An anti-Japan activity;
The case of a president
(2006/4/23) (2006/7/2 updated)



The anti-Japan educated children grow up into the adults who perform anti-Japan activities on his(her) own initiative. It is natural many people of many nations are proud of their own countries, but this nation provides the people with extreme nationalistic education characterized by "Anti-Japanism" as you have seen.

We can not call this just an exclusionist nationalism mainly because of their traditional sense of values, petit Sinocentrism (1 2). We should call this "Urinara fundamentalism". "Urinara" means "our nation" in Korean. Anti-Japan activities follow their dogma, and they perform Anti-Japan activities happily. Such situations seem to have nothing to do with personal economic situations or social statuses.

This anti-Japan activity was performed by a business executive. This was performed in front of Japanese ambassador. We should say this is an extreme insidious behavior.

Since the beginning, this person was supposed to be a president of Intercontinental Hotel in Korea, but he is a president of tenant according to the mail from Hotel side
---quote from a blog site("Daily observation of Korea"(cache(Japanese))))---

反日教育を受けた子供たちは、成長すると人から言われなくてもやはり反日活動を始めます。お国自慢はどこにでもありますが、 これまで見てきたように、この国で行なわれているものは極めて度を越したナショナリズム教育であり、反日を特色とした教育です。

これは単なる偏狭な民族的排外主義という言葉では言い尽くせない要素を含んでいます。主に小中華思想 (  )という伝統的価値観のためです。どこかで目にした言葉ですが、 「ウラナラ原理主義」とでも呼ぶべきものです。反日活動はその教えにかなう事なので、嬉々として行います。 地位や経済的な豊かさにはあまり関係はないようです。




Japan's ambassador went into a rage. A Korean made fun of Hiroshima's tragedy in the presence of Japan's ambassador to Korea and laughed vulgarly!

Theme :Anti-Japan

NEW! 4/30 02:20
Response from Intercontinental Hotel Asia Pacific Group to our e-mail

He embraced the Japan's ambassador, and Koreans were laughed at Hiroshima's tragedy. (movie)

When Korea invited foreign V.I.P.s to dinner, the matter happened.
Seeing foam on beer,
A Korean said, "The foam looks like the smoke of atomic bomb. This is the Hiroshima's atomic bomb drink."

Hearing this, Koreans bubbled with laughter.
One person prepared another video camera intentionally to shoot expressions of Japan's ambassador.
A fierce-faced Japan's ambassador, Ohshima handled the humiliation alone.


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Japan's ambassador went into a rage. A Korean made fun of Hiroshima's tragedy in the presence of Japan's ambassador to Korea and laughed vulgarly!

注:ウインドウサイズ変更されます(Blogger's note: A Link to the movie at YouTube)

I describe from the middle of the movie

Ohshima, Japan's ambassador to Korea.
Recently, Japan broke into the sea around Dokto(Korean call Takeshima island "Dokto"), and diplomatic crisis has occurred.
Then, we will change the object to report!

We shoot a picture of the Japan's ambassador's face instead of bomb spirits.
 Ohshima ambassador seem not to like bomb spirits.
 Then a name of a bomb spirits was called...

"The foam looks like the smoke of atomic bomb. Thus we can call this the Hiroshima's atomic bomb drink."

20 name: no name date:2006/04/21(Fri.) 18:30:27.28 ID:+fRovzrp0
Is it true?
Now many people are making a fuss about this.
In fact Koreans hate Japanese very much..

27 name: no name date:2006/04/21(Fri) 18:32:28.40 ID:B7tgy3TF0
I informed a weekly magazine.
You should send an e-mail.

28 name: no name date:2006/04/21(Fri) 18:32:32.98 ID:vlWjsXKd0
This Korean is Shim Jehyoku.
He is a president of Intercontinental.

This seems to be the article of the day, perhaps.

I can verify his face by other pictures.
I have no doubt that he performed "Atomic bomb spirits"

59 name: no name date:2006/04/21(Fri.) 18:39:13.13 ID:X2eH/+gq0
It's stomach-churning story.
Why does such a country locate nearby?

205 name: no name date:2006/04/21(Fri.) 19:21:09.07 ID:mSJZ+ypA0
I have no doubt he is a problem person,
but why do the reporters as if it were a common reporting program?

489 name: no name date:2006/04/21(Fri.) 22:08:15.08 ID:HVlnI4P30
Why do Japanese media say nothing?

Telephone/Mail destination List

228 name: no name date:2006/04/21(Fri.) 19:27:55.92 ID:Hct27OYZ0


629 name:no name date:2006/04/29(Sat.) 10:04:55 ID:KNSjcGGw
I received the response from the HQ of Asia Pacific.
This mail beginning from "Dear Sir/Madam". General public seemed to ask the hotel side about this case.
The other persons also received the same responses, I think.

My questions:
Did your president(Korea) insult the victims of an atomic bomb, Japanese and Japan by using the words “Hiroshima bomb”in the presence of Japan's ambassador ?

1) Mr. Jay H. Shim, the person who used the words, is not the president of COEX Intercontinental.
2) Intercontinental does not employ Mr. Jay H. Shim. He is a president of tenant in Intercontinental Hotel.
3) A Korean association hosted that event to introduce Korean culture in a casual atmosphere.
4) Mr. Jay H. Shim was not going to use the metaphor of Hiroshima.
5) Intercontinental regrets his remarks.
6) Mr. Jay H. Shim says he never say so because of his malice by his faith.
7) Mr. Jay H. Shim deeply regret that he offended Japanese people.

