A sample of propaganda activities
a Korean official organization


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I will introduce samples of the flagrant fabricated histories by a Korean official organization of sports.




The following article appeared in the Japanese newspaper(Sankei Shimbun) before the 14th Asian Games(September 2002). I have once introduced the article which talked about the claim of Korean Football Association that football originated from Korea during the 2002 World Cup. In Korea, it is not unusual for official organizations to spread their absurd claims. But this is no wonder, because their government teaches the history which is not based on the fact originally.

これは国際スポーツイベントの第14回アジア大会前(2002年9月)に産経新聞に掲載された記事です。以前WC2002での韓国サッカー協会の 「サッカー韓国発祥説」 に触れた記事を紹介しましたが、韓国では公的な団体が妄説をまき散らすことは珍しくありません。 これは不思議なことではありません。そもそも政府が事実と異なる歴史を教えているからです。

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Japanese side protested the website of Pusan(Korea) Organizing Committee for Asian Games.
The Committee deleted their description of Judo.

The 14th Asian Games will start on 29th in Pusan(Korea). Pusan Organizing Committee will host one of the most Asian Games ever. On the contrary the Organizing Committee introduces strange theories on their website, which caused annoyance to Japanese concerned bodies. Their website explained that Judo and Karate came from Korea. In fact, Judo is a Japan's indigenous martial art, and Karate originated from China and developed in Okinawa(Japan).

Judo was established in 1882 by Kanoh Jigoroh, who had learned various Jujitsu (Translator's note; It's the accepted view that that Jujitsu originated from Sumo.).
IJF(International Judo Federation) decided that what Kanoh Jigoroh has established is Judo. This is written as IJF's first rule.
But the Committee claimed;
-Jujitsu originated from China during Chunqiu era.
-Jujitsu was transmitted to Japan during Hideyoshi's expedition to Korean Peninsula.
-Japan created new Jujitsu schools after that.

It's the accepted view that "Proto-Karate" was transmitted from South China in Ming to Okinawa(Japan)in the late 14th century, and uniquely developed there.
But the Committee claimed;
-Karate originated from ancient India.
-Karate was transmitted through China to Korea.
-And then Karate was transmitted to Japan.

Their theories have the commonality of "transmitting from Korea". But Jujutsu developed in Japan under real battles till civil war period. There is no ground that Jujitsu was transmitted to Japan during Hideyoshi's expedition to Korean Peninsula.

At first, these descriptions were posted only in Korean. After that, they were posted in Japanese, English and China. Then All Japan Judo Federation could not leave the situation as it was. AJJF pointed out their mistakes and demanded deletions of the descriptions. The Committee has deleted "the history of Judo", but has not delete "the history of Karate" yet.

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釜山アジア大会組織委HPに 日本側抗議、柔道は削除

第十四回アジア大会が二十九日、韓国・釜山で開幕する。過去最大級の大会を運営する韓国の組織委員会が一方で日本独自の競技である柔道、 沖縄で発達した空手を「朝鮮半島から伝わった」とする“珍説”を公式ホームページ(HP)で展開し、日本の関係団体が苦り切っている。

柔道は明治十五(一八八二)年、柔術各派を修行した嘉納治五郎が創始した。国際柔道連盟(IJF)は規約第一条で、 「嘉納治五郎により創設されたものを柔道と認める」としている。ところが組織委は中国の春秋時代に生まれた柔術が、豊臣秀吉の朝鮮出兵(韓国では壬辰倭乱)で 「日本に伝わった」と指摘。その後「新しい流派を発足した」としている。

空手は十四世紀末、明の華南地方から沖縄(琉球)に伝来した拳法が独自の発達を遂げたとされるのが定説。 しかし組織委は「古代印度で発祥し中国に波及、唐の時に韓国へ」伝わり、日本に伝わったとしている。

いずれも「韓国伝来」で共通しているが、 柔道の基となった柔術も日本の戦国時代までの実戦の中で練磨されたとされ、秀吉の朝鮮出兵で日本に伝わったとする根拠はない。

韓国語だけだったHPも、 その後、日、英、中の三カ国語でも掲載、全日本柔道連盟も放置できず誤りを指摘し削除を要求した。組織委は九月中旬、“柔道の歴史”を削除したが、 空手の方は掲載されたままだ。


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