A Lot Of Lies In "haidong gumdo"

The so-called "history of Kumdo" is full of intentional frauds and distortions.
The some Koreans openly allege their nation is the birthplace of Kendo,
when Japan is truly its origin.

They never claim that in the face of the Japanese,
but instead propagandize it primarily to the Western world
where not many people are familiar with the history of the Eastern countries.

The concerned Japanese, although few at the moment,
are against the cultural plagiarisms committed by the Koreans

 The "Original text" below was* here.

I cannot find the above page. Why?

I cannot see "haidong gumdo history" in English, now.
But it's not that they gave up their fantasy fiction,
because I can see the similar descriptions on other websites in other languages.

AJKF's official view is here
(AJKF is the official KENDO organization in Japan.)

1 Original text Haidong gumdo is the martial art of the ancient Goguryo Kingdom (AD 331). Master Sul Bong established a dojang by Sam Ji Lake in the Baekdoo Mountains and taught his apostles a martial art based on the ideas of patriotism, filial piety, respecting the elderly and executing righteousness. Among them, the outstanding ones were called Samurang and they were always at the front line of the battle against in justice.
1 Fact No evidence. No ground. Who insists that this is a true story, must be responsible for the name of the document.  But perhaps anyone have never seen such an evidence or ground. The same is true of "Samurang". Have they ever existed ? What is the evidence?

Because the today's use of the word, "Kendo" was imported from Japan to Korea not so far from now. Koreans read the same Chinese characters by Korean manner. They pronounced them as "kumdo".
Till then, Korean did not use these characters in contemporary use.
2 Original text The true principle of Haidong Gumdo is to execute justice with the 'sword light'that is obtained at the break of day from majestic and brilliant sunlight that glows over the east sea.
2 Fact Have it your way.

About haidong gumdo, the 2001 may/june issue of the martial art magazine "Mars" ( Korea ) gave
account of the trial,  

It is the case of defamation, the founders of the haidong gumdo appeared as a witnesses. 
According to their testimony,
      -Haidong gumdo was created by founders in recent years.
      -The name of haidong gumdo was created by founders in recent  years, too.
        ( The "martial art of Korea" is an absolute lie. )  

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