Briefly, he is "not" the person belongs to Intercontinental.
COEX Intercontinental itself may be a victim by misinformation.
But the persons, who suffered from bad attitudes of the call center of Japan, have better send mails to HQ of Asia Pacific.

詳細:2ちゃんねるハングル板 電話突撃隊まとめサイト

The response from Intercontinental(Original)

Clarification by Intercontinental Hotels Group:

Comment on ‘bombshot’ during recent event at COEX Intercontinental Seoul

Following an event held recently at the COEX Intercontinental Seoul, Intercontinental Hotels Group has received a number of responses to a comment made by Mr. Jay H. Shim, who was MISTAKENLY identified as the President of the COEX Intercontinental Seoul.

Intercontinental Hotels Group would like to clarify that Mr. Shim is not an employee of Intercontinental Hotels Group or of the COEX Intercontinental Seoul, which has Mr. Didier Beltoise as its General Manager. Mr. Shim is President of the independent owning company of the hotel property

The event was organized by the Korea Image Communication Institute in Seoul to provide foreigners with insight into Korean culture. At the event, Mr. Shim introduced and demonstrated the making of the uniquely Korean ‘poktanju’ or ‘bomb drink’. The intention was to showcase the principles of the Korean ‘poktanju’ culture in a casual and entertaining way. While introducing one of the drinks, Mr. Shim unintentionally used the words “Hiroshima bomb” to describe its appearance.

Intercontinental Hotels Group regrets the occurrence of this incident. It understands, also, that Mr. Shim sincerely regrets the current situation. He has given his personal assurances that he does not harbor any ill will or intention towards the people of Japan and regrets that his remark has upset many people


こうの 史代(著)





Why can he do such a thing?
I can not understand.


My grandmother lost her father in Hiroshima.
Even now she is sad as she recalls.

May the Koreans go to ruins!


We can not consider such people human beings. They have always been jesting at others' misery - the Great Hanshin Earthquake and JR train derailment.


How egregious! He has gone beyond what can be considered a human being's behavior. I demand his apology!!


Before Korean Shim said "Hiroshima", this movie man had been following Japanese ambassador about. The movie man had known what Shim would say.


This means they are too fool to have any sense of right or wrong. They completely forgot some of Hibakusha are Koreans. Do they think Koreans can not get Hibakusha's pension?


Why is he so senseless?
Is he sane? (I understand he is insane.) Oh great! How could he do such a thing?
He made me sick. His activity can't be described as "cultural level of people".
Even an elementary student can distinguish between good and bad in Japan.
I was really shocked rather than angry. I never expect I will go together in my lifetime.
But I never hope such a day will come.

■Is this what a responsible adult do?

I was thinking Korea was a nation which often presented many topics of interest.

But I was surprised a responsible adult can insult Japanese by such an activity!!


I am often frustrated by the government's weak-kneed diplomacy, but we should praise Ohshima ambassador for his patience.

Still we can not consider him as a human being.

However much they hate Japanese, there are some things they can do, and some things they can't. It is hard to understand kimchi nation. There are many adults who can not understand what they can't do.

I can not undestand the people who go sightseeing to such a country, too.

I wonder if there is any people really welcome Japanese.
They welcome only our money.


They are irredeemably vulgar nation!


A few Korean "Netizen" accuses him. This fact encourages us a little.

■How shameful this nation is!

This story made me hate Korea very much.
It is not necessary to have mercy on them.


I can not permit them.
I can not permit them absolutely.

■Wili Hiroshima or Nagasaki city say about this?

Or do antinuclear groups have good ears which never hear such inconvenient stories? Have both of mayor said anything about this yet?

■Give Korea a real atomic bomb!

We should show Korea a real mushroom cloud.
Because they like an atomic bomb very much.


I can not agree. I think your opinion is improper.
We should not use an atomic bomb at any case, I think.
It is not necessary to modify our cultural level to fit them.

■Be angry!

At that period there are many Koreans in Hiroshima. They became also the victims of an atomic bomb. It was a tragedy not only of Japansese. A tragedy of all mankind. They forgot the victims of their nation, and ridicule the mankind's tragedy. They are a enemy against human race. Ohshima ambassador should be angry and protest!


Recently I decide to stop to buy Korean food, eat Korean food, or ask Korean food.
We have no reason to give such a lower nation, which never has dignity or no character, our money.


Everyone says it is right Japan's ambassador had patience. But should he protest at once?
Should he have patience in spite of being insulted before his face?
Should he give a national benefits first priority?


I sent a mail to Cookie News.

Will they report this?


Isn't he a president?

But I heard Intercontinental Hotel informed someone who asked by telephone that he is a president Shim. But the article which linked seemed to say he is a president of Hotel..

Information are becoming snarled.

Korean media themselves are full of water-cooler gossip...

In Europe and USA, this news is reported because the HQ of Intercontinental Hotel locates in USA. Japanese media are silent..


I can not trust the hotel which do not treat or remove whether a president of a hotel or a tenant.


I was cried. How frustrating!


The media in Japan are corrupt at heart.
For example, they highly publicized the murder case of Lucy Blackman, English woman at first. But they stopped reporting since the murderer proved to be a Korean who are a habitual lapist.

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