korean face. Considering what Korean American have been doing since now, what he says means the declare to take over the political power of United States.
Both the government and private political organizations in United States should not leave such situation or "Korean problems".
Unites States have once experienced crisis of redness. Many communist sympathizers or collaborators had once entered into the center of the government. They were having a effect on the policy decisions. If U.S. government had left such situations, they would not have won the cold war and we would have seen different USA. Many Korean nationalists of Korean Americans are always giving priority to their own profit, their own delusions and their own hatred instead of the national interests of USA. Their motives are supported by hatred like communists. Their hatred toward Japan is a sort of religions, which is an antisocial idea as it is indicated that they justify terrorism. They are also intolerance of opposing views. When someone point "inconvenient" facts, they label him an ignorant person or a racist in a rage. In many cases they have no rational objections. Now we can call it a sort of fascism. They aren't afraid that they may interfere in USA's affairs. They aren't afraid that they may harm the national interests of USA. They make sure their hatred toward Japan is absolute justice. It is outrageous to doubt the "facts" which is the basis of the hatred. And This is far more important than the national interests of USA. Such danger should be made known to the public. And the motivations to exclude the influence of Korean Americans from education or political scenes should be enhanced.

Otherwise the national power may be taken over someday in reality.

San Francisco's Board of Supervisors decided to build the comfort woman's statue on public land in September, 2015.
This was mainly the work by Chinese Americans, and their activities also should be watched.

translator's notes
*1 This name is literally translated from Japanese( I cannot find the official name of this organization.).

*2 Another source says they were Korean Americans.

4. 韓人の顔の米国大統領を

それを伺わせる記事がありました。韓国系メディアのKonas.netというサイトに2012 年2月に掲載された記事です。

Konas.net の記事より




彼は特に当時、日本外務省の雇用員で韓国政府の外交顧問に入って活躍し、1908年3月米国に帰って記者会見しながら「韓国が日本の保護政治を称賛している」と日本を擁護し、これにいきりたった留学生だった*3チョン・ミョンウン、チャン・インファン義士によって狙撃・射殺された米外交官スチーブンス(D.W. Stevens)事件(*2)と韓人の自発的救命運動、そして異国での厳しい暮らしの中でも祖国独立のために個人収入の70パーセントに達する偉業必要独立運動資金を出す一方、飛行士養成等を通して日本本土攻撃計画までたてたアメリカ韓人らの驚くべき活動*4なども紹介した。




最早一種のファシズムとも言ってもいい。これが内政干渉になるのではないか、米国の国益を損なうのではないか、などとは考えません。憎日は絶対的正義です。その大本になっている「事実」を疑うことはとんでもないことであり、当地の国益などよりはるかに優先されるのです 。



